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Muslims must constantly be reminded that everything happens according to Allah’s divine will and wisdom. Numerous Dua for visiting the Sick was revealed to us by the Prophet SAW. Muslims view illness not as a kind of retribution from Allah but as a test. Listed below are many prayers for regaining health.

Visiting a sick person 

One who visits a sick person gets many blessings. According to Hadith; [Sahih at-Targhib 3476]

So, visit a sick person and make a dua for someone’s recovery. There are numerous Islamic duas according to the sunnah.

Islamic dua for visiting the sick

There are many duas that you can recite when visiting the sick. These duas are the following;1. According to the Sunnah, the visitor must lay a hand on the patient’s body before making a dua for him. Recite this dua three times.

As an alternative, you can recite the opening chapter of the Quran (al-Fatihah). Or the three chapters of the Qur’an known as al-Mu’awwidhat may be recited over the sick person. 

Benefits of visiting a sick person

According to certain academics, it is a communal duty known as Fard Kifaayah to visit the ill. If it is not done, it becomes mandatory for anybody aware of the sick person’s condition to go see him.

The more significant viewpoint is that caring for the sick is a social duty. And it makes a strong tie between one another.


In summary, as a Muslim, it is our social duty to visit the ill person and should make a dua. In this article, I have mentioned many Dua for visiting the sick. So, whenever you go to visit someone ill, you must recite the duas for him to make his early recovery.

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