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Like every other surah in the Quran, Surah Feel has a connection to an Islamic historical event. Therefore, if you want to learn more about Surah Feel Benefits or its background, read this article. This article will provide you with a quick overview of the meaning, background, and facts of this surah. 

Following that, this article will discuss the advantages of reciting this surah in detail. And I‘ll tell how may you benefit from this verse in this life? The primary goal of this article is to help you better understand the meaning and advantages of this surah.

Facts About Surah Feel

This surah is the 105th chapter of the Quran. And it contains 5 verses. This Surah is Makki surah and was revealed in around 613-615 AD. There are 22 unique words used without any repetition. This surah was revealed most possibly in the initial periods after Muhammad announced himself to be a Prophet.

Surah Name Al-Feel ( ٱلْفِيل )
Makki/Madni Makki
Quran Surah 105
No. of Words 23
No. of Letters 96
Ayat/Verses 5
Position Juzʼ 30
When Revealed?  613-615 AD

Meaning and History of Surah Feel

The surah title Al-Feel means ‘The Elephant’. This surah relates to a historical event. The event was when some disbelievers (Abraha) of Islam tried to demolish the Holy Kabba with an army and elephants.

But Allah spoiled their intentions before reaching Mecca by sending uncountable bird groups. Birds were attacking with small stones at soldiers, smashing them into pieces and scorching every soldier’s flesh.

Revelation Reason

As this surah was revealed in Mecca and describes the whole event of attacking the Holy Kabba. This event happened in the same year when the Prophet (P.B.U.H) was born. So, this surah was the message for those who attacked the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and underestimated the power of Allah.

So, Allah tells them with this surah that He has the power to destroy them. Like how He did demolish the army of Abraha and protect the sacred place Kabba.

As this surah is a warning for disbelievers, similarly it gets advantages for true believers of Islam. So, here are some Surah Feel Benefits below;

Surah Feel Benefits

Like every surah, Surah feel has also some special benefits for their reciters. So, take advantage of this surah.

surah feel benefits




  • Protection from harmful situations

If someone recites this surah 313 times after offering Isha prayer, Allah will protect him from dangerous creatures and situations. But do recite this continuously for 40 days.  

  • To destroy enemies’ weapon

This surah will help the reciter to destroy his enemies. If someone recites this surah on his weapon, then his weapon will hit the correct target. Moreover, it will destroy the weapon of his enemy.

  • Cure of different Diseases

The benefits of reading Surah al-feel also include the cure of different diseases. Such as;

  • If someone has a high blood pressure issue, then reciting this surah will help to control the BP level.
  • Recitation of this surah is also effective to cure the sugar patient.
  • To overcome troubles

This surah will be useful to overcome one’s troubles and worries. If you recite this surah and blow on a person in worry, then he will be free from the troubles.

  • Protection from enemies

One major benefit of the Surah Feel Benefits is protection from the worst enemies. The one who recites this Surah will consistently be in the lead and enemies never harm him at all.

  • Protection from poisoned food

If someone has a doubt about poison in the food, then recite this surah before eating. And blow it on the food. If the food was poisoned, then it will never harm you with the blessing of the surah. 

  • Safety from the cruel leader

If you are afraid of facing an unkind leader, or ruler, then recite this surah in front of him. The surah will help to calm his anger and he will never harm you anymore.

  • Solve problems

Surah Feel Benefits will help the reciter solve his daily life problems. It will clear all hurdles and problems in your work and you will do your work easily.

Benefits of reading surah al feel after Fajr

  • If someone recites this surah 7 times after offering the Fajr prayer and does the same after the Maghrib prayer. Then this surah will tie the tongue of that person who verbally offends you. And it’ll get them to stop talking.
  • To avoid the issue of blindness, recite this surah 105 times and As-sharh 94 times after fajr prayer. InshaAllah you will never become blind.

Virtues of Surah Feel

Like the benefits of surah feel, the virtues of this surah are also great. The virtues of this surah are following;

  • If someone recites this surah after every optional prayer, then all lands, and mountains will witness his on the Day of Decision. 
  • Recitation of this surah will protect the person from attacks of enemies.
  • If someone recites this surah he will be protected from the hidden troubles and problems.
  • With the blessing of this surah, you will be safe from the cruelty of angry leaders.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, every surah of the Quran is related to some historic event in Islam. Similarly, there is an important message behind this surah for disbelievers. Also, Surah Feel Benefits are numerous. This surah shows the power of Allah and that He can do anything to the enemies of Islam.

And how can he destroy enemies if they want to ham any sacred Holy place and His Prophets? And give an example of Abraha and his army, who wanted to destroy Holy Kabba. So, seek a lesson from surah when you recite this surah.

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