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Long-lasting charitable giving, or sadaqah jariyah, brings blessings to the benefactor even after they pass away. So, this article will tell you how can give Sadaqah jariyah for deceased parents.

Sadaqah Jariah 

One of the nicest gifts you may give a loved one is a Sadaqah Jariyah, which will be of tremendous use to them. 

One of the finest aspects of Sadaqah Jariyah is that it allows you to make a donation in the place of the deceased. And directly benefit them while maintaining your reward.

 Rights of parents after death in Islam

There are certain rights for parents after death. It includes;

  • After a parent passes away, the children’s first and main responsibility is to plan and participate in Ghusl. The funeral Prayer, and burial, all of which must be done in accordance with the Sunnah.
  • Never forget to perform Istighfar and Dua for them, constantly.
  • In line with your ability, you should send them the benefits of good acts (Aa’mal-e-Sawleh), as well as Sadaqah.  
  • First, attempt to complete his Hajj-e-Badal, if he hasn’t already, for him personally. Or have someone else do it on his behalf.
  • Maintain goodwill and courtesy toward all of their family.
  • Despite the fact that it could offend people, you should honor the parent’s intentions and wants.

Can I give sadaqah on behalf of the deceased?

Sadaqah jariyah is one that helps our dear ones in the hereafter in addition to those in this life. According to this Hadith, you can give sadaqah on the behalf of deceased parents.

This hadith clearly shows that your charity will forward to the parents after their death. So, you can give Sadaqah jariyah for deceased parents.

The Advantage of Giving Sadaqah for Parents

The benefits of making a donation in place of parents or another person accrue to both of you. And the person you made the donation on behalf of. According to Hadith;

You can give sadaqah in the form of constructing a mosque, water well, school, etc.

Sadaqah jariyah for parents hadith

Sadaqah Jariyah is the highest kind of charity you can give or bestow onto someone. Sadaqah Jariyah is a long-lasting sadaqah that endures. According to Hadith;

You can perform Sadaqah on behalf of someone who is alive or who has passed away. Your family members will be rewarded for their good efforts both in the hereafter and in the dead.

Final verdict 

In conclusion, sadaqah jariah is the best way to express your love for deceased ones. Also, you can give Sadaqah jariyah for deceased parents. It will not only be better for them but also your end life.


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