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Surah Taghabun is the invitation to believe in Allah, obey Him, and obey His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Like every surah of the Quran, this surah also contains many great virtues and benefits. So, are you interested to know the benefits of surah taghabun?

In this article, we’ll discuss the wonders and benefits of this surah. Also, I will tell you some stipends of this surah for different purposes. And how can you seek guidance and relate the message of this surah with your daily life? 

Firstly, I will describe to you a short introduction to this surah.

Meaning and facts of Surah Taghabun

The word Taghabun means ‘Common Possession’ (Mutual harm or advantage). This surah is the 64th chapter of the Quran and is present in 28 juzz. In this surah, the total verses are 18 and this surah is divided into two sections. This is a Madani surah, that was revealed in approximately 622-624 AD. 

This is also known as Yawmu-l-Taghabun. This surah is mainly an invitation for the Muslims to obey Allah and His prophet (P.B.U.H). If you don’t want to regret the Day of Decision due to your choice then pick up good morals above malicious terrible bad manners. 

Surah Name At-Taghabun ( التغابن )
Makki/Madni Madni
Surah Number 64
No. of Verses 18
Position Juzʼ 28
No. Of words 569 
When Revealed? 622-624 AD

The revelation of Surah Taghabun

This surah was revealed when some new Muslims who accepted Islam, was decided to migrate with the Prophet (P.B.U.H) from Makkah to Madina. But they received criticism from their families. So, Allah revealed this surah to His Prophet (P.B.U.H) to encourage these New Muslims.

As I have described the main theme of this surah above. Now I will tell you the virtues and wonderful benefits of this surah.

Surah Taghabun Read Online

If you want surah taghabun pdf to read this surah whether you are online or offline. You can get benefit from by reciting this surah.

Dowload surah taghabun full pdf surah

Surah Taghabun Benefits

Surah Taghabun Benefits

Surah Taghabun is one of those surahs which starts from the glorification of Allah. Surah e Taghabun Benefits are countless. Here are some important benefits of this surah;

1. Tiding of Heaven

This Surah will be of immense service to the person who recites it throughout the five compulsory prayers on the Day of Judgement. Because this surah will pray for the reciter until he enters paradise.

2. Protection from the brutality of the Ruler

One of the benefits of reading Surah Taghabun is that it will help you to protect yourself from cruel rules.

3. To increase wealth

If someone recites this surah 3 times a day, Allah will create sources to increase his wealth.

4. To seek guidance

Whoever recites this surah 11 times after offering the fajr prayer does this for 40 days. Allah will help him to choose the right path in his life.

5. Safety from sudden death

The reciter of this surah will be safe from sudden accidental death. And Allah will bless him with long life.

6. Surah Taghabun benefits for illness

If doctors are not able to cure your disease. Follow this Surah Taghabun Wazifa for illness.

1. Recite Bismillah 7 times.
2. Recite ‘Ya Hafeezo’ 21 times and blow on your body.
3. Now recite 421 times Surah Rehman and Surah Tagabun and blow on water.
4. Drink this water daily, Allah will cure your fatal disease


7. To find the lost thing

If you lost something or you don’t remember where you put that thing, write this surah. And dangle it from a tree branch. You will find this thing soon InshaAllah.

8. Fear of thieves

If someone has a fear of thieves, then recite this surah 11 times in your house. Allah’s protection will be over your home because this surah is extremely powerful against robbers. 

9. Help to find the kidnapped person

If someone has been kidnapped then;

  •  Recite the verses (7-9) of this surah 66 times after Isha prayer.
  •   And blow on the water then sprinkle this water on all sides of his house.
  •   And fervently invoke Allah with a dua for the person’s safe return.

InshAllah, Allah will make some means to find him.

10. Surah Taghabun benefits for epidemic

This surah is a very strong shield and defence against all kinds of disasters, and epidemics for his reciter. It will protect the reciter from all bad weather conditions and epidemics.

11. Free from debt – benefits of surah Taghabun

If you are in debt, recite these verses (17 and18) of this surah 100 times after the Fajr and Isha prayer and recite these verses 33 times after offering Zuhr, Asr, and Maghrib prayers. And make a dua. Allah will open the ways miraculously to pay this debt. 

12. To fulfil the need

If someone has an urgent need, then recite verse 13 of this surah 111 times. And he can also write this verse on paper and keep it with him. For as long as the requirement is met.

Surah taghabun benefits for marriage

If someone recites this surah 3 times for 11 days, it will benefit him in personal matters like

  •   Allah will solve the hurdles in his marriage.
  •   This surah will help him to choose the righteous partner.
  •     If someone is already married then Allah will increase love in his relationship.
  •   Allah will reward him with children.
  •  Increase the wealth of that person.

Surah Taghabun benefits for marriage

Surah Taghabun Ayat 11 benefits

Verse 11 of this surah will benefit the reciter more.

  •   Increase the wealth.
  •  To win a lawsuit, recite this surah 11 verse, 100 times before going to the trial day.
  •  Simply repeating this verse 1100 times after the Fajr namaz will result in more advantages.

Virtues of Surah Taghabun

  • This surah is the guarantee for the reciter of entrance into paradise.
  •  If someone recites this surah after fajr, then he will meet a spiritual guide.
  • This surah will save you from all calamities, sudden death, and cruel rules.
  •  The reciter of this surah will be lived in the neighbourhood of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) after the death.


In short, this surah gives many benefits to the believers of Islam. And this is the best surah for those who want to seek guidance and to go to Jannah. I am sure that Benefits of Surah Taghabun will attract you to recite this surah daily.

So, recite this surah to make your life easier in this world and the Hereafter.

what are the benefits of surah taghabun?
Surah Taghabun benefits includes: Protection from the brutality of the Ruler, increases wealth, Safety from sudden death and more.


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