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Giving presents is one of the polite gestures that upholds and improves relationships between the presenter and the recipient. The Prophet (PBUH)) advised Muslims to follow this practice, which is known as a Sunnah. In this article, we will learn the significance of giving a Gift in Islam.

What exactly is gift-giving in Islam?

The term “gift” in a lawful manner refers to a specific and willing property transfer from one individual to another. A gift, or Hiba, is defined by Islamic law as the instantaneous transfer of property from one person to another. And, acknowledged by or on account of the recipient. 

If the giver does not relinquish ownership of the item donated, the act of Hiba is not considered complete. Furthermore, there should be no ambiguity in the announcement of the contribution 

According to Hadith;

The Prophet (saww) said: “Exchange gifts so you will love one another.” (Bukhari)

The Concept of gift-giving in the Quran

Allah has given us everything as a gift. Our social connections and material goods are gifts. He has also bestowed upon us a variety of immaterial blessings, such as a firm faith in Him and His Messenger.  

And there is no payment due to Allah for these. In actuality, the instructions and regulations are also gifts since abiding by them will take us to paradise. These are the basic blessings that Allah bestows on all people.   

The Quran makes the most frequent mention of this gift. There are eight instances in the Qur’an when Allah refers to Prophets or highly educated individuals as, 

“Those gifted with knowledge.”

Hadiya gift in Islam

A person presents it as a gesture of friendship to strengthen the relationships between them. It can be presented to a believing brother who is either wealthy or impoverished. 

It is one of the greatest kinds of worship if it is offered with the sincere goal of becoming closer to Allah. According to reports, Amir ul-Mu’min ‘Ali (A.S.) remarked,

“If i give something as a gift to my believing brother, i consider it preferable than giving it in sadaqah.” (al-kaofi Vol. 5 page 144)

A gift in Islam hadith

Islam teaches us to express gratitude. Giving gifts is a wonderful way to show someone you appreciate them. It is a sunnah and is recommended by The Prophet (PBUH). 

Hazrat Aisha (r.a) said: “The Messenger of Allah (saw) used to accept gifts and reward people for giving them.”

There are several Hadiths on givinga gift in Islam; such as

“Give gifts, for Indeed gifts removes bad feeling from the chest. Do not let a person look down upon (the gifts given by his or ) her neighbor, even it if be a sheep shank.” – Tirmizi

The Prophet (saw) commanded returning favors in kind, as;

So, it has been proved by Hadith that giving a gift will increase the love between one another and kill bad feelings.

 What are the benefits of giving gifts in Islam?

Also many more benefits are described below which show the significance of giving gifts in Islam.

  • Removes heart illness

In modern societies, bringing a gift to an enemy or rival to diffuse the situation and foster amity. It is referred to as a sign of goodwill. Giving presents has the following major effects, according to the Prophet as well:

“Give presents to one another. Presents remove malice from the hearts.” (Tirmidhi)

  • Enhances Affection and Love

The ability of presents to foster affection and love between the recipient and the giver is another reason. That’s why they are valued in Islam. There should be no specific or special occasion for giving presents.

  • Improves relationships between Muslims

Giving and receiving presents may deepen Muslim relationships. And is a nice action that may be well received by others.

  • Gifts to Express Gratitude

There are several methods to express our gratitude, and providing presents only enhances the experience. It’s the way we thank someone for a favor they’ve provided for us. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said As Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated,

“Whoever failed to give thanks to anyone who did a favor to him failed to give thanks to God.” Musnad-i-Ahmed and Tirmizi

  • Way to Seek Allah’s Pleasure

There are several methods to ask Allah for His blessings and pleasure. How did presents become included on that list? Because presents encourage Muslim unity and love. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah’s favor will be of immense assistance. Giving presents to make Allah SWT happy is thus strongly advised.

So, giving a gift in Islam brings you a lot of benefits for both the receiver and the giver. Do exchange your gifts and fulfill sunnah.

What should somebody do if they can’t give a gift?

The Prophet has provided us with a remedy.

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The best gift in Islam

Here I will tell you some best gifts according to Islam that you can give to one another.

  • It would be quite incorrect to discuss the Quran Pak while discussing the greatest Islamic gift ideas. For Muslims, It is a source of righteousness and a means of prosperity. Your first goal should be to give this as a present to your fellow Muslim. 
  • Islamic books show to be a wonderful present in this situation. If a man prefers to read or enjoys spending his free time with a nice book. Choose, as he pleases, from a vast selection of literature, ranging from quick inspiring reads to in-depth works on religion.
  • The portable praying mat gift idea is without a doubt incredibly practical, especially for someone who is constantly on the road.
  • The Loh-e-Qurani can help you solve your troubles. Give him a Loh-e-Qurani wall hanging so that he may read it every day before he leaves the house.
  • Fruit baskets that are filled with a variety of his favorite natural and exotic fruits make a present for him. It is completed by wrapping a fruit basket.
  • The most suitable alternative for Muslims to utilize on their clothing is Ittars. They have a calming scent and include no alcohol.
  • A five-prayer digital alarm with the beautiful sounds of the Azan from the holiest sites of Makkah, Madinah, and Jerusalem. It may be a memorable and one-of-a-kind present for a Muslim.
  • The wonderful method is to help Muslims and others in need. It is also a kind and well-received present.
  • Give some attractive bookmarks. So one may use them to record his place in the Holy Quran or another book. He can put the bookmark wherever he wants to finish reading a book. To put an end to the problem of remembering it afterward.

So, you can choose a present according to your choice and give it to anyone. Giving a gift in Islam will better your relationship with the other one. 

Final verdict 

In summary, one of the most popular and significant methods to express gratitude is by giving a gift. Giving a gift in Islam is highly recommended also it is sunnah. Gifts convey admiration, affection, and thanks. As Muslims, we should strive to build solid connections with one another. And use gift-giving as the cornerstone for that endeavour.

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