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As we all know the importance of Friday, but do we know the benefits of Surah Juma? Some of us still don’t know that recitation of surah juma can give many advantages and benefits to us. So, here I’ll tell all of you.

Friday is a more rewarding day as compared to other days. Then, how can it be possible that this surah named after this day is not as rewarding? So, Firstly I will explain to you the meaning of this surah in an easy way.

Meaning and Facts About Surah Juma

This surah is named after the day “Friday ” (the assemblage). This is 62th surah of the Quran and there are a total of 11 verses in this surah. This surah is positioned in 28 juz. This surah was revealed in 622-629AD in Madina and revealed in two segments.

The Surah describes the Arabian Jew’s carelessness in following God’s instructions and their excessive involvement in worldly affairs. They only denied the prophet (P.B.U.H) because he was with the people, they regarded him as beneath them.

So, after some battles, all Jews of Arabia were made to bow to the same Islam that they had previously rejected.

Surah Name Al-Jumu’ah  ( ٱلْجُمُعَة )
Other Names Friday, The Day of Congregation
Makki/Madni Madni
Quran Surah 62
No. of Rukus 2
Ayat/Verses 11
No. of Words 177
No. of Letters 772
Position Juzʼ 28
When Revealed?  622-629AD

Surah Al-Jumu'ah - Main Theme

The main objective of this surah is to gather the Muslims at one place every week to offer the Friday prayer. The second name of this surah is ‘Al-Musabbihat’. The reason is that this surah opens with the praise of Allah.

As Friday is a more rewarding day, the benefits of reading surah Juma are, now I will tell all of you the incredible advantages of this surah.

Surah Juma Read Online

In this section you can recite surah juma full online. The ayats are clearly visible and and easy readable for all ages. You can benefit from this surah and can download surah juma pdf  

Benefits of reciting surah Jummah

The benefits that can we get from this surah are;

1. Protection from shaytan

If you recite this surah in the morning and also in the evening then you will be safe from the influence of evil spirits.

2. Sins forgiveness

The main benefit of surah juma is that Allah will forgive the sins of the reciter.

3. Benefits-of-surah-juma Protect from all fears

The reciter of this surah who recites this surah every night and day will be free from all worries and fears. And Allah will protect him from harmful and dangerous things.

4. Wazifa to get success

If you want to get success in every business, then do this wazifa. Recite this surah 3 times after the tahajjud prayer and do this for 40days. Allah will give you success in your field.

5. Leave your work

This surah gives a message to the reciter that you leave your all important work. And go for prayer because on this day angels are standing at the door of mosques. They write the names of everyone who comes to offer prayer.

6. To make Punctual

If you are not punctual with time and prayers, then recite this surah 1 time after Asar prayer for 40 days. InshaAllah you will be punctual by the grace of Allah.

7. Follow the sunnah

It is sunnah to recite this surah with surah Ala on Friday night. And recite this surah with surah munafiqoon after Zuhr prayer, because our Prophet (P.B.U.H) once did this.

8. Big reward

If you recite this surah then it will be equal to the persons those who come for Jumma prayer and those who do not in Muslim-majority areas.

9. Surah juma first 4 ayat benefits

Although the complete surah is a blessing for us, the first 4 ayats of this surah are important in terms of increasing treasure and wealth. So, if you want to earn more, then recite the first 4 ayats of this surah daily.

Benefits of Surah Juma for marriage

If you find difficulties in getting married then recite surah ikhlas 11 times and then recite this surah 21 times after isha prayer. Then recite 101 Ayat ul kursi. InshaAllah Allah will clear all hurdles from your marriage.

Benefits of surah al juma online

The benefits of surah Juma by reciting online will give you ease to recite this surah anytime and anywhere. If you are out of town then you can recite this surah with its translation online without any difficulty.

Surah Juma benefits for husband

If a couple fights and acts improperly, to create love between them this surah is best. One of them should recite this surah 3 times after fajr prayer and blow on the water then drink herself and also give it to his partner. InshaAllah the hatred will end between them.

The benefit of reciting surah juma on Friday

If you recite surah juma 11 times on Friday, then Allah will write your good deeds with the increment of 10 in His book. And Allah will be pleased with you.

Final verdict

In short, this surah is a blessing for Muslims. As mentioned above, the benefits of surah Juma will compel you to recite this surah. The main message of this surah is to leave your work and business and offer the Jumma prayer. 

Friday is a rewarding day at the end of the week. Allah created the heavens and also the creation was completed on this day. So follow the message of Allah given in this surah and recite this surah daily.

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    Assalamualakum warahmathullahi wabarakatuhu. Jazak Allah khair..To tel us how important is dis surah n benefits of dis surah.. May Allah bls u all to read n accept all our duas..ameen ya rabul alameen..

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