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Sometimes when you recite qul auzu birabbin falak surah, you must think about what is the main theme of this surah. Why was this surah revealed? For what purpose does this surah is recited? What is the actual meaning of this Surah? 

This article is the answer to entire questions which arise in your mind during recitation. In other words, I am going to share all information, for instance, its virtues, benefits, and effects on our daily life.

Meaning of Qul Auzu Birabbin Falak Surah 

In this surah, the word Falak means ‘Day-Break’. The Arabic word for it is mu’awwadhah, which means ‘finding refuge’. It is also called “Verse of Refuge”.This surah is especially for seeking the protection of Allah against the evil of humans and shaytan. 

The meaning of the whole surah is to make a dua and only look to Allah for protection and safety. It will protect from negative energy created by humans or shaytan.

Surah Name Al-Falaq  اَلْفَلَق
Makki/Madni Madni
Surah Number 113
No. of Verses 5
No. of Words 23
No. of Letter 71
Position Juzʼ 30
When Revealed? A. H.7

Surah Falaq Recitation – Surah Falaq Ka Tarjuma

Importance of Surah e Falak

The importance of this surah can be evaluated from this; it is one of the surahs included in the 4 Qul. This surah is present in 113 chapters of the Quran. There are total 5 verses in this surah. This is a Makki surah. And it was revealed in A. H.7.

 This surah has its importance in our lives because;

  • It is a powerful and beautiful prayer to Allah. Hence, the chance of acceptance is increased.
  • qul auzu birabbin falak surah  and Surah Nas are both recited for protection purposes.
  • It provides mental comfort in knowing that nothing bad can prevail against you if you have faith in Allah.

Therefore, we should recite this surah to make our lives easy and more comfortable.

When Falak Surah was revealed?

The reason behind the revelation of Surat Al Falak was the illness of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) due to black magic.

Allah informed the Prophet through his angel Jibril. Angel informed the prophet (P.B.U.H) that he was under the curse of a Jew, and the curse was in a well. To break the curse, the Prophet instructed Imam Ali to go there and recite surah qul auzu birabbin falak  and Nas.

There were many knots on the rope. He recited the surahs and opened the knots one by one. After that, he again recited the surahs at the end. And due to the blessings of the surahs, Prophet (P.B.U.H) was cured completely.

The main theme of Qul Auzu Birabbin Falak Surah 

However, this surah was sent by Allah to take refuge from Allah. But the main theme of this surah is the guidance of Muslims. It guides us to strongly believe in Allah for every matter of life. And seek any kind of help from Allah in your difficulties.

Only Allah can help us and protect us from negative energies and different types of magic created by humans. 

Best time to Recite Qul Auzu Birabbin Falak Surah

Although there is no limit on time to recite the verses of the Quran. But there are some specific times to accept the prayer quickly. So, it is said that recites this surah in the morning and at night 3 times before going to bed daily for your protection.

Qul Falak benefits

The benefits of this surah are mentioned below:

1. Cure Physical illness

This surah is recited when someone is physically ill. This has also proved from Hadith that if someone is ill and he recited this surah. Then Allah cures his sickness immediately.

2. Protection against black magic

As you know, black magic is a real thing that nobody can deny. Reciting this surah surah qul auzu birabbin falak  protects you against the black magic.

3. Protection from evil thoughts

Sometimes shaytan put wrong things in the human mind. So, this surah is best to drive away shaytan from us.

4. Safety from the evil of all creations

This surah not only protects you only from the evil of humans but also from harmful animals, and natural land disasters.

Virtues of Surah Falak 

As we see the benefits of this surah above, similarly there are numerous virtues of this surah.

  • This surah acts as a protecting shield for a reciter from different hidden dangers and accidents.
  • Recitation of this surah will protect you from evil jinns and evil eyes.
  • If you recite this surah, it will also protect you from jealous persons and humanly created evils.
  • This surah will stop you from doing any evil in the darkness of night.
  • If you recite this surah on Friday, then it will protect you till the next Friday.

Explanation of Kul Falak

However, this surah was revealed due to protection purposes. But it is necessary to understand the meaning of this surah completely. In this surah, Allah addressed his prophet (P.B.U.H) and told Him to say “qul auzu bi rabbin Falak”.

 It means to seek refuge only from Allah. And seek protection from evil that comes with the approaching night. Additionally, from the bad of those [witches] who perform charms by blowing into knots. Likewise, the bad a jealous person does when he envies.


In short, qul auzu birabbin falak surah carries all the solutions to our daily life problems by protecting us from the evils of shaytan. It is a short but powerful surah. This surah has the unique power to stop a Muslim from doing any kind of evil. 

Also, this surah guides us to only interact with Allah in problems no matter physical or mental. So, we should daily recite this surah for our safety.

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