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A blocked number’s text messages won’t be stored on the iPhone. You can block a phone number if it sends you spam texts you don’t want to hear from. Both known and unidentified phone numbers can be blocked.

Blocking the number will give you peace of mind if you’re regularly bothered by pointless texts from it.

Here we will learn the complete knowledge of if I unblock a number will the messages come through? 

How can blocked numbers be unblocked on an iPhone?

Let’s learn about unblocking a number:

  • Launch the app settings 
  • When you tap Blocked Contacts, an entire list of the phone numbers you’ve already banned will appear. 
  • Slide left on the screen and select Unblock to unblock a number.

Learn the Fact: If I unblock someone on iMessage what happens?

The user will be allowed to call and message you once more. You have the option to stop a user from calling or texting, by blocking them you can do this 

These functionalities will become available if you unblock a number. You will see every notification, but you can still ignore any texts or calls you receive.

  • The individual will have access to your phone number

When you block anyone on your phone app, it stops them from phoning your iPhone number. Calls from the person will now surely reach your mobile after you must have unblocked them from it.

On the other hand, when you block someone on your iPhone, they frequently delete your phone number, particularly if you blocked them for a long time.

  • Your iPhone will receive iMessage and SMS text messages  

On our phones, we typically ban people from using messaging and phone apps. 

  • Calls on Facetime will be possible

Facetime calls won’t be stopped if you accidentally block someone on your messaging app. Particularly, if your iPhone is running iOS 15 or higher. 

You must also block the individual on FaceTime if you don’t want them to reach you through FaceTime.

What won’t occur if you unblock somebody on an iPhone?

After you unblock the person, blocked SMS messages and iMessages from that contact won’t be sent to your phone.

They would start receiving blocked text messages via SMS or iMessage from that person. 

Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked?

After someone is unblocked from your phone, you no longer get messages from them. Instead, you can ask them to resend any banned messages to your phone.

When blocked messages are unblocked, they are not delivered. It may be discovered under the Phone app’s Blocked Messages section. Open the Phone app to locate it. Blocked Messages can be found by selecting Voicemail and then scrolling to the bottom.

 If you unblock someone on iPhone will they know?

Users who are blocked won’t be notified when they are unblocked. The user may find that their messages are now marked as Delivered if they get in touch with you repeatedly.

Ways to check if someone on an iPhone has unblocked you?

They have options to unblock you on your iPhone. If it is delivered, you may rest easy knowing that the iPhone user has unblocked you.

Please refrain from sending SMS text messages because they do not display as delivered as they do on Android, and I am not sure why Apple designed them that way.

Another way

Another option is to attempt to make an audio or video call using FaceTime and see whether it connects. If it does, you may be confident that the person has unblocked you on their iPhone if it does go through.

Last but not least, see if you can locate the person using Find My Friend or the Find My App.  

Will blocked messages come through when unblocked?

Absolutely Not. You won’t get any texts that a blocked number sent you when they were blocked if you unblock that phone. Rather, these messages are hidden. And they cannot be accessed again until the sender unblocks you and sends them to you again.

This is due to the fact that when someone is blocked, all of their communications are ignored. They aren’t just tucked away where you can’t see them; they aren’t even kept on your device. 

This implies that it would be difficult to retrieve the communications they sent while they were blocked, even if you were to unblock them.

Can Blocked Messages be recovered?

Let’s start by discussing the ability to access restricted text messages on an iPhone. The reply is NO. Why? You won’t get calls or texts from this number after you’ve blocked someone. 

Your iPhone didn’t have a “blocked folder” like some Android phones did for recovering lost data. As another user said, “Obviously they don’t do an adequate job of blocking messages if you still receive them.”

Therefore, certain data recovery software claims that they may assist you in recovering deleted texts from your iPhone. They are merely enticing but ultimately pointless. Unfortunately, there is no method to get prohibited messages back on an iPhone.

Can text messages be filtered in any way?

These days, we frequently receive text messages from unknown numbers, which clog up our message mailbox. 

  •  Open the “Settings” app once more
  • Tap “Messages” there. 
  • Open the “Filter Unknown Senders” option
  • Click on the bubble to the right to activate the filtering
  • Now, it should read “Contacts & SMS” in the top left corner, which refers to all of the people on your contact list. And “Unknown Senders” in the top right corner, which is for all unidentified numbers.

These tricks should assist iPhone users in avoiding the hassles associated with unexpected text and phone calls. 

Final words

In conclusion, Blocking and unblocking a contact on an iPhone is very easy. But if you unblock a number on iPhone what happens? This article has covered all the related queries about this. You won’t receive messages from blocked contacts if you unblock them because their messages are not saved on your device.

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