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Rabbish rahli sadri is one of the most beautiful and effective duas. This dua asks Allah for easiness in different tasks of life. In this article, I will tell you the meaning and history of this dua. Also, I will share some benefits of this dua in detail.

Rabbish rahli sadri meaning

The actual meaning of this surah is that My Lord, give me confidence in your expansion of my breast, and make my duty easier for me. And remove the tightness from my tongue so that people can understand what I’m saying.

The history behind this dua

Allah assigned Hazrat Musa a difficult assignment to perform, according to the Qur’an, which is referenced in Surah Taha. He was given the task of visiting Firaawn and informing him of his transgression.

Knowing that, the oppressive emperor has a history of subjecting the Israelites to slavery and torture. And being ordered by Allah to visit him and inform him that what he does is improper.

He repeated such a well du’a that begins with rabbish rahli sadri wa yassirli amri. And he begged Allah for the fortitude to face the difficulty he was facing.

Rabbish rahli sadri full dua in Arabic

This dua is present in Surah Taha which is ordered in juzz 20 and contains 131 verses. This dua is from ayat no 25 to 28 of this surah. The full dua in Arabic as: [Surah Ta-Ha; 20:25-28]

Rabbish rahli sadri full dua in Arabic

This dua is very beautiful. Despite being a prophet, Prophet Musa recited this dua when faced with a challenging duty.

 Rabbish rahli sadri benefits

We can tremendously benefit from this dua. As there will be occasions in our lives when we must speak publicly and be fearless.

  • It includes a description of the advantages of remembering Allah’s name.
  • By reciting this duaa to make things easy. Inshallah, Allah will make the problem you face easier than you anticipated.
  • The person who made the request should combine it with his requirements and compliments. To provide justifications, and fight with them to get what he wants.
  • We should remember to read the duas of the prophets. Who is referenced in the Quran and who has been favorably answered by Allah.
  • Rabbish rahli sadri dua is very effective for success in exams.

Final verdict

In summary, Rabbish rahli sadri is one of those duas that the Prophet Musa recited to ask Allah’s Help. So, if you are in a problem, and facing challenges in your life. Then recite this dua. InshaAllah, Allah will give you ease from your difficult challenges.

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