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Istikhara refers to seeking something good or better. But there is an important question, How to perform istikhara for marriage? There are different misconceptions about performing the istikhara. So, to clear these misunderstandings this article will help you. Istikhara is doing it for different purposes. But this article will guide you to perform the istikhara, especially for marriage purposes. It is an important matter in everyone’s life. I hope that you will collect more information from this article about performing Istikahra.

What is istikhara?

Istikhara derives from the Arabic word ‘Khair’. It is a general term denoting all that is positive. It is a verb phrase that gives rise to the word istikhara meaning “to search for what is good.”

To seek Allah’s direction, guidance, assistance, supervision, advice, goodness, and benefits is to engage in istikhara. A Muslim who is unsure of how to handle a situation? He should recite the istikhara prayer to seek Allah, the Glorious, for assistance.

Significance of Istikhara prayer

The Arabic word istikhara means “asking Allah for one’s concern.” Allah has established obstacles to test the nimble and best pawn’s faith and commitment. Because He understands what is most beneficial to humanity. 

Allah states in the Quran that humans are naturally weak and ask for things that might not be favorable. It is preferable to seek advice.

Allah Himself has reiterated the advice, saying in His final book. Once you place your trust in Me, preserve that trust. And not to succumb to the devil’s lullabies that eventually cause faith to wane.

Here is the question: How to perform istikhara for marriage?

Salat al Istikhara

Muslims who are seeking direction from God Almighty (Allah) then decide their lives. They say the prayer, which is known as the Prayer of Seeking Counsel. 

The two parts of the prayer rakaah and Salat al Istikhara that make up the act of salah are performed separately.

Istikhara Salah etiquettes

The practice of offering Salah consists of two Raka’ah and final supplications, as per the holy recital and revelation. The following are the structure and customs:

  • Perform Wudu before offering Salah to fight off Evil and purify oneself of impurities from the outside world.
  • Pick a tidy location and put on clean clothes. To remind you that Allah is the greater, almighty, problem-solver. And to remove the worries of this world from your mind.
  • With the specific topic that you are going to give the Nafal in mind, offer two Rakaah.
  • When you have finished offering, beg for forgiveness and seek Allah’s guidance to make better decisions.

Keep in mind all these things and do istikahara for every purpose. 

How to perform istikhara for marriage step by step? 

  • Pray two rakats

This is the best way to connect with Allah. So, first of all, recite 2 rakats nafl.

  • Recite istikhara dua

Then recite the istikhara dua after offering the nafal prayer.

  • Share your problem 

If you are confused about your marriage, then share it with Allah. Allah will guide you to choose the right one.

  • Make a Choice and Take Action
  • Say “Bismillah” and take action if you’re happy and things are progressing in that direction naturally
  • Change direction if you lack confidence when things are consistently going against the norm. It’s that easy.
  • If you are still uncertain, recite the prayer when you want. And the exception of when the sunlight is emerging, when it is at its height, and when it is set.
  • You can keep reciting Istikhara until a solution is found.

So, next, I will tell you the dua and give more guidance about How to perform istikhara for marriage?

Dua for istikhara marriage

This is a special dua for istikhara marriage which can be recited after every prayer or after salat al istikhara.

How to perform istikhara dua for marriage?

A person should pray two Rakats Nafl when setting an intention of doing istikhara for marriage.

  • A person must be in ghusal as well as wadu.
  • Before getting to bed, perform two sets of salat ul istikhara prayer.
  • Surah al Kafirun should be recited in the first rakah following Surah Fatiha.
  • Surah Ikhlas is recited throughout the second rakah following Surah Fatiha.
  • After you have finished praying, read the istikhara dua.
  • It is preferable to ablution before bed.
  • It is Sunnah to sleep with your face toward the Qibla.
  • It is preferable to say Durood on the Messenger (S.A.W.) before and following the above Dua.
  • Insha Allah, you’ll have a dream with a message regarding your decision.
  • Repeat the procedure if it doesn’t happen.

So this is the one way to perform istikhara for marriage? 

What happens following an Istikhara prayer?

After completing Istikhara, one must be satisfied that we have used the resources Allah has given us. Then accept whatever Allah decides is best for you. Once the solution to your supplication is apparent, you must resist the urge to go against your judgment.

How often should Istikhara be performed for marriage?

It varies. You might get the answer more sometimes or less regularly.

·        Doing Istakhara 7 times is preferable.

  • Stop doing Istikhara if you’ve gotten a response that matches the explanation in the section below.
  • You do not need to do Isitkhara for seven days.
  • It is preferable to go to bed after doing the prayer listed above.
  • It is preferable to make the aforementioned Dua both before and after reciting the Prophet’s greetings.
  • If one sees whiteness in a dream. It might be anything with a white tint, such as milk, paper, the sky, clothing, light, etc. Then realize that this work is preferable.
  • If one sees redness, it can be anything red in hue, such as blood, red food, red clothing, red energy, etc., or it can be blackness. You realize it’s bad, and steer clear of it.
  • Follow your heart if you can’t recall any dreams or can’t see any colors.
  • After 7 days of Istakhara, follow whatever intention becomes strong in your heart about the marriage.

When should istikhara be performed?     

You are worried about your marriage decision and you don’t know when and how to pray istikhara for marriage? Then follow the instructions.

  • The Istikhara supplication is most effective when recited at night, right before bed.
  • The most straightforward method is to recite surah kafiroon in the first rak’ah. And recite surah ikhlaas in the second, as you would during a normal prayer.
  • Read the istikhara dua just after prayer. It may be found in all waazaif books, which are readily available in most Islamic bookstores.
  • InshaAllah, you will receive a clue from Allah even during the night that will aid you in making a choice.
  • You’ll be more likely to make a choice. However, you will have to say the prayer again if you do not see a “sign” the first night.
  • In place of the phrase “hathal-amra”, the real issue or choice should be expressed when performing the dua marriage matter.

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How to perform istikhara for a love marriage?

However, if you are in love with someone and want to marry but are still confused, then you can do istikhara. And you should recite the dua of marriage problems. But the only condition is that you should recite it with good intentions.

So, there is the following procedure for the istakhara to marry someone in love. And here is the answer to the question: How to perform the istikhara prayer for love marriage?

  • Firstly recite surah kafiroon 73 times.
  • With that, think about the person who you are in love with and make a dua. And ask Allah for marriage to that person.
  • Then when you are going to sleep, recite surah Fatiha for 99 times.
  • After that don’t talk to anybody and sleep by keeping your face in Qibla.
  • On that night, Allah will guide you in your vision that this person is better for you or not
  • Then you can make your decision easily. If it is right then you can precede your marriage with that person.

Now you can perform istikhara and now you know How to perform istikhara for marriage.

Myths Regarding Istikhara

There are different misconceptions about the istikhara in people’s minds. Hope it will be clear after this.

  • Only religious individuals perform istikhara

Some people think that to make istikhara, they must find a devout person to do it for them. However, istikhara could be done no matter your level of piety.

  • Istikharara is only used for extremely large items

Some individuals think that istikhara is only appropriate for usage in connection with significant life decisions. Like choosing a partner, purchasing a home, having a kid, etc. 

Additionally, istikhara might be made for a specific issue, a general query, or good every day.

  • Only prayer allows you to perform istikhara

Some people think that one can only conduct istikhara after salah or when in wudu. You can merely recite the istikhara dua on its own if performing the istikhara prayer is not possible for you.

  • Only in a dream will Istikhara be resolved

Some individuals think that istikhara solutions manifest as dreams or visions of green or white. You will receive direction from Allah regarding what is beneficial for you as a result of your istikhara.

  • Istikhara just entails a marital prayer

While some people think that istikhara should only be used when someone is intended for marriage. Istikhara is actually for seeking direction in ALL aspects of life. But salatul istikhara for marriage is one of the important matters.

Final verdict 

In a nutshell, istikihara is the key to guidance for human beings from Allah. So, you can take help from Allah in every matter of life. But here I will briefly describe How to perform istikhara for marriage. So, you can take the right guidance from Allah if you are confused about your marriage decision. Allah will give you some hints about the matter. So, take decisions according to the results and choose the right path.


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