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Prayer is the instinct of faith and the steadfast devotion to hope. It takes a lot of passion to pray. So, many of us ask questions about; should we pray out loud or silently.

It encompasses everything we are and strive to be in God’s eyes. As we surrender to God’s will, we express our hearts’ wishes in prayer through worship, repentance, and request.

Is it appropriate to pray aloud in Islam?

If it doesn’t annoy anyone so there is no debility, such as obnoxious noises, it is neither forbidden nor makruh. Nevertheless, it is not essential to raise a person’s voice when there are loud noises. He can simply repeat in the voice he uses in everyday conditions.

The Fajr prayer, first two rakahs of Maghrib, and Isha were the only times the Prophet (PBUH) would recite aloud. In all other instances, he would recite silently.

 According to hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) always seemed to recite aloud so that everyone nearby may hear.

Now it must be clear in your mind about; should we pray silently or out loud.

The rule for men and women

The Prophet (PBUH) established the practice of reading loudly from the Fatihah and even the Quran during the prayers. Those are Fajr, Maghrib, and Isha prayers, and silently reciting them during the Zhuhr and Asr prayers.                                                   

Nowhere in the literature is it stated that the aforementioned regulation exclusively applies to men. The guiding principle is to act in accordance with what the revealed text indicates, regardless of gender.

A woman should therefore say her prayers aloud. However, other academics believe that a woman can only do this when she is worshipping alone or with her immediate family. And not when she is praying in front of strangers.

She should make her judgments, though, because no rule forbids that.

It is evident from the sunnah about; should we pray out loud or silently.

The main focus while praying

Your main focus while praying should be on your prayer which you make sincerely with your heart. Allah knows your heart’s desires. He only wants to connect you with Him with your prayers.

Final Verdict

In summary, the answer to the question; should we pray out loud or silently is clear. If you want the acceptance of your prayers, make the prayer with clean hearts. Allah only sees your hearts. So, pray and worship Allah sincerely.

Allah will definitely answer your prayers and give your desires.

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