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Do you know the Surah Munafiqun benefits in your daily life? If NO! Then don’t worry. I will tell you the miracles of this surah. As shown by the name of surah ‘Munafiqun’ is all about the hypocrites and liars. Allah describes some signs of hypocrites in this surah.

At the same time, recitation of this surah has a huge number of advantages. So, if you want to know these advantages then this article would be very helpful for you. But firstly take a look at the facts of this surah. Then we’ll move towards the benefits. 

Facts About Surah Munafiqun

This is the 63rd surah of the Quran. There are a total of 11 verses in this surah. This is the shortest surah in 28 juzz. The verses are further divided into two sections. This surah is Madani and revealed in approximately 6-7 AH. 

The behaviour of hypocrites is not only described in this surah. But also described in the other chapters of the Quran, especially the chapters revealed in Madina, like Surah Toba.

Surah Name Al-Munafiqun  ( ٱلْمُنَافِقُون )
Makki/Madni Madni
Quran Surah 63
No. of Rukus 2
Ayat/Verses 11
Position Juzʼ 28
When Revealed?  6-7 AH

Meaning of Surah Munafiqun

The word Munafiqun means ‘liar’. This surah is all about the behaviour and characteristics of hypocrites. This surah was revealed when the Prophet (P.B.U.H) came back to Madina after the operation against the Bani Al-Mustaliq. And it is revealed when Muslims were exposed to bad people.

  • Main theme about Surah Munafiqun

The main theme of this surah is to describe the characteristics of Liars. Like hypocrites who are liars, break their oath, and disobey Allah. So, Allah wants to help the Muslims in this surah How can they recognize the hypocrites?

Now I will share the Surah Munafiqun benefits with all of you. 

Benefits of Surah Munafiqun

As seen above, this surah is like the help of Allah for Muslims to recognize the liar. Now I will tell you more benefits of this surah which you can apply to your life and take advantage of. 

  • Stay away from shirk

This surah has the power to keep away the reciter from hypocrisy or shirk. And also it will help to strengthen your faith in Allah.

  • Protect from poverty

If you recite this surah, then it will protect you from poverty and also starvation. Also, provide you with some miraculous sources to earn more.

  • Pay debts 

in one of the important Surah Munafiqun benefits is also if you have some debt and are not able to give back, recite this surah. It will help the reciter to pay the debt from different sources.

  • Reward in Jannah

The one main benefit of the surah al munafiqun benefits is that

Whoever recites this surah and Surah Jumma after offering the noon prayers. He will be considered as a true follower of the Prophet (P.B.U.H). And he will get his reward in Jannah.

  • Away from evil spirits

If you recite this surah daily, this surah will protect you. It will work as a shield against negative energies and evil spirits.

  • For easy accounting

If you recite this surah, then this surah will help you on the Day of Judgment. And your accounting will be easier on that day. 

  • Safety against thieves

This surah will protect the reciter from thieves and tyrants. And also you will be safe from evil enemies.

  • For Sleep well

If someone recites this surah, he will sleep well the whole night. 

  • When you recite before going to bed, an angel will come for the reciter to protect him.
  • You would not have wet dreams.
  • Meeting with Prophets

One of the best benefits of reading Surah Munafiqun is that the reciter will meet the Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran. They will arrive to greet the reader on the Day of Judgement. 

  • Protect from dangerous insects

If you recite this surah then, it will protect you from dangerous insects and other worms. And they will not harm you anymore.

  • Ease in grave

This surah will provide the reciter ease after his death. It will protect him from clasping the grave. 

  • Protection from disasters

If you recite Surah e Munafiqoon then;

  • It will protect you from sudden accidents.
  • It will protect you from seventy types of calamity and disasters.
  • It will save you during your journey.
  • It will protect the reciter from fear of anyone.
  • For good memory

If someone has an issue forgetting everything, he should recite this surah daily. It will help to better the memory and also concentration.

  • Prevent from migraine

This surah will prevent all headache problems of the reciter like migraine. If you have this issue, then recite this surah.

  • Safety from fire

This surah will keep save the reciter from fire and all ailments in this world.

  • Easy recognition of liar – Surah Munafiqun benefits

This surah will help the reciter in recognition of the hypocrites. If the signs are present in a person which are given in the surah, then he will be a liar.  

  • Protection with angels

If someone recites this surah daily, then Allah sent angels from the sky to protect the reciter from difficulties. Also, they will protect the reciter the whole night.

  • Protection from the evil eye of Dajal

This surah will protect the reciter from Dajal’s evil eye. Also, it will keep the reciter away from the fire of Jahanum.

  • Forgiveness of mistakes

If someone recites this surah daily, then on the day of reconciliation;

  • Allah will forgive his mistakes.
  • The record of his deeds will be in his right hand.
  • Allah will give his heart’s desire.

Surah munafiqun benefits for illness

This surah is like a cure for all patients with different diseases. Like

  • If you have a severe wound, then recite this surah over it and blow. Allah will heal your wound.
  • If you have any pain in your body then recite this surah, it can relieve the pain.
  • Also, it is a very effective surah for curing the disease of the eyes.
  • It will cure the pains of the chest.
  • If you have a headache, then recite this surah.

Surah Munafiqun benefits on Friday

It is preferred to recite this surah after the Friday prayer. Because;

  • This surah will protect the reciter from magic.
  • Cure all types of diseases
  • It is suggested as an effective cure for shirk.
  • It will protect from the shaytan and evil energies.

The bottom line

In summary, this surah mainly deals with the liars in Islam. Who reacts as a Muslim but lies everywhere and breaks oaths. This surah is an advantage for Muslims to recognize hypocrites easily. Surah Munafiqun benefits Muslims in their daily lives as well.

This surah has also described the behavior of hypocrites in the history of Islam. So, if you recite this surah on a daily basis, it will give you benefits in this life and the Hereafter.

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