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Resetting an iPhone 13 entails a variety of steps. It includes a fundamental soft reset, a hard reset, a factory reset, and others. Each person has a unique interpretation of these concepts.

How to do a soft reset on iPhone 13 is a skill that every user must possess. Before the release of the iPhone X, the procedures were identical across all devices. But things have since changed a little. You will learn the soft reset of an iPhone 13 in this tutorial.

What is meant by a soft reset of the iPhone?

A force restart is another name for a soft reset. A “typical” restart is different from a soft reset. The latter simply entails turning your iPhone off and back on. Even if your iPhone’s buttons are damaged, you can still restart them.

If your iPhone is entirely frozen, you’ll probably need to soft reset it. Suppose your iPhone is frozen on the Apple logo. Data is not deleted on a soft reset.

Does resetting a phone make it run better?

After you reset your smartphone, a significant improvement will be apparent. You’ll notice that the apps open more quickly, multitasking is more fluid, and your device feels brand-new. You must first back up all of your data before doing that.

Why is there a need to Soft reset on iPhone 13?

Soft resetting your iPhone is really due to simple reasons. If your iPhone keeps stalling, your camera acts strangely. Or you’ve had your iPhone for a while and think you need to clear some disc space to improve the operation of the device, what should you do? Soft reset enters at this point.

Your phone can be brought back to its prior fine working condition with the help of a soft reset.

Is a soft reset on an iPhone a smart idea?

If your Apple iPhone 12 has frozen due to a problem, you can easily force restart it by performing a soft reset. A soft reset restarts the operating system and loads all of the services.

You should restart your iPhone and iPad once every seven days. As we previously mentioned, this will assist clear the RAM. And it may give the impression that your iPhone or iPad is operating more quickly. Even though you might not think it does, your smartphone will require a fast reboo the more it ages.

Is a soft reset secure?

 Unless you do this when you’re in the middle of saving your game. This won’t delete or otherwise destroy your data. Only the last saved point will be restored for your progress.

Remember that a soft reset and a hard reset have different functions. Your iPhone’s data is erased and returned to its default, empty state when you hard reset or factory reset it. This makes your phone appear as though you just purchased it.

Easy Ways to do an iPhone Soft Reset

Soft resetting your iPhone is a simple go-to solution for any problems you encounter with your smartphone. The procedures vary a little depending on the iPhone model, but once you know how to do them, they’re simple.

If the issue still persists, you might need to restart iOS on your iPhone and enter recovery mode. Please remember to back up all of your data before doing that.

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How to do a soft reset on an iPhone 13?

Switching off your iPhone is the simplest approach to performing a soft reset. Due to the fact that you won’t lose any data and that your phone won’t be completely erased. This technique is frequently referred to as a soft reset.

 If your smartphone is running slowly if an app won’t open or function correctly, or if you have a minor issue. But your iPhone is still responsive, you might think about performing a soft reset. 

With iPhones from the X, 11, 12, 13, and 14 series, Apple modified the process. And you must hold two buttons in order to execute a soft reset. Turning off your phone is all you are doing here.

I will share different methods for soft resetting. Here are the following steps to reset the iPhone 13.

Method 1 (Using settings app)

Step 1

Let’s launch the Settings application, and then select the General tab.

Step 2

Here, click Shut Down. Then, utilize a switcher to turn the Apple iPhone 13 off. 

  • Press the side button once more before releasing it. Until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone 13/X after it has shut down.

So, this is one of the easiest ways, how to do a soft reset on iPhone 13. Now we will learn the second method step by step. 

Method 2 (Using volume buttons)

Step 1

Push the volume up button on your iPhone 13 and then immediately let go.

Step 2

Push the volume down button, then immediately release it.

Step 3

The Power key should then be pushed and held for a while. Just use the toggle to deactivate the device from the displayed power menu.

Image 5

Method 3 (using volume buttons and power button)

Step 1

Click the Volume Down button quickly, followed by the Volume Up button. Be aware that you must not hold them together. Just click each of these buttons one at a time. 

Step 2

 The Power Button should now be pressed and held for at least ten seconds. If you see, Slide power off on the screen, while still holding the power button. Ignore it and keep holding it.

Step 3

As soon as you see the Apple logo after pressing the power button for 10 seconds, you can let go of it. And wait until the phone finishes the process.

So you can follow any method for the query, how to soft reset iPhone 13.

How frequently should an iPhone be soft reset?

The number of times you can perform a soft reset on your iPhone 13 is unbounded. You perform a soft reset whenever you believe that the phone isn’t functioning to your standards.

You lose all of your files and data if you use a force reset, whereas a soft reset temporarily updates the iPhone 13.

So, while doing a soft reset you must know How to do a soft reset on iPhone 13. And I have shared easy methods you can understand easily and adopt it.

How Can I Fix an iPhone that won’t Restart?

The majority of the time, a restart or force restart can resolve many iOS issues. Yet what if your iPhone won’t respond to any pushing or tapping? It is stuck or frozen, has frozen apps, or is otherwise unresponsive to your pressing or tapping?

A restart won’t work in these situations to fix your issue. Your iOS system will require a complete repair. Tenorshare ReiBoot is a very useful iPhone repair tool that can fix the iOS system’s foundation without erasing any data.

 So, in this article, I have told you about the advantages and methods of iPhone 13 soft reset. If you want your phone to run smoothly then you can adopt any method from above. I hope this will help you a lot. So try this!


In summary, this entire article is about soft resetting an iPhone 13. Learning how to reset your iPhone 13 is essential because this will help to smooth the working of your iPhone. So, this article will help to guide you on How to do a soft reset on iPhone 13.

Soft reset does not damage any data in your iPhone 13. Fortunately, you may soft reset your iPhone in a number of different methods using this guide. 

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