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How long does it take to erase iPhone?

For several various reasons, you may need to erase or reset your iPhone. Whether you’re acquiring a new phone, want to secure your data, or just want to factory reset your smartphone.

Here, I will go into detail about how long does it take to erase iPhone? And demonstrate how to rapidly reset an iPhone. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to reset or erase the device as intended. It frequently takes longer than it should, which is annoying. So, I will guide you on how you can fast erase your iPhone.

What does erasing the iPhone mean?

To permanently delete all of your material and settings erase your iPhone. For instance, erase your iPhone before you sell, trade, or transfer it. 

If you delete data from your iPhone, it disappears from apps. But it isn’t completely removed from the device’s storage.

But the query is here; how long does it take to erase an iPhone? So, I will tell you the multiple and fastest ways to erase your iPhone.

Do you really lose everything when you erase your iPhone?

The credit or debit cards previously added for Apple Pay, as well as any images, contacts, music, or apps, are all totally erased from your iPhone. When you select Wipe All Content and Settings. It will also stop using services like iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, Game Center, and others.

How will I know if my iPhone was successfully erased?

You should get an email notification when the device is successfully deleted, confirming that it has been done so. Since the device will be erased and an email sent the next time it is online. It makes no difference whether the device was online or offline while you hit Erase.

How long does it take to erase iPhone?

The amount of time needed to reset depends on the kind of erasing you wished to perform. The required times for each approach are mentioned with the various methods you can use to delete the iPhone.

The time it takes to erase something depends on the amount of storage being erased, the erasing technique being used, and whether or not many devices are being erased simultaneously on a single USB bus.

 The following outcomes occur from the erasing technique used:

  • If there is no user data on the device, the iOS smart reset just takes a few seconds.
  • The Apple iOS erasing standard uses Cryptographic Erase to completely delete the device. This takes 5 to 15 minutes.
  • The other erasing standards choose an erasure standard, and use Cryptographic Erase to first erase the device. And afterward, overwrite the encrypted storage. This process takes 10–120 minutes.

How much time is required to delete every piece of data and setting?

It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to completely delete all data and settings from an iPhone. But, depending on the generation of data eradication in your earlier model iPhone, it can take a little longer. Nevertheless, if it’s taking an hour or longer, you need to solve it.

Please be aware:

Using the delete all contents and settings option on your iPhone effectively resets the device to factory defaults. The personalized information on your iPhone has been completely erased.


  • To erase an iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Next, select Transfer or Reset iPhone under General in Settings.

Choose one of these:

  • Be ready to move your settings and content to a new iPhone. After selecting Get Started, adhere to the on-screen directions. Go to Settings, then General, and after Transfer or Reset iPhone. And select Wipe All Content and Settings after you’re done.
  • Get rid of all your info on your iPhone: Just select Erase All Content and Settings.

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How long to erase iPhone from iCloud?

The full process of deleting an iPhone may take you between 10 and 15 minutes if you’re erasing from iCloud. You must take action if it is taking you longer than it should.

However, take note that the act of deleting the iPhone is not part of this erasing process. Only when your iPhone is linked to Wi-Fi can it be wiped? The time is influenced by storage capacity and internet speed.

When erasing an iPhone from Find My iPhone, how long does it take?

It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to remove an iPhone from the Find My iPhone feature. Fix it first if you’ve spent nearly an hour on it and it’s still pending.  


On one of your Apple devices, open the Locate My iPhone app. You should already have the phone you wish to delete. Choose Device from the app’s menu. Next, take out the phone you want to delete.

Erase iPhone using a computer

The most recent version of iOS can be installed on a Mac or Windows PC. And the data and settings on your iPhone can be completely deleted.

A USB or USB-C cable is used to link your iPhone to your computer. An adapter can be required as well. See Use a cable to link your iPhone to your PC.

Launch your iPhone.

Choose from the following:

  • With a Mac running macOS 10.15 or later: To launch a Finder window, click the Finder indicator in the Dock. Once the window has loaded, click the iPhone tab in the sidebar (below Places), then click Restore iPhone under General.
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes installed on your Windows computer or Mac. Launch iTunes; select the iPhone option in the upper left corner of the window. Click Summary, and then select Restore iPhone.

 How long does it take to factory reset an iPhone?

An hour or more may pass during a factory reset. Your phone should be at least 70% charged. Link your phone to your mobile network or Wi-Fi. You need to be connected to login into your Google Account when the factory reset is finished.

How to easily and quickly erase data from an iPhone?

No matter why you wish to remove data, it shouldn’t take much longer than the time Apple has allotted. If you run into any difficulties while wiping your iPhone. Take note of it and determine a solution!

Option 1

I advise using the expert iPhone reset software, WooTechy iPhixer, to swiftly delete and reset your iPhone. The time it takes to delete your phone with our program is less than five minutes. When you’ve forgotten the password for your iPhone, it is very helpful.

Option 2

FoneDog iPhone Cleaner is all you need if you want to delete your iPhone more quickly and effectively. This program is an effective data eraser that enables you to swiftly delete any undesirable files. Also, it speeds up your iPhone and helps you clear up space on it.

  • Delete Private Data or Wipe Selected Content with Only One Click
  • Remove all unnecessary files, caches, and other data from your iPhone
  • No wiping features can ever be recovered at all


In summary, there are different ways to erase data from iPhones. So, you can adopt any of these ways. But how long does it take to erase iPhone? It depends on your data and also your connection.

If you find that your iPhone takes more time than I have mentioned above, then there will be an issue. So then find the issue and resolve it after that erases data from the iPhone.

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