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Are your messages from Facebook Marketplace not appearing in Messenger? The Facebook Messenger app doesn’t have any chats, and you can’t talk to buyers or sellers on the marketplace. You’re not alone, unfortunately! 

There are a few things you can take to fix the issue. If you have tried using the Facebook Marketplace application on your iPhone but are unable to view the messages you sent.

So, if you want to know why marketplace messages not showing in messenger iPhone or how to fix the problem. This article is the best place for you.

What is Facebook marketplace?

Facebook owns and runs the Facebook Marketplace app, which is a platform for online purchasing. The software allows users to trade things with one another. With Facebook Marketplace, it has never been simpler to find new items to buy or sell.

You might choose to look for nearby items or find things that are prepared for shipping. And have already been packaged. Showcasing their available stock can be advantageous for retailers, auto dealers, real estate firms, and other enterprises.

Can Messenger and Marketplace be used together?

  • To purchase an item, tap it. 
  • To communicate with the seller in your own way, tap Message. To send the “Is this available?” message, tap Send. 
  • By selecting Inbox from the Marketplace menu or launching the Messenger app
  • You may view the interactions you’ve had with sellers.

Why are marketplace messages not showing in messenger on iPhone?

This appears to be a problem specific to iOS 16.1.1. Both Android devices and iPadOS devices running an older version of the operating system are not affected by the issue.

Due to the transfer of the Marketplace conversation, you cannot see texts from the Marketplace on Messenger. In rare instances, you can have unintentionally saved your chat after you’ve sold an item.

If not, you must wait until Facebook Messenger is operational again. Over the years, Messenger has undergone numerous modifications. The Marketplace chat room’s location was altered by some revisions. You may get to it by going to Chats on the marketplace.

For some users, clicking on their profile image and then Marketplace will take them to the Marketplace conversation.

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Some reasons why marketplace messages not showing in messenger iPhone

Your online experience may be negatively impacted if Facebook Marketplace abruptly stops functioning while you are using it in the system’s web browser due to transient or cached data in the browser. The issue might then be resolved by deleting the temporary data or cache.

Facebook Marketplace messages may not be appearing on Messenger for a variety of reasons, such as 

  • A poor Internet connection Sometimes Facebook Marketplace messages won’t show up on Messenger due to bad Internet access or a server issue. 


You can resolve this issue by deleting the app’s cache. Ensure that the data saved on the Facebook app is deleted. To report the issue, you may alternatively go to Marketplace’s help page. After reviewing it, they will determine whether to provide you access once more.

  • A bug in the Messenger program.
  • An error with your account. 
  • If you’re still having issues, you can get in touch with the Facebook Marketplace business team.
  • It could also appear because the recipient needs extra storage space for the data, which is another potential explanation. 

How to fix the Facebook messenger marketplace no messages?

You could attempt the following troubleshooting techniques up until a software update is released to fix the issue:

  • Allowing Facebook friends to message you
  • Checking your saved chats
  • Uninstalling, Reinstalling Messenger 
  • Use Facebook Application
  • Use desktop version 
  • Switch to iOS 16.1
  • Erase your cache
  • Restart the device
  • Update your smartphone

These are all possible fixes for Marketplace messages not showing in messenger iPhone. You must utilize the Facebook app rather than Messenger to see your Marketplace messages if everything else fails.

The Marketplace chat could have changed if you recently upgraded Messenger. Either in your chats or under Marketplace in the menu, you can find it.

Allowing Facebook friends to message you

By doing this, Facebook messages will be sent to you.

  • Launch Facebook Messenger
  • Click on your profile photo
  • Choose Privacy & safety, Message delivery,Others on Facebook
  • Choose Message requests
  • Restart Messenger after forcing it to close

Checking Your archived chats

Check archived chats because you might have unintentionally archived a Marketplace conversation. After you’ve listed an item as sold.

  • Launch Facebook Messenger
  • On your profile photo, tap
  • Choose Archived chat
  • See the Facebook Marketplace conversation

Uninstalling, Reinstalling Messenger and Facebook

The two apps should be completely removed from your iPhone or iPad if the aforementioned steps didn’t work.

When you touch and hold an icon, you may choose to delete an app from the Home Screen or the App Library. 

Installing the apps again, after downloading them from the App Store. You will need to log in again after reinstalling Messenger, but all previous chats will be archived because they are kept in Facebook’s database.

Use Facebook Application

If you are unable to view your Marketplace messages using Messenger, you must do so via the Facebook app.

  • Get the Facebook app open.
  • Choose Market > Profile icon > Inbox.
  • Choose buying or selling (depending on the chat that you want to access).
  • See the desired chat by opening it.

Use desktop version 

The browser version of Facebook Marketplace does display messages as intended. Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari is all options. 

However, be cautious to prevent unintentionally turning on third-party add-ons that might conflict with the Messenger app. You can resume the talks by logging into Facebook using Safari.

Switch to iOS 16.1

You still have the option of going back to iOS 16.1 if this problem irritates you.

Erase your cache

The Facebook Messenger application is well-known. Little files like these speed up loading. Unfortunately, this occasionally results in strange behavior. The software may consume more data than it ought to if you have frequent Messenger users. In order to repair it, you might need to erase your cache and Messenger.

Your network settings can also be reset. This can resolve issues with several apps’ Internet connections. You might need to download the Facebook app to your phone if it doesn’t work. 

On an iPhone or iPad, how do you delete Messenger’s cache?

On an iPhone or iPad, you cannot simply clear an app cache thru a menu, in contrast to Android phones and tablets. You must instead entirely remove the software from your device before downloading it once more.

Tap your finger on an app’s icon on an iPhone or iPad until a menu displays to delete it. Choose Uninstall App, followed by Delete App and Delete.

After deleting Messenger, you can restore it for free from the App Store. Just be aware that you’ll likely have to enter your account once again.

Restart the device

Restarting their smartphones may be desired by some users. This might provide a temporary remedy for Messenger not displaying Facebook Marketplace messages. Check Facebook if you need assistance identifying the issue. You may always access their Help Center and learn more about the issue on their website. 

You must complete a form and provide as many details as you can. Facebook will notify you once the problem has been resolved after you’ve submitted it.

Update the smartphone 

Updates for your smartphone are an additional choice. There might be an old version of the Facebook app. It’s a quick and simple solution to the issue. You can download a new version of your smartphone from the Apple Store or Google Play Store if you have to update it.

So, these are the ways you can adopt to fix Marketplace messages not showing in messenger iPhone issue.

Why hasn’t my iPhone’s Messenger been updated?

Update your phone if your messenger isn’t functioning on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to your Settings app
  • Select General > Software Update to do this.
  • Download and install any updates that are available for your phone. 

Try to use the messenger again after upgrading your phone to see if it still functions. I hope this article will help you to solve your issue.

How can I make Facebook Marketplace work again?

  • Visit
  • Select Marketplace from the left-hand menu. A
  • After clicking Request Review, complete the form. 

Within a week, Facebook will consider your appeal and get back to you. Always remember to check your Support Inbox or the email linked to your Facebook account for updates.

 Last Words

In summary, there are different reasons behind the issue of Marketplace messages not showing in messenger iPhone. So, I have discussed some reasons for this issue and afterward the solutions for this problem. 

After performing those things, if your Marketplace messages still don’t appear in Messenger on your iPhone. Your only choice is to wait for Facebook to release an update that resolves the issue on their end. Also, upgrade your iPhone; this will help you to solve the issue easily. 

So, try these solutions. We truly hope that the knowledge in this article helped you solve the issue.

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