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The surah is known as Nuh because it tells the history of Nuh (A.S). This surah shows how this Prophet of Allah battled unbelievers throughout his life. The unbelievers drowned because they rejected God’s word and messenger Nuh.  In this article, I will tell you Surah an Nuh benefits that will help you in different matters of life.


The 71st chapter of the Quran, known as Nuh, has 28 verses and is titled “Noah” in Arabic. This surah was revealed in Makkah in approximately 620-622 AD. It concerns the Islamic prophet Nuh and his protest. That his followers disregarded the warnings that Allah had given them via Nuh.

What does surah Nooh talk about?

The Islamic prophet Nuh complained that his followers disregarded all of the teachings; Allah had given them via Nuh. Themes in Nuh include acceptance of Allah, His manifestations (Earth, Sun, and Moon), and the consequences of rejecting His message. The Nuh (A.S) story teaches us the value of patience and tenacity. Despite being ridiculed and teased, he carried on preaching the truth for 950 years. He lost his son and wife after the flood, yet he stayed unwavering despite his grief.

Surah an Nuh benefits

Here are some wonderful benefits of this surah;

Surah an Nuh for wealth

This surah will help the reciter to increase Business, revenue, and wealth growth. This Surah is useful for boosting financial activity. Any person, who recites this Surah eleven times daily for eleven days at their place of business. 

His company will grow, and he’ll be protected from any troubles or losses. If you print out a copy of the Surah and display it in your place of business. Your firm will grow, and it will make commercial transactions easier.

Surah Nuh for enemies

Everybody’s faith will grow if they recite this Surah. With this Surah’s blessing, the adversary will regress if they attempt to obstruct someone doing well. If someone’s opponent taunts him without cause and he wants to lose his respect. 

He must recite this Surah 111 times over the course of 11 days, inshallah. He will then be free from the enemy, and his enemy’s persecution will come to a stop.

Surah Nuh for marriage

In Surah Nuh, verses 10–12, it is said that Istighfar is the secret. To obtain virtuous children, prosperity, harvests, and Allah’s forgiveness.  According to experts, istigfar is related to rizq, and one of rizq’s components is marriage. Those who plan to be married soon should thus continuously make Istighfar.

Surah an-Nuh 10-11 benefits

Because of the strength of verses 10–11, Hazrat Umar once went outside during a famine to ask Allah for rain. While pleading solely for His forgiveness. Individuals reported: Commandant of the Faithful. No rain has been requested in your prayers.

 In response, he said, “I have knocked at the gates of paradise from where the rain is sent down,” and he read these Surah Nuh verses to them.

Surah Nuh ayat 12 benefits

The advantages of Surah Nuh Ayat 12 are tremendous. It offers five great material bounties, rivers, lush gardens, and forgiveness. 

It also assures wealth in the hereafter and forgiveness from unbelief. One of Islam’s most energising and motivating passages is this one.

Great Rewards

Some other Surah an Nuh benefits have great rewards;

  • A reward equivalent to the number of persons who trust in Prophet Nuh. It will be given to those who recite the surah Nuh (AS).
  • After reciting this surah, Allah immediately responds to any prayers offered.
  • Those who recite this surah frequently won’t pass away until they perceive their position in Jannah.


In summary, Prophet Nuh exhorted the people not to deviate from Allah’s direction. By announcing that He was a prophet sent by Allah to convey His instructions to them. But some of them do not accept that and get punished. So, recite it to get the lesson and get Surah an Nuh benefits.

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