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Does Sadaqah lillah and Zakat mean the same? What is the difference between Sadaqah lillah and Zakat? We all know that zakat is fard on every Muslim and also there is an order of giving sadaqah. So, in this article, I will discuss the difference between both.

Some people consider both as the same. However, with the help of this article we will be clear about both terms and give a clear difference between sadaqah and zakat.

What is Sadqah lillah?

The important question is what does Sadaqah lillah mean? The meaning of sadaqah lillah is giving for Allah’s sake. Any type of generosity offered exclusively to glorify Allah SWT is known as lillah. This is one type of sadaqah.

So, in terms of donating property for charity, lillah and sadaqah are equivalent. Sadaqah is a general phrase that covers a variety of charitable efforts.

Why is Sadaqah Lillah Important?

Giving Sadaqah is important, as stressed repeatedly in the Quran and Sunnah. And Allah has guaranteed those who do that they would receive many blessings and virtues. According to Islam sadaqah protects from different problems and difficulties. The eradication of harmful objects is known as sadaqah according to the Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Conditions of Sadaqah lillah

Sadaqah lillah should be given truly for Allah’s pleasure and not for attention or acclaim from others. A few set of conditions are discussed as:

  • Sadaqah must only come from halal sources.
  • It is best to keep what we offer or do a secret.
  • Give your sadaqah as soon as possible.
  • Whatever you donate, don’t count it.

What is the required Sadaqah lillah amount?

Sadaqah has no fixed value, unlike Zakat. Whatever you can afford to donate is OK. Individuals are permitted to decide how much to donate. When it came to providing for his family, Abu Bakr often used to give all he had. 

And he was leaving all of it to Allah and His Prophet. Umar Al Khattab only contributed half of what he had, in contrast.

Who may offer a sadaqah lillah?

There is no rule or restriction on how much you make sadaqah lillah? To whom it should be given (needy person)? And when to give? All depends on you. 

How to peform Sadaqah

Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) performed sadaqah in 4 ways.

  1. He fed the needy – Make sure needy and poor people do not sleep hungry.
How to peform Sadaqah he fed the needy
2. Gave Water to needy people – we created every living thing from water ( Al-Quran 21:30 )
How to peform Sadaqah he fed the needy

3. Helped Orphans

How to peform Sadaqah he fed the needy

4. Took care of widows

difference between sadaqah lillah and zakat take care or widows

Benefits of Sadaqah lillah

The benefits of giving a sadaqah are numerous. In the end, it is a commitment for the hereafter.

  • Just as water puts out fire, charity puts sins out of commission.
  • The promise of Allah to those who give Sadaqah lillah is that they have not lost anything.
  • The more you give to Allah, the greater Allah will grant to you.
  • Allah has guaranteed to at least 700 times increase the reward for charitable giving.

What is zakat?

It comes from the Arabic term “zakah”. It implies “cleaning, purity, growth, development, justice, prosperity, and adoration.”

A form of sadaqah is zakat. Giving ownership of a specified portion of a particular property to a specific person for Allah is called Zakat. The third pillar of Islam is the zakat, which is a form of prayer by giving away one’s possessions.

Importance of zakat 

Zakat is crucial since it offers advantages to everyone. Zakat is an obligation for Muslims from Allah. Both the Qur’an and the Sunnah place emphasis on it. In reality, the Qur’an uses the word “zakat” 30 times. 

In addition to the shahadat prayer, fasting, and performing the Hajj, it is one of Islam’s five pillars. The significance of Zakat cannot be understated.

Conditions of zakat 

  • Islam does not take zakat from non-Muslims. Because it is a form of worship that draws a Muslim towards Allah.
  • Zakat is not collected from slaves.
  • Real and established possession of the zakat level above a person’s basic needs, such as food, clothing, and housing.
  • The beginning of a complete lunar year following the possession of the zakat barrier.

What is the required zakat amount?

Each Muslim who has owned the Specified threshold for a lunar year is required to pay 2.5% Zakat. However, it can take some time to manually determine the value of your assets and holdings. 

There are eight groups of people that can receive zakat. 

  • People of limited means
  • The needy
  • Admins of the zakat
  • Freedom of prisoners/slaves
  • Travelers.

Benefits of zakat

Zakat provides a wide range of advantages and constructive effects on society. 

  • It is for the benefit of society’s vulnerable members.
  • A nation’s economy is boosted, which is a favour from Allah (SWT) both for the giver and the recipient.
  • Society is founded on humanistic principles.
  • It lessens disparity between various societal groups and alleviates financial hardship for the impoverished.

How is Zakat different from Sadaqah?

There is a huge difference between Sadaqah lillah and zakat. The distrubution of zakat and Sadaqah is also discussed.

Zakat       Sadaqah lillah
5% of yearly savings No limitations 
You have to pay yearly given whenever
Can not pay on anyone’s behalf Give to any needy person
Given to a certain category of individuals, such as the destitute, travellers, and recently converted Muslims Can be presented on another person’s behalf

Final verdict 

In summary, there is a difference between sadaqah lillah and zakat. Both have their importance in Islam. And Islam stresses on giving both sadaqah and zakat. So, Muslims should give sadaqah and zakat according to their business and wealth.

Muslims can give an amount every month to needy people. In this way, they can get success in this world and the Hereafter.

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