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According to Allah, marriage is the consent-based, legal relationship between humans – man and woman. According to Islam, marriage is a social bond, a moral protection, and a religious obligation. Meanwhile, there are some Disadvantages of Islamic marriage

It is an affirmation of dedication to the human race and dignified survival. But no rose exists without thrones. Marriage is not an exception. So, in this article, we discuss some drawbacks of Islamic marriage.

What is Islamic Marriage? 

Before directly moving towards the drawbacks firstly we need to understand what is marriage in Islam? Why should we get married and why is it important? As, Islam is the easiest for those who have strong faith in Allah. In Islam, Marriage in Islamic law (sharia) is a social and moral agreement between two people.

Marriage ceremony in Islam

Marriage is encouraged and considered to be an act of Islam. It is a short ceremony. And the bride need not be present if she brings two witnesses to a written contract.

The Quran is typically recited throughout the ceremony. And the couple exchanges oaths in the presence of witnesses who are present for both partners.

Importance of marriage in Islam

The Holy Quran exhorts people to get married. Because it is the best way to live a moral life free from adultery and emotional restraint. Islamic marriage is something exceptional with very peculiar qualities of both a holy and legal nature; it is neither a ceremony nor a straightforward civil contract. As the merits of Islamic marriage are countless, similarly demerits of Islamic marriage are present.

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Disadvantages of Islamic marriage

Where everything has its pros, then there must be cons. So, some of the disadvantages of marriage in Islam are;

  • Limit of freedom

According to Islam after marriage you will do everything in a circle of islam. And you will be restricted from going outside alone and without a hijab. But nowadays these things do not matter to the new generation. 

And they think that their overall independence will be significantly reduced once married, which is a significant drawback. You’ll need to give up a lot of things

  • Dependence on partner

In islam, all responsibilites are given to the partner. So, you could also grow fairly reliant on your partner, which is another marriage issue. 

The spouse who stays home, however, will not have much work experience and could face difficulties in the future. 

  • High divorce rate

Divorce rates are frequently fairly high, particularly in Western nations because they don’t follow the islamic laws. There are a variety of factors why most couples break up. Usually, a variety of elements are present.

  • Different opinions.
  • Different natures
  • Bad behaviour toward each other
  • Doing jobs and many more.
  • Confined in an unhappy marriage

Additionally, many people around the world find themselves stuck in unpleasant relationships. They eventually lose all love for their spouse and the marriage. Many couples simply remain together out of convenience rather than out of excessive love for one another.

So, this is one of the disadvantages of Islamic marriage

  • Financial responsibilities after divorce 

 As islam says if your wedding does not last and you must file for divorce. You may also be burdened by financial commitments. Ultimately, you could have to work in a low-paying position and pay your ex-partner a sizable portion of your wages.

  • The suffering of both individuals

Every relatioship in islam need sacrifices. But many people also lose a significant amount of their identity and sense of self during their marriage. They  might not be capable of being their authentic self any longer because they have to make so many sacrifices for their partner.

  • Daily routine fatigue

To develop properly as humans, we require a wide range of various activities and tasks. However, due to the numerous responsibilities in a marriage, we lose out on a lot of possibilities.

  • No guarantee of partner stay

Islam gives a permission of four marriages to men. A common misconception is that after you are married, your partner will stick with you for the rest of your life.

However, if your partner is dissatisfied with the marriage, he or she will look into other options. And if your partner finds a more suitable fit, he or she will leave you quickly.

  • Expenses of wedding

Islam does not encourage the otiosity of money and time. Nowadays a  problem with islamic marriage is the cost of the wedding ceremony. People frequently spend huge sums of money on their weddings, and some even incur debt to pay for them.

  • Changing in feelings

Humans change throughout time, and the same is true of their affection for one another. We do not feel the same way about our partners throughout our lives.

  • Building from the past

In the past, a islamic marriage made a great deal of sense. But nowadays, there aren’t as many causes for people to get engaged as there once were. Marriage might therefore be seen as a historic creation that is no longer relevant. 

The disadvantages of Islamic marriage lead to many problems in one’s life.

Disadvantages Of Early Marriage In Islam

Islam teaches to get marry when you hit the puberty. But worldwide laws are not supporting such type of obligations set by Islam. If you get marriage early you might face problems such as:

  1. You might not enjoy your teenage days by getting married earlier. You will not be able to be in touch with your friends due to restrictions set by newly married life.
  2. You might not be able to continue your education due to home responsibilities.
  3. Moreover, if you are also a teenager you don’t know how to nourish your children and properly teach them.
  4. Due to early age pregnancy your health may be affected.
  5. As you are very young this might lead you to the divorce.

Final verdict

In summary, marriage is a very sensitive relationship that drives the compatibility of both partners. So, this halal relationship makes life beautiful. And it will become worse when a small doubt arises between the relations. 

There are many Disadvantages of Islamic marriage. So, if you want to make your marriage successful then follow the rules of Islam.

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