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Surah al Isra ayat 82 tells that the Quran offers relief from erroneous emotions and thoughts. It gives mind entire freedom to pursue its worthwhile goals while guarding against it straying too far from them.

Surah al Isra ayat 82 in Arabic

Surah al Isra ayat 82 with English translation

Benefits of Surah al Isra ayat 82        

  • Ones who adopt the Quran, their source of guidance and law are blessed by Allah.
  • Allah healed all their moral, mental, and cultural ills.

The theme behind Surah al Isra ayat 82

According to Allah, His Book, which He disclosed to His Messenger Prophet Muhammad and is the Quran. Which was sent down by the All-Wise, and to which falsehood cannot enter from before it or behind it. 

It is a mercy for the believers. And a means of curing whatever doubt, hypocrisy, Shirk, confusion, and tendency toward falsehood may be present in their hearts. Everything is remedied by the Quran.

It’s also a kindness that enables one to grow in wisdom and faith and pursue righteousness. Only those who embrace it as true and who trust in it are eligible for this treatment and kindness.


In summary, Surah al Isra ayat 82 mentions that the Quran is a cure for all mental and spiritual diseases. So, recite this surah, take guidance, and strong your Imman.

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