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Before prayer, every Muslim performs wudu (ablution). It is a practice of worship that makes sure they are clean before they meet and worship Allah. Here I will tell you why is wudu important in Islam.

But firstly I will tell you the meaning of wudu and its importance in Islam. Also, describe some benefits of doing wudu.

What is wudu and why it is important?

The Arabic word wudu (ablution) refers to the precise process of washing specific bodily parts. It includes the hands, mouth, arms, nose, feet, and face. It is very significant in Islam.

Before performing our prayers, we Muslims practice a sort of self-purification called wudu. Muslims must perform their prayers as a matter of obligation. But if you don’t do the ablution, your prayers are useless.

Importance of Wudu

Wudu is of the utmost significance in Islam. All of our prayers must be offered after we have completed wudu. Before going to Allah Almighty, we should cleanse ourselves since we can offer prayers that have been preceded by wudu. Muslims do wudu to clean their bodies physically and morally.

As we are muslims and do believe in Islam. So, we should know how to perform wudu and offer namaz and more.

The procedure of doing wudu

The most crucial thing to do before performing wudu, aside from the actual steps, is to develop Niyyah. It means you should create the intention to conduct wudhu.

There are several steps involved in performing wudu, all of which should be done slowly and carefully.

  • Before performing wudu, recite “Bismillah” after making Niyyah. You can also express your intention verbally.
  • Clean your hands with water. to your wrists
  • Bring some water to your mouth. Put your right hand to use. It’s best to gargle before spitting out each time you repeat this three times.
  • Fill your nostrils with water. Use your right hand once more. each time, let out a sharp water burst.
  • Three times wash your face. The entire face, from hairline to chin, and from one earlobe to another.
  • Wash your elbows to wrists on your lower arms. Keep nothing dry. Wash your left arm after your right.
  • Clarify your mind. Start from the front of the head and gently clean the entire surface with both damp palms.
  • Once, use wet hands to wipe your ears. With your index fingers, begin in the ear and wipe through the grooves. To clean around your ears, use your thumb.
  • Right foot first, then the other, wash both feet. Up to your ankles, wash. Using the little finger on your left hand, check that water enters between each toe.

So, do wudu and now I will tell you why is wudu important for anyone in the form of benefits.

Benefits of Wudu 

Wudu has both medical and spiritual benefits. Sweating beak wudu or not? We’ll discuss here both benefits of wudu i.e. spiritual, and medical.

Medically benefits 

  • Wudu gives advantages to nasal inhaling. Wudu removes dust, germs, and polluted objects, helping to guard against illnesses.
  • Wudu benefits young ladies in getting better sleep.
  • It is an effective method of preventing infectious infections.
  • Wudu purifies and nourishes the skin.

These are also the reasons why wudu is important.

Spiritual benefits 

  • It has been proven from hadith, that ablution purges you of all sins and ill actions.
  • Every time, make an effort to stay in the Wudu state. You will receive the Mercy of Almighty Allah in addition to good physical health.
  • You will grow spiritually as a result. It will bring you inner tranquillity.

After making wudu, asking for a dua is a way to enter Jannah.

So, it has been proved why wudu is important and how it gives us so many benefits. Do proper wudu with a niyyah.


In summary, Wudu is an important part of Islam. Prayers are useless without a proper wudu. And according to Hadiths, now it is clear Why Is Wudu Important. Also, wudu will benefit you medically and spiritually.

So, do wudu slowly and carefully. Don’t hurry. Keep in mind that it is a matter between you and Allah.

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