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If you want to know the meaning of tabbat yada surah, then this is the right place for you. The main motive of this article is, to be aware of the meaning, and history behind this surah and its facts. Also, I will share the significance of this surah. This surah is important in the Quran due to some reasons. It is full of numerous advantages which you may wish to know. So, this article will cover every point about this surah.

Facts about surah al tabbat yada

This is the 111th chapter of the Quran and it comprises five verses. It is a Makki surah. This surah was revealed at a six number but is now present as the 111th surah in the Quran. This surah is present on juz 30. This surah was disclosed at the Prophet’s initial public invitation. This surah describes the sufferings that Abu Lahab and his wife will experience in Hell. 

Surah Name

Al Masad ( ٱلمَسَد )

Other Names

At-Tabbat, Lahab



Surah Number


No. of Verses


No. Of words


No.of letters



Juzʼ 30

When Revealed?

616-618 AD

Tabbat yada surah meaning

Surah Al-lahab is named after the name of the Prophet’s Uncle. The name of the prophet’s uncle was Abu lahab but his original name was Abd al-Uzza bin Abd al-Muttalib.

It is also known as Surah Masad which means a rope made of palm fibers. Tabba (tabbat) is a word that implies decay, disintegration, or being damaged or destroyed. A curse was declared against Abu Lahab. Abu Lahab had made every attempt to oppose and undermine the message of Islam. So, surah is all about the punishment of Abu lahab. In this surah, Allah says [AL-Quran (AL-Lahab 1-5)]

Revelation reason

It was revealed in response to Abu Lahab and his wife’s deceitful efforts. Those are against the Prophet of Allah to stop Him from preaching Islam. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) lived next door to Abu Lahab and his wife. And out of hatred, they regularly leave garbage in his home.

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) climbed Safa hill after receiving the order to warn his closest relatives. And the Prophet addressed them. At this time, Abu Lahab replied and in his reply, Allah revealed tabbat yada surah. Abu Lahab had the opportunity to defame the Messenger and his teachings while still alive by simply proclaiming Islam. It was possible if only in a dishonest manner.

Significance of surah tabbat yada

In this surah, Allah offers His Prophet (SAW) excellent news. That Abu Lahab will lose both in the Afterlife and in this life. Possibly due to his anger being unusually terrible. It is the only point in the Qur’an when one of Islam’s opponents is specifically addressed by name. This surah signifies that Abu Lahab was severely ill and near death. His money and possessions did not help him. And they won’t help him when he’s thrown into the Fire of hell in the hereafter. 

Also, His wife would collect the thorns and sharp pieces of wood. And scatter them at night in his path and front of his door. She will provide wood to feed the fire of Hell as punishment. That her husband will burn in the hereafter. Now I will tell you the surah lahab benefits. Like other surahs, it is also full of advantages for Muslims, We’ll discuss here most important benefits from this surah.

Benefits Of Surah Lahab

Here are some benefits of surah lahab which can help you to solve different matters of life.

surah lahab benefits1. Protection from enemies

You have worse enemies who are hurting you every time and do not miss any chance to give you defeats. Then

2. Recite surah lahab 41 times.

  • Recite Darood 11 times before and after the tabbat yada surah
  • Then supplicate from Allah. 

Allah will always protect you from your enemies. And you always will be safe from the evil doings of your enemies.

3. To end illegal love

If someone falls in unreciprocated love, then there is a way to end this love with this surah.

  • Recite this surah 71 times after offering the maghrib prayer.
  • Then make a thought about their separation. 
  • Do not recite Darood or bismillah.

With the help of Allah, this love will end.

4. To stop rain

If anybody wishes to host or organise a marriage or other event, travel, and doesn’t want the rain to ruin the celebration. InshaAllah After reading this surah, the rain will stop beside the overcast sky.

5. To Face a Terrified Person

A good example of this surah benefits man is when it confronts something which has subtly intimidated and threatened him. So, when speaking to that individual, you should recite this surah tabbat yada abi lahabi watab twice.

6. Fearful of doing the unethical things

It describes the horrific torment in hell on reading. It is essential to instil greater dread throughout all Muslims towards offending Almighty Allah. Particularly when it comes to concerns of indecency and having affairs in the name of Almighty Allah.

7. To solve Health issues

Tabbat yada surah is beneficial for health. It helps to relieve the pain in the back. An ill person would be healed if he recites this surah while lying in bed.

8. Protection for the whole night 

Someone will be kept safe by Allah if he repeats the surah while going to bed.

9. Shows the power of Allah

It is a fact that Allah brought down this surah about the circumstance of Abu Lahab and his wife. And they will surely send to hell shows the power of Allah.

10. To cancel transfer

The Quran surah tabbat yada helps to cancel the transfer of someone. If you have transferred to any place and you don’t want it, then recite surah 19 times. Recite it after the maghrib prayer without bismillah. Then Allah will help him and his transfer will be cancelled.

11. For Protection purpose

Tabbat yada surah will be helpful for protection from enemies. If you recite this surah 7 times, you will always be protected from your enemies. 

Final verdict 

In summary, this surah is one of the most important surahs of the Quran. This surah is all about the punishment of the enemies of Islam. Tabbat yada surah tells the powers and wording of Allah. And Allah will fulfil His saying and send Abu lahb and his wife into Hell. So, recite this surah and take a lesson from this surah. And don’t offend Allah by doing different things.

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