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Wudu is an important part of prayer. After doing wudu, you are clean from any impurity and you can offer prayer. But in this article, we will discuss that “does sweat break wudu” or not. So, to know the answer to this question this is the right place.

Importance of Wudu

Wudu serves as purification before speaking to God during prayer by serving as both a physical and spiritual preparation. Without it, prayer cannot begin.

Wudu’s health benefits are demonstrated by studies. It has been proved that frequently washing one’s hands, face, and mouth can cut down viruses and illnesses.

Hadiths make it clear that wudu is the path to purify our bodies of sin. So, here I will discuss which things can break wudu or does sweat break wudu.

Things that break wudu

  • Urinating, and reportedly the equivalent moisture is when determining whether someone is urinating.
  • Going to the toilet.
  • Passing gastrointestinal and intestine wind from the anus.
  • Sleeping, like a person’s wudu, remains valid even if their eyes are closed but they can still hear.
  • Things that make a person crazy; include insanity, alcoholism, and unconsciousness.
  • A female istehada.

 But here is the question: does sweating break wudu? Or if you do any workout and due to sweating your wudu will remain or not?

Does sweat break wudu?

This question answers that Salah or wudu are not rendered ineffective by sweat. You are allowed to pray in that condition. However, it is improper to enter the masjid smelling like sweat and causing a disturbance.


Yes, Ghusl is advised if the sweat has an unpleasant odour. You won’t need to repeat it if the time for al-hamd is short. Like if you don’t have time to properly wash yourself.  


In a nutshell, the answer to does sweat break wudu” is very simple. So, you can pray if you are sweating. But the condition is that there will be no odour of sweating. Some scholars say that it is good to do a ghusl if you have time for prayer.

So, recite your prayers with purity and sincerity to please Allah.

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