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For Muslims, the new moon is important. It symbolizes the start of the holy month as well as the commencement of the benefits and mercies that go along with it. In this article, I will tell you about the dua when seeing the moon.

Hadith on reciting dua on seeing Moon  

When you see a new moon, you must recite the dua. According to Hadith, 

What is the Dua when the moon is sighted?

When you see the new moon, do not point at it; instead, face the kiblah, lift both of your hands to the sky, and say to the new moon these words:

Which means Allah is the greatest. O Allah, grant us protection, blessings, faith, safety, and Islam throughout this time. Allah is indeed my and your lord.

Dua when seeing the moon of Ramadan 

The moon thus stands for divine direction as one travels through life. The new moon also symbolizes the 12-month Muslim calendar, which contains either 29 or 30 days in each month.

Thus, in Islam a lunar month, as well as the calendar month are congruent. And people anxiously await the new moon, especially after the conclusion of Ramadan. Whenever its appearance signals the start of the Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

According to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), you should begin your fasting days when you view the crescent of Ramadan. Which is the month of fasting in Islam according to the lunar calendar. And conclude it when you observe the crescent of the following month.

So, recite when seeing the moon dua. Also, you can say other duas and ask Allah about your desires.

Final verdict 

In conclusion, it is a sunnah to recite dua when seeing the moon. I have mentioned some duas you can recite when you see the new moon. So, recite the dua and begin your new month with blessings.

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