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Did you all know the miraculous benefits of Surah Lahab and the meaning of this surah in a true sense? Don’t worry. I am here to tell you the meaning, benefits, and effects of this surah in this article. Yet this is short but a beautiful surah of the Quran. So, I will tell you how you can take advantage of this surah. Also, I will describe the actual meaning of this surah easily. So, let’s start.

Revelation time

This surah was revealed in 616-618 AD. When Abu Lahab, one of the children of Abdul Muttalib, crossed all the limits of his aggressiveness. Then the Prophet (P.B.U.H) called their relatives and informed them of the fear of God. As an answer to the laughing of Abby Lahab, this surah was revealed. And declares that Abu Lahab and his wife both will burn in the fire of hell.

Facts About Surah Lahab (Al Masad – ٱلمَسَد)

Surah Name Al-Masad  ٱلمَسَد
Other Names At-Tabbat, Lahab
Makki/Madni Makki
Quran Surah 111
No. of Verses 5
No. of Words 29
No. of Letters 81
Position Juzʼ 30
When Revealed?  616-618 AD

Surah Lahab Translation In English

Surah Lahab Benefits

The other name of surah Lahab is surah Massad. This surah was revealed to the enemies of Islam. But it will be helpful for Muslims in terms of guidance and advice.

So, here are some wonderful benefits of surah al Lahab that will keep your minds in the right direction.

surah lahab benefits

1. Protection from enemies

If you have a worse enemy and he always finds ways to hurt you. The benefits of reciting surah Lahab 41 times with 11 times Darood are that Allah will protect you from all the evils.

2. Resolve health issues

If you have a back problem then recite this surah, and your pain will be released.

3. Safety for night

The reciter of this surah will be a safe whole night if he recites this surah daily before going to bed.

4. To stop transfer/re-location

If you don’t want to transfer or relocate to any other place, then recite this surah 17 times after offering maghrib prayer. And make a dua, your transfer will be cancelled due to any reason.

5. Safe from enemies' harm

If your enemy is in front of you and wants to harm you. Then recite this surah 7 times. After that, he will not be able to harm you.

6. To hold the rain

If you want to stop the rain before the event or if there is a chance of rain, then recite this surah. inshallah, the rain will stop.

7. Advice to do good deeds

This surah is a warning for the Muslims that if your deeds are bad then you will not be safe from punishment. So, do good deeds.

8. Control the aggressive behaviour

This surah will benefit you to control your anger and aggressive behaviour. This is a big enemy of human beings.

9. Risk of Hell

This surah gives a message to reciter that your luxuries in this world can indulge you in the danger of Hell. So, live a simple life.

10. To end the love

If you recite this surah 71 times after maghrib prayer, then it will be enough to end the abandoned love.

11. Reminds Allah's power

This surah always reminds the reciter that Allah has all the powers. He can do anything. But no one can do without His permission.

Effects of surah Lahab

As this surah was a message for the enemies of Islam, but it also affects the life of every Muslim like this.

1) Don't tell a lie

This surah gives us a lesson that does not lie in any situation. And stop telling false tales otherwise the punishment is justifiable on judgement day.

2) Never make enemies

This Surah also warns the reciter that doesn’t make the enemy of Allah’s closer persons. And if you did it, it will be worse in the end.

3) Follow Prophet (P.B.U.H) Massages

The reciter of this surah always takes guidance from the messages of his Prophet (P.B.U.H). So this surah tells us that don’t take lightly the warnings of the Prophet.

The bottom line

As a result, this surah is a strict warning for those who disobeyed the messages of Allah. So, don’t take these warnings lightly. Although the benefits of surah Lahab are many, we can only take advantage by following the messages practically. Thus, recite this surah, live a simple life, and also ask forgiveness from Allah for the goodness of this world and the Hereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the other names of Surah Masad?

The other name of surah masad are: At-Tabbat, and Lahab

Is Lahab Makki Surah or Madni?

Surah Lahab is Makki Surah.

By order, what’s the ranking of Surah Lahab?

The position of Surah Masad is Juzʼ 30.

How many number of words are present in Surah Lahab?

There are 29 number of words in Surah Lahab.

How many number of letters are present in Surah Lahab?

There are 81 number of letters in Surah Lahab.

How many number of verses are there in Surah Lahab?

There are 5 total ayat/verses in surah Lahab.

In which chapter of Quran, Surah Lahab can be found?

Surah Lahab can be found in the 111th chapter of Quran.

When was Surah Lahab revealed?

Surah Masad was revealed in 616-618 AD

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