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Do you want to learn about the enduring Surah that our beloved Prophet (SAW) revealed? Or if you want to know Surah al Fath Benefits, you’re at the correct spot. 

The most thorough discussion of the Islamic struggle and the aim of the Muslim Uma is found in this Surah. The first verse of the Surah is the source of the word al-Fath.

Facts of Surah Fath

This is the 48th chapter of the Quran and contains 29 verses. It was revealed in Madina approximately six years after the Hudaybiyyah agreement.

It concerns the problems with the Hudaybiyyah agreement. This Surah has significant information and a high degree of knowledge.  

Surah Name

الفتح   Al-Fatḥ

Surah Meaning

The Victory

Other Names




Surah Number


No. of Verses


No. od Rukus 


No.of letters


No. of words



Juzʼ 26

Also, this is the surah with the most benefits; here I will tell you the benefits of this surah.

Benefits of Surah al-Fath

Here are some Surah al Fath Benefits;

1. Solve property issues:
Imagining that the oppressors have access to land and valuables elude this issue by running away. Throughout 21 days, you must recite this surah 11 times. You’ll soon have a resolution to your property or land issues.

2. Protection from Burglaries and Robberies:
Another advantage of this surah is that it may be written down and carried around in a handbag. The individual will be protected from theft and robberies thanks to the graces of this Surah.

3. Travel Advantages:
If you, your family, or your kids are going on vacation and using this Surah’s benediction. It will be secure travel. And the traveller will arrive safely at the destination.

4. To solve Health Issues:
The benefits of recitation are innumerable. Health and wealth are advantages of the surah Fath. Assume that the sick folks will drink the water after hearing the recitation of the surah al Fath. By Allah’s grace, the ailment will soon pass.

5. Dearest Surah according to Sunnah:
When Jibril read this Surah and congratulated Hazrat Muhammad SAW on it. Later, Rasool Allah’s companions congratulate him as well.

So, it is the dearest surah according to Sunnah.

6. Free from harm:
Anyone who recites the Surah gains security and protection in his finances and fortune. He won’t lose his money or have it destroyed. He shall ascend to the righteous servant of Allah on the day of judgement.

They shall spend all of their time in Allah’s bliss. And will be included in the group of people who swore an oath on Muhammad’s hand.

7. Become well-known in Jannah:
High rankings in Jannah are awarded to the individual who recites this Surah. He’d be considered an honest servant of Allah. This is the main advantage of Surah al Fath Benefits.

8. Free from all fears:
People around him would listen to him if he wrote this surat on a china dish, washed it in Zam Zam water, and then drank it. He would also have a fantastic memory; cease shaking due to old age, fear, or horror. And all of these things would happen immediately.

9. Surah al fath ayat 29 benefits:
In this verse, Allah honours the Partners of the Prophet. And Allah characterises the believers as being engaged in praying and doing good acts.

After the Isha prayer on the night before Friday, recite the Ayah 29 from Surah Al-Fath 41 times. And by Allah’s Will, the difficulties will lessen. A two Nafl should be said in gratitude to Allah for the alleviation.

Final Verdict 

In summary, this surah is very dearest to the Prophet’s heart. Additionally, there are other advantages of surah fath that will provide readers with health benefits. It is ideal for safeguarding assets and lands while travelling safely. Recite this Surah frequently to get a huge reward from Allah.


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