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Do you know the remarkable Surah Furqan Benefits? How is this surah revealed, and what is the main message behind this surah? If you still don’t know about it, then no worries. This article will provide all the details concerning this surah that you don’t know.

Moreover, this article will also define the benefits and virtues of this surah. It will be helpful for you. But firstly I will tell you the facts and meaning of this surah. Also, we will see the main theme behind this surah, and what is a lesson for us in this surah. 

Facts of Surah Furqan

This surah is the 25th chapter of the Quran. And there are a total of 77 verses and 6 rukus in this surah. This is a Makki surah and was revealed in about 615-619 AD. There are 574 unique words that are used without any repetition.

This surah was revealed during the third phase of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) staying in Mecca. 

Surah furqan facts

Surah Name Al-Furqan ( ٱلْفُرْقَان )
Makki/Madni Makki
Other Names The Statute Book
Quran Surah 25
No. of Rukus 6
Ayat/Verses 77
Position Juzʼ 18 to 19
When Revealed?  615-619 AD

Meaning of Surah Furqan

The word Furqan means ‘criterion’. It means one who separates the truth from the untruth. In this surah, Allah briefly describes the issues like unity, Qiyamah, prophethood, and opposing immorality.

This surah is the answer to all questions of Disbelievers raised about the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and the Holy Quran.

Why was Surah Furqan Revealed?

The period of Revelation is nearly identical to that of Surah Muminoon when famine was at its worst. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) and the unbelievers had already started to experience tremendous conflict.

Main theme

The main theme of this surah is to answer the questions of disbelievers. Like monotheism, resisting idolatry, and the last day. Also, this surah depicts the picture of a true believer of Islam at the end. 

As every surah has its virtues and benefits likewise Surah furqan Benefits are numerous. So, here are the benefits of this surah.

Surah al furqan Benefits

This surah is present in the 18-19 juz of the Quran. So, you can take countless advantages by reciting this surah.

Surah al furqan Benefits

Entrance in Jannah: Someone who recites this surah, and believes on the Day of Decision, He will be entered in Jannah. Allah will send him Jannah without any questioning and any account of his deed. 

Reward in Hereafter: If someone recites this surah daily before going to sleep, Allah will never punish him. He will get a high rank in the Hereafter.

Surah furqan ayat 74 benefits: If someone wants to get married, then recite the surah’s verse in this way. 

  • Fast for three days; Recite this verse every night before going to sleep.
  • Recite verses 74-76 of this surah 21 times.
  • Ask Allah for what you want about marriage.

Allah will choose the right person for you and solve all the hurdles in your marriage.

Cure for breathlessness: The benefits of surah furqan also include the cure for breathlessness. If someone has a problem with breathing, then recite this surah to solve this issue.

Surah furqan benefits for marriage: This surah is very effective for marriage purposes. If someone wants to get married immediately then recite this surah. Some verses of this surah also have miraculous effects for marriage purposes. Like, verses 74-76 and 54 verses of this surah are very helpful to solve the marriage issues.

You can recite verse 54 for your marriage problems as well and can do it at any time.

  • Keep clean and choose a clean place to sit.
  • Recite this verse and recite Darood before and after the verse.
  • Make a dua. Ask Allah’s help and guidance for your marriage issues.
  • Do this stipend for 11 days continuously.
  • Protection from Harmful insects

Surah furqan benefits will also protect the reciter from dangerous insects. If someone writes this surah and keeps it with himself, Allah will protect him from harmful insects present on earth.

  • Surah furqan ayat 23 benefits

This verse of this surah helps to do good deeds. It also guides us not to do bad deeds because on the Day of Judgement. Allah will account for your deeds on that day. And you will get what you did.

Surah furqan ayat 54 benefits

Verse 54 of this surah gives many benefits to the reciter. Such as;

  • If someone recites this verse daily, Allah will surely send him to Jannah.
  • If someone recites the verse of this surah every night, Allah will not punish him due to his deeds.
  • This ayat also helps in solving the hurdles in your marriage. Allah will generate the right ways for your marriage within 3 days.

Surah furqan benefits for marriage can get with the stipend of verse 54 also can do this way;

  • Before the stipend, Do ablution. And write the name of the person you want to get married to.
  • Place the paper on your prayer mat after folding this.
  • Reciter this verse 565 times.
  • After that recite Darood 7 times in the end.

Virtues of Surah Furqan

As the benefits of reciting surah furqan are great, similarly virtues are countless;

  • With the blessing of this surah, the reciter will be entered in Jannah without any accounting.
  • Allah will raise his rank in the Hereafter of reciter.
  • To get married immediately and with the right person, recite the surah.
  • Harmful animals and insects cannot harm the reciter of this surah.

Final verdict

In short, we can get many advantages from the Surah Furqan Benefits. This surah also gives a message to the disbelievers. And also describe the characteristics of the true followers of Islam.

This surah is very beneficial for marriage issues. Also, you can get benefits in the Hereafter. The main reward of this surah is Jannah. So, recite this surah and get Jannah as a reward.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is Surah Furqan Makki or Madni?

Surah Furqan is a Makki Surah.

What are the other names of Surah Furqan?

The other name of surah furqan is The Statute Book

In which chapter of Quran surah Furqan can be found?

Surah Furqan can be found in the 25th chapter of Quran

When Surah Furqan was revealed?

Surah Furqan was revealed in 615-619 AD

What is the position of Surah Furqan in Quran?

The position of Surah Furqan in Quran is Juzʼ 18 to 19

How many Rukus and Ayat are in surah Furqan?

In surah Furqan there are 6 rukus, and 77 ayat.

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