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As we all know that surah Quraish is named after the tribe of Makkah called Quraish. So, if you want to know the benefits of reciting surah quraish, then this article is the best fit for you. I will tell you How beneficial this surah is in your daily life.  

Surah Quraish is a short surah but it is a message for us that always thanked Allah. This is the one surah whose name is after the tribe in the Quran. So firstly I will give you a short introduction to this surah and then describe the benefits individually.

Firstly i’ll tell you important facts about this surah. 

Surah Quraish meaning and facts

The word Quraish in this surah means “The tribe of Quraish”. It is the 106 chapter of the Quran and there are 4 verses in this surah. This is a Makki surah. As this surah was revealed for the Quraish tribe in Mecca because they forgot Allah and also disobeyed.

More facts about Quraysh surah

Surah Name Quraish ( قُرَيْش )
Surah Meaning The tribe of Quraish
Makki/Madni Makki
Surah Number 106th 
No. of Verses 4
Position Juzʼ 30
No. of words 17
No.of letters 73

Surah Quraish Facts

The main theme of this surah is to remind Muslims to only worship Allah. Allah can only protect you from all your fears. And when Allah gives you some blessings then always thanked Him and worship in your houses.

surah quraish benefits

As seen above, this surah was the message for the Quraish tribe to only obey Allah and worship Him. Because Allah gave so many blessings to them but they worship Gods other than Allah. So, this surah was not only the message but it is also a blessing for Muslims.

The benefits and virtues of Surah Al-Quresh are countless. But I will try to share all the benefits of this surah.

surah quraish benefits

1. Memorise easily

Surah Al Quraish is a short but powerful full surah. So, if you recite this surah daily then you can memorise it easily in a limited period of time. Also, it helps make tajweed.

2. Reward of recite every letter

If you recite this surah then the reward of each letter of this surah will be equal to 10 deeds. 

3. No poison affects

If you recite this surah before eating food and the food is poisoned. Then it will not harm you due to the blessing of this surah. Rather it will become a cure for you.

4. Increase the blessing of food

If you recite this surah 2 times before eating food then Allah will increase his dastarkhwan. And if you recite 3 times this surah then Allah will give good food to your incoming next generation.

5. Surah Quraish benefits for weight loss

If you are bulky and have a problem with an increase in weight, then I will tell you surah Quraish wazifa for weight loss. So, if you want to lose weight, then recite this surah 3 times before eating your food every time.

Also, you can recite this surah 3 times with the intention of weight loss before drinking water for good results. InsahAllah, you will lose weight. 

6. Cure for Heart issues

If someone has heart issues, then recite this surah and blow on drinking water. Then drink this water. Allah will cure his heart issues.

7. Increase sources of sustenance

If someone is stressed about the daily bread, then recite this surah before sunrise. InshaALLAH Allah will provide you with sources of sustenance. And Allah will increase your rizq daily.

8. Transport of paradise

If you recite this surah, then on the judgement day Allah will give you transport that will take you towards the way to paradise.

9. The reward of encircling the Holy Kaaba

If you recite this surah, then it will be equal to encircling the Kabah and you will get a reward ten times greater than those who do tawaaf practically.

10. Get away from negative thoughts

The benefits of reciting surah Quraish also include that you will get away from negative thoughts that shaitan feed in the mind of a person.

11. Protection from enemies

If you recite this surah100 times, then Allah will keep you away from the evils and bad intentions of your enemies. And they cannot harm you.

12. Surah Quraish benefits for love

This surah is very effective for getting love. To get your husband’s love to recite this surah 11 times daily. You will get clear results in a few days.

13. Benefits of Surah Quraish for marriage

If you are facing hurdles in your marriage issues, then surah Quraish wazeefa is the best solution for this problem. And Allah will bless you with the best.

14. Save from Hell fire

If you recite this surah daily, then it will protect you from the hotness of Hell.

15. Decrease Stone pain

If you have an issue with stone pain, then recite this surah for 11 days regularly multiple times, InshaAllah your pain will be decreased gradually within a few days.

16. Surah Quraish benefits for Rizq

If you are a businessman and want to increase your business and earn more. Surah Quraish Wazifa For Rizq  then recite this surah in this way. 

Recite Darood 3 times then recite surah quraish 41 times and then again recite darood at the end. InshaAllah your rizq will be increased.

Surah Quraish reciting after Fajr prayer

If you recite this surah after offering the fajr prayer, then make a dua. Allah will open the ways of rizq for him and keep him away from poverty.

The bottom line

In summary, there are many solutions to our daily life problems present in this surah. This surah is all about worshipping only Allah and asking Allah’s forgiveness. The benefits of reciting Surah Quraish are numerous in the sense to solve every matter of life.

You can take advantage of your marriage, business, health, love, wealth, weight, and many more, from this surah. Also, by reciting this surah you can better your next life after death.

So, recite this surah daily and see the wonderful miracles of this surah.


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