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When your iPhone began generating a loud siren noise, you were carrying on with your day as usual. You’re feeling terrified and helpless. I’ll explain in this article what happens if you accidentally call emergency SOS on iPhone. And what you should do if it ever does.

Several iPhone models allow you to instantly call 911 by swiftly pressing the side button five times. Sometimes this is brought on by your youngster playing with your smartphone, or perhaps you mistakenly press the volume button. So, this article will tell you all the information about it that you should know!

What is meant by Emergency SOS?

With the help of the new iOS 16 feature called Emergency SOS, it is now simpler to alert the authorities and emergency contacts of your position. Also, alert about any relevant medical information. This function is supported by every iPhone that can run iOS 16.

Emergency SOS via Satellites is supported on every new iPhone 14, including Apple’s non-professional devices. The newest iPhones don’t need a large antenna to communicate with satellites thanks to a new Qualcomm chip. Even if you have an earlier iPhone, you can still utilize Emergency SOS. But the capability won’t work if there is no cell service or Wi-Fi.

Sometimes you accidentally hit sos on iPhone, then what should you do? This article will cover all the aspects of it.

What caused your iPhone to dial 911?

Emergency SOS was unintentionally activated on your iPhone, which is why it contacted 911. A tool called Emergency SOS enables you to immediately contact emergency services.

Emergency SOS is a really helpful tool, but if you accidentally activate it, it could be problematic.

Accidental call SOS

Whether you have children or a propensity to play with your iPhone, calling emergency services by accident is extremely typical. Only a few clicks or a prolonged push is all it takes to send a text to your loved ones. And alerting them to the potential danger you may be in addition to dialing 911. And if you’re not in difficulty, that’s a problem.

Fortunately, it’s rather simple to stop the Emergency SOS function from inadvertently activating. While still maintaining the service’s availability in the event of a true emergency. This post will demonstrate exactly what happens if you accidentally call emergency SOS on iPhone.

What happens if you accidentally call SOS on iPhone?

Don’t panic if you accidentally tapped the iPhone’s emergency SOS button. This is what will occur:

  • A deafening alarm will go off, warning anybody nearby that you’re in danger.
  • Your iPhone will text your emergency contacts with your current location in addition to dial 911.
  • A countdown clock and the words Emergency SOS will be visible on the screen. The timer will eventually dial 911 if you continue to depress the buttons. If you release it, the alarm will turn off and nobody will be informed.

Therefore keep in mind that help is coming if you unintentionally hit emergency SOS on your iPhone.

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What to Do If Your iPhone Dials emergency SOS?

People may become anxious when they dial 911. Emergency SOS was once inadvertently activated, and I became frightened. The call can be terminated if your iPhone is still counting down.

Don’t hang up the phone though if you can’t get off the call quickly. Even if you call 911 and hang up, emergency services may still be dispatched to your location as a precaution.

Say instead that you unintentionally dialed 911 and that you don’t require assistance.

Can you cancel the SOS emergency if called accidentally?

Sharing of emergency locations may be severely constrained when Battery Saving is activated. Tap the Power button on your phone five or more times. Before starting emergency measures, a countdown of five seconds begins. Swipe the cancel button to the right while the countdown is on to end Emergency SOS.

If you unintentionally phone 911, would they answer your call?

If you dial 9-1-1 mistakenly, stay on the call and notify the call-taker. If you hang up, the call-taker is compelled to call you back. If the caller’s position is known, the call handler will send police if they are unable to reach you or hear a busy signal.

There are many possibilities for this question; what happens if you accidentally call emergency SOS on iPhone? So I will discuss everything.

What happens if you dial 911 but don’t say anything?

Placing a quiet call to 911 can provide callers with the specific public safety resources they need. And can handle risky conditions or help urgent callers with disabilities.

How does Emergency SOS on iPhone inadvertently get enabled?

There are three methods for triggering the emergency SOS:

1st Method (Slider for Emergency SOS)

  • Drag the slider under the slide to turn off the slider to the left or right.

2nd Method (Using buttons)

  • To place a call on hold, press down both the side and volume buttons at the same time. Until the Emergency SOS countdown starts (iPhone 8 or newer only).

3rd Method (5 presses to dial)

  • Five quick presses on the side or power button.

To make sure you don’t miss the Emergency SOS countdown, a deafening siren is included.

Under Settings > Emergency SOS, it is possible to disable Call with Hold and Call with Five Presses. Although it displays beneath the slide to power off the slider, the Emergency SOS slider cannot be disabled.

What happens if you unintentionally dial the iPhone’s emergency SOS number and hang up?

Unless you decide to cancel, your iPhone texts your current location to your emergency contacts after the call ends. Location Services will momentarily activate if they are not already. If your location varies, your contacts will get updated, and you’ll get a notification roughly 10 minutes later.

How to reject a call if you accidentally hit emergency SOS on iPhone?

The countdown can be stopped if it is accidentally started. Release the volume and side buttons on an iPhone 8 or later before the countdown is finished. Press the Stop button, then select Stop Calling on an iPhone 7 or earlier.

You can put a stop to the call if you unintentionally dial emergency services. Touch the End Call button the red end call indicator, then confirm that you wish to stop calling.

To do completely disable 

You can completely turn off the feature to avoid unintentionally activating Emergency SOS in the future. Click the Settings application and go to Emergency SOS. Put the switch adjacent to (Call with Side Button) in the off position after that.

Have you attempted a hard reset on your iPhone?

Many customers have left comments after unintentionally dialing 911 while attempting to perform a hard reset. While simultaneously holding down the volume down and side buttons will force a hard reset on an iPhone 7, doing so will activate Emergency SOS on an iPhone 8 or newer if Call with Hold is enabled.

When you want to perform a hard reset on an iPhone 8 or newer, swiftly push and release the volume up and down buttons. Next, press and hold the side button until the screen becomes black and the Apple logo appears.

Best way to prevent Emergency SOS calls

An excellent approach to stop unintentional emergency calls is the Countdown Sound for Emergency SOS. When this feature is turned on, the emergency call is preceded by an audible countdown. That gives you the chance to end it.

You might have unintentionally turned off this functionality, even though it is on by default. You can verify if it’s engaged by opening Settings and clicking on Emergency SOS. You can end any emergency call before it’s finished. Pushiing the side button once if the Countdown Sound is enabled.

Naturally, there are valid reasons to disable this feature. The countdown sound will alert your kidnappers if you’re being forced to make a call to the police. They won’t be overly happy about it, I think. Turning off this function is an excellent idea if you think you might be in a hostage scenario. Or you have been the victim of a home invasion.

How to Use Emergency SOS On An iPhone safely?

It’s crucial for parents of small children to exercise extra caution. When using the Emergency SOS Call with Hold and Call with 5 Presses options. Because children enjoy pressing buttons, they could unintentionally dial 911 or startle themselves when the alarm sounds off.

We all know how useful our local 1st responders’ time is, and therefore it is crucial for us to be extra vigilant with Emergency SOS. The last thing we would like to happen is to unintentionally dial 911 when someone needs assistance right away.

Call with Hold and Call with 5 Presses may both be left unchecked. Swiping the Emergency SOS slider only adds a few extra seconds to the process. Thus, unintentional emergency calls may be reduced. 


In summary, SOS emergency calls are for the protection of users. But sometimes you can unintentionally press an SOS emergency call. In this article, I have discussed what happens if you accidentally call emergency SOS on iPhone.

Also, I have discussed how you prevent emergency SOS calls. So, if you disable the option of emergency SOS you can prevent it although this feature is for your safety. So, if you want to use this feature you can use it otherwise you can disable it!

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