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Isn’t it your desire to recite the holy Quran? Approximately more than 2 billion Muslims are living across the world in various Muslim and non-Muslim countries. They have a desire to learn and recite the holy Quran correctly. However, in some Western countries, it is difficult for Muslims to find a physical Quran academy to master Quran recitation. 

Therefore, online madrasas have taken the initiative to offer various courses on the Quran, including reciting the Quran. It offers its services to students from faraway countries, including the USA, the UK, Canada, and other Western countries. Through the exclusive Quran class offered by Online Madrasa, you can master Quran recitation step-by-step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Master Quran Recitation

Learning to recite the holy Quran may be challenging, but you can learn it quickly with powerful strategies and resources. The step-by-step guide will help you to master the recitation of the holy Quran and recite it beautifully. 

Start with Easy chapters.

If you can read the Quran but want to recite it with fluency without any mistakes, you should practice reciting it. But, you should start your reading practice by reciting an easy chapter in the Quran. There are many verses in the holy Quran which are easy to recite. It means that words in those verses are ready to articulate. 

But, if you are a beginner and do not know how to read the Quran, you should start learning Noorani Qaida. Some simple Arabic words and units are easy to read in the Qaida. If you want to be admitted to the Noorani Qaida course, the Online Madrasa offers classes in flexible hours. 

Memorize your favorite verses.

Memorize your favorite verses and recite them in your free time without holding the Quran in your hands. Though the book has immense significance, reciting some verses has unique places for Muslims. For example, memorizing and reciting Ayatul Kursi, Surah Yaseen, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Rahman, and Surah Mulk. These Surahs are easy to recite and memorize. So, reciting them daily will help you master reciting the holy Quran.

Learn the Quran with Tajweed

Reciting the holy Quran with Tajweed will make you feel the real taste of reciting the Quran. With the help of tajweed, you can pronounce each word according to its articulation rules. However, learning tajweed is not obligatory for every Muslim, but you can take your recitation to the next level by learning Tajweed. For learning, you can contact Online Madrasa, where certified and professional Arabic and non-Arabic tutors are available 24/7. 

Prepare Environment

One of the basic steps to master reciting the holy Quran is to prepare a learning environment. Prepare a place where no one can affect your learning process. A noise-free room is the best option for reciting. Reciting the holy Quran in a calm environment will give you more pleasure, and you can learn faster. 

Engage with teachers online. 

There are hundreds of teachers available online. You can master reciting the holy Quran, but not without the help of professional tutors. Therefore, engaging with teachers and asking them whenever you need is essential. 

Refresh your mind

Another of the steps to learning Quran recitation quickly and efficiently is refreshing your mind. Before starting to recite the Quran, remove all the negativity and stress from your mind and set with a fresh mind. It will surely boost your learning process. 


The step-by-step guide will help you to master the recitation of the holy Quran. Follow these simple steps and start reading the Quran today. However, you can contact Online Madrasa if you face any difficulty while reciting. Attending Quran learning classes for a better understanding of the Quran is always suggested. 

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