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A personal act of generosity called sadaqah that is very significant in Islam. So, this article will answer you what can we give in sadaqah and what happens when you give sadaqah.

Sadaqah meaning

You can give to the needy in a variety of ways, but Sadaqah is among the most popular. Helping the poor demonstrates your gratitude to Allah SWT. It shields you from unforeseen issues and invokes His kindness upon you.

But here is the question: what can we give in sadaqah? 

What can be given as sadaqah?

We can give sadaqah in different forms such as;

  1.     Giving people food and clothing
  2.     To be fair to all parties and to settle disagreements
  3.     Smile when you meet new people, especially your spouse.
  4.     Taking good care of and feeding care of animals
  5.     Visiting and tending to ill people
  6.     Giving a lost person directions
  7.     A wise comment
  8.     The mosque or place of worship was approached with every stride.
  9.     Assisting the handicapped

So, you can give sadaqah and preserve it for the Hereafter. 

How to give sadaqah with money?

Also, you can give sadaqah in the form of money. Just like;

  • You can donate money to any orphan foundation.
  • You can buy any water cooler and put it outside your house.
  • You can give money to any needy person you know.
  • Money can be given to any foundation that can help people in difficult situations. Like floods and earthquakes.
  • Money can be invested in the construction of the mosque, school, and any public place.

But the only condition is to give sadaqah only to please Allah. Allah will give you a reward in the hereafter, not others.

What happens when you give sadaqah?

Sadaqah helps you in different situations in this world.

Sadaqah prevents disasters and lessens suffering. Giving Sadaqah is a method to get closer to Allah, and only His limitless kindness can improve a situation. 

  • Sadaqah is a way to invest in this life and the next. When we offer Sadaqah, Allah assures us that he’ll enhance our riches, and provide for us. And bring us prosperity both in this world and the next.
  • Regularly giving Sadaqah is a straightforward approach to aid in atoning for whatever faults. We may have committed both intentionally and unintentionally.
  • Baab As-Sadaqah is only open to those believers who were benevolent and donated Sadaqah. In Allah’s way to their families, orphans, widows, the sick, and the destitute.
  • Everyone would desire to sit beneath Allah’s protection on the Day of Judgment. Since the sun will be scorching directly above those who give sadaqah.

Can sadaqah cure the illness?

It is beneficial to make a Sadaqah when a beloved one becomes unwell. In order to aid in the healing process and fend off bad luck. According to Hadith;

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said “Treat your sick ones with charity”. (Saheeh Al-Jaami) 

The scholars understood this narration to mean that one should contribute to charity in favor of someone who is ill. And urge that person to make supplications on their behalf. This holds for unwell people who donate to charities on their behalf.

Final verdict 

In conclusion, Sadaqah is measured on its effectiveness and regularity rather than its quantity. This article has described all about what can we give in sadaqah and How to give sadaqah with money. 

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