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What is happening in your pregnancy? It is the time of rapid development! At four weeks, the Fetus is as big as the grain of rice. By eight weeks it is the size of a grape. To support healthy growth, you have to stay active, sleep well, and eat healthy. 

That means lots of fruits and veggies. It also means taking a daily prenatal vitamin that includes at least 400 mcg  of folic acid. Let’s learn in detail Sunnah Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

We will discuss foods that are also mentioned in hadiths and the Quran. These foods are beneficial for everyone specially for pregnany wormen. 

List Of Sunnah Foods To Eat During Pregnancy


In Islam dates fruit is one of the fruits of paradise. It is a yummy and sweet fruit. Their taste is really good and contains B vitamin folate. It will protect against serious birth defects like: spina bifida. 

Dates In the eyes of science:

Research reported in 2020 advances in nutrition journal consumption of dried fruit without added sugar lower the risk of cancer. These are also beneficial for mental health. 

(Surah Maryam: 24‐26)

The Prophet (S) has also mentioned: “For pregnant women, especially when giving birth, the best food is dates, because Allāh (SwT) has sworn by its greatness and glory. And if women use ratb (a type of fresh dates) these days, their newborn children, whether son or daughter, will be forbearing and patient.”.

It is also recommended for having dates with milk. Take at least 3-5 dates daily with 1 glass of fresh milk.

2. Honey

We do not just love the taste of honey but there are some other reasons to eat honey. There are many benefits such as: Anti-inflammatory, weight loss, sleep aid, boots endurance, and others. 

Surah An-Nahl 16:69

Then, eat from all the fruits, and go along the pathways of your Lord made easy for you.” From their bellies comes out a drink of various colors in which there is cure for people. Surely, in that there is a sign for people who ponder.


Milk is full of nutrients balanced for protein and carbohydrates. In Surah Muhammed 47:15 it is also said to drink cow’s milk.

What To Avoid During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy you will need to avoid certain foods  such as: unpasteurized cheese, raw milk products and undercooked meat. 

Fish during pregnancy

Fish can be a great source of protein and nutrients, but can also contain mercury, which can be harmful to your baby in large amounts. This means you should limit yourself to about two meals. Containing fish each week such as canned tuna and salmon. 

What To Do During Pregnancy?


Weight gain is a common concern. Your recommended weight gain depends on how much you weigh before pregnancy. If you are already at a healthy weight. It is recommended to gain about 1 pound per month  during your first 4 weeks. Then about 1 pound per week during the rest of your pregnancy. 

However, with this activity you can gain a total of 25 to 35 pounds. Sometimes, you may be wondering how staying active helps during pregnancy. 

Exercise during pregnancy

Aim of about thirty minutes of physical activity on most days. You can go to the prenatal exercise class and you will relax and have fun. This is because you will meet with other moms and discuss how joints ached. 


Different activities help many pregnant women maintain a healthy weight, sleep better and feel better in general. It can also help you cope with labor pain and recover more quickly after giving birth. 

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