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Are you curious to know about Surah Qariah Benefits? Or you want to learn more about this surah. So, you are in the right place. This article focuses exclusively on this surah’s tremendous advantages. These benefits will make your life easier in this world and the one after.

But firstly, it’s crucial to understand this surah’s concept and significance. So before I get to the advantages, I’ll also go over all the details of this surah. I sincerely hope that this article will assist you in achieving your objectives in this life.

Surah Qariah Facts and Meaning

This surah is the 101st chapter of the Quran. This is a Makki surah and was revealed in approximately 613-615 AD. There are a total of 11 verses in the surah. Almost 28 unique words are used in it without repetition. This surah was revealed in the early years after the Prophet announced his Prophethood.

The word Qariah means ‘devastation or calamity’. The surah’s name is one of the names of Judgement’s day. The entire surah recounts the events of the Last Day. It clarifies that people will receive compensation according to their deeds.

Surah Name Al-Qariah ( ٱلْقَارِعَة )
Meaning The day of Judgement
Other Names The Shocker, The Striking Hour
Makki/Madni Makki
Quran Surah 101
No. of Words 36
No. of Letters 158
Ayat/Verses 11
Position Juzʼ 30 ʿAmma yatasāʾalūna
When Revealed?  613-615 AD

Surah Al Qariah Significance

This surah majorly focuses on a person’s faith, the faith on the day of the Decision, and the calamities occurring on that day. Along with that, it explores how decisions will be made on that particular day.

The main theme of Surah Qariah

The theme of this surah spins around the Happening of the decision day. This surah warns that the disaster will come on that day. And people will be running madly in confusion. No one will identify his dear one. This surah depicts the whole picture of Qiyamah.

But this surah also gives good news in the form of Jannah to the virtuous people. Also with that Surah Qariah Benefits makes this surah more special.

Benefits Of Surah Al Qariah

As this surah gives a message of doing good deeds and warns about the last day, likewise gives advantages to the reciter.

1. Increase sustenance

If someone recites this surah after compulsory prayers, it will help to open the sources of sustenance for the reciter. Al qariah benefits give an advantage of an increase in your rizq also.

2. Protect from poverty

If you recite surah or write it on white paper and display it around the home, your poverty will go away. Instead of poverty, prosperity will come to your house.

3. Increase In business

Recitation of this surah will give a boost to your business. This benefit included in Surah al qari’ah benefits will give hype to business. Such as;

  • If you find difficulties in your business and fail to run the business. Then recite this surah. Your business will increase day by day.
  • If you want to get more profit from your business. Then write the surah and tie it around the arm or neck as an Amulet.

4. Protection from Dajjal

If someone recites this surah, Allah will protect him from the evil eye of Dajal on the day of the decision. Moreover, Allah will save him from the horrors of Hell and fire on that day.

 Moreover, the benefits of reciting surah al qariah will help you in this world and the disaster of the last day.

5. Protection from Insects

If you recite the surah, and then blow on water, this water will help to keep away the harmful insects. And you will be protected from pests and harmful insects.

6. To strengthen belief

The benefits of surah al qariah will strengthen your faith as well. If you recite this surah 11 times before going to sleep, it will help;

  • To strengthen your faith.
  • Save you from the disasters of the last day.
  • You will always do good deeds.

7. To overcome bad habits

If someone recites this surah regularly, it will help the person overcome all his bad habits. He will become a virtuous person because this surah will change his heart towards good deeds. 

8. Fulfil valid wish

Surah qariah benefits will advantage you to fulfil your valid wishes.

  • If someone recites this surah 160 times, his desire or wish will be fulfilled.
  • Your problems will be solved.
  • Your wealth will increase.

9. Easiness in work

If you recite this surah before doing your work, you will do your work without any difficulties.

Surah al qariah benefits for love

This surah will help someone to get his love in different situations. Like;

  • If you haven’t found any love yet but want true love, then recite this surah. This surah will help to find a person who will genuinely love him.
  • Many love stories are affected by evil eyes. So, to protect your love from evil eyes the recitation of this surah is very effective.
  • Surah Qairah benefits help a person to get his love back. This surah will solve the issues between the reciter and his love. When you recite this surah, it will give a chance for lovers to reconcile once more.

Surah al qariah summary

This surah warned us about the last day while depicting the whole picture in the first 5 verses. And next ayat of this surah gives a message to do good deeds if someone wants to go to Jannah. And if someone does bad deeds, then his place will be in hell.


In a nutshell, this surah is a warning for all of us as well as gives good news to the followers of Islam. Surah Qariah Benefits are numerous.

Moreover, this surah holds many advantages like protection from Dajjal, insects, and evil eyes, increased sustenance, and many more.

The surah shows the whole picture of the Day of Decision. When mountains will be flying like cotton and people will scatter everywhere. So, do good deeds and recite this surah to remind yourself that this day will come at last.

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