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Among the surahs of the Quran, the shorter surah is Surah Nasr. This is a short surah but it is very important in the history of Islam. There were many occasions happened in Islam where Allah helped Muslims and gave success to them.

So, this surah is all about the success of Muslims. As this surah is related to the victory of Muslims, then imagine who will recite this surah. Then how beneficial will it be? Here I will tell you the miraculous benefits of Surah Nasr.

I will share some facts about this surah that you still don’t know!

Facts about surah Nasr

This is a Medani surah and was revealed in approximately 629-632 AD. It is the 110th surah of the Quran and there are a total of 3 verses. The meaning of the word Al-Nasr is Support/ Help (Hidden). Here the help means the Help of Allah.

Basically, surah Nasr was revealed after the migration of the prophet from Mecca to Medina. This surah tells about the victory of Islam at the moment of Conquering Makkah. Also tells the loyalty of the inhabitants of Makkah toward the prophet (P.B.U.H).

So, in this surah, Allah fulfilled his promise by giving success to the Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Surah Name An-Naṣr (ٱلنَّصْر)
Other Names Triumph, Divine Support, The Help
Makki/Madni Madni
Surah Number 110
No. of Verses 3
No. of Rukus 13
Position Juzʼ 30
No. Of words 19
No.of letters 80
When Revealed? 629-632 AD

Surah Nasr Benefits

This surah is all about the success story of Muslims. And guidance of Allah that when you succeed, always praise Him and ask Him forgiveness. So, Here I will discuss the benefits of reading surah Nasr in detail.

surah nasr benefits

1. Successful Life

If you recite this surah after your prayers, then Allah will help you in every matter of life. And always give success to you against your enemies as he helped Muslims in the past.

2. Protective shield

This surah will become a protective shield of the reciter on the day of judgement. And he will be safe from hellfire and come with these letters.

3. Motivation for good deeds

Also in the benefits of Surah Nasr is that it will become a protective shield of the reciter on the day of judgement. And he will be safe from hellfire and come with these letters.

4. Acceptance of prayers

When you recite this surah after your payer, then there will be no doubt about the acceptance of your prayers straightaway.

5. Big reward

One of the best rewards for the reciter is if you recite this surah more often. You will be given the same position as the people who were present with the Prophet (P.B.U.H) on that occasion.

6. Rewarded as martyr

Surah an Nasr benefits are many but this benefit will wonder at you. If you recite this surah then Allah will reward you as a martyr.

7. Free from hellfire

The benefits of surah nasr also gives you protection from hellfire if you recite it. The one who recites this surah daily will be free from hellfire. And when he would go towards paradise, then others would congratulate him on his good luck.

8. Solve financial issues

If you have any financial issues and you are stressed due to debt, then recite this surah, InshaAllah your all problems will be solved.

9. Protects against enemies

If you recite this surah 21 times after any prayer. Allah will protect you from your enemies and their hidden collusions. And Allah will keep you away from their bad intentions.

10. Fulfil your wish

If you recite this surah 500 times after every prayer and make a wish. Then Allah will fulfil your valid wish if it would be better for you.

11. Firm belief in Allah

Allah tests His believers by giving them tough situations. And reciting this surah gives benefits to you that your trust in Allah will be strong. And you can handle any situation.

12. Protect from outer spells

If you recite this surah 7 times, then recite Darood before and after the surah each time. Then it will be enough for you to protect against external spells and problems.

13. Surah Nasr 41 times benefits

If you recite this surah 41 times after any prayers, then recite Darood before and after one time. And make a dua. Allah will help you with your difficulties like house issues, financial issues, marriage issues, and many problems.

14. Surah Nasr 100 times benefits

If you want that Allah makes up all your wishes, then recite this surah 100 times after the prayer and ask Allah about your wish. Then, Allah will fulfil all your wishes.

15. To see Prophet (P.B.U.H) in your dreams

Every Muslim wants to see Muhammad (S.A.W) in his dream. So, this surah is a blessing for us. If you recite this surah 41 times and Darood 101 times before and after the surah before going to bed. After that, recite ‘Ya Kabiru Ya Mubeen’ and fall asleep.

InshaAllah within 2 weeks, you will see the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in your dream.


In summary, if you recite surah Nasr daily it will bless you with success in this life and hereafter. So, the benefits of surah Nasr will make us recite this surah daily. If you want the hidden help of Allah in your every matter of life, then learn this surah.

And recite this surah daily to solve your problems with the help of Allah.

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