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Spending money on Allah’s service is known as sadaqah. In this article, we will see whether giving sadaqah on behalf of someone sick is possible or not?. The Prophet (PBUH) advised us to never underestimate a donation. No matter how small, even if it’s only half a date, you have to contribute.

How to give sadaqah for someone?

There isn’t anything wrong with you whether you make a sadaqah. With the thought that the recipient of the reward will be a living member of your family or someone else. But, how to give sadaqah on behalf of someone, And how you can donate on the behalf of someone. Here are five ways you may make a donation in someone else’s name:

  • On someone’s behalf, plant a tree.
  • On behalf of someone, make a charity donation to help people in need.
  • Establishing a mosque, college, or clinic as a worthy institution.
  • Constructing a source of supply or a well for others.
  • Supporting a needy orphan.

Dua when giving sadaqah

You must think about what to say when giving sadaqah. A Muslim might petition Allah to grant their dua by performing good activities, such as offering Sadaqah. A sahih hadeeth concerning the three persons who entered a cave. And they were unable to exit because a boulder fell on them, is an illustration of this. It is recounted by Muslims and Bukhari. Through their best actions, they pleaded with Allah to save them.

Intention when giving sadaqah

It is evident that there can be a variety of incentives for making a donation. And those that do so will receive more rewards (Niyah). Some of the motives may include;

  • Since I am aware that offering sadaqah to the poor and in need pleases Allah, I am offering him these things.
  • He is Allah’s creation, and I am donating to one of His creatures in order to please Him. Prophet (PBUH) says, 

“Be good to the creature in this world, and the creator in paradise will be merciful to you “.

  • Seeing how difficult their lives make your heart softer, and by doing so, you are assisting them. One of the excellent intentions is this.
  • If you are giving a related Sadaqah, you might say in your intention. The Prophet (PBUH) instructs us to keep relative bondings and enhance them. And I am fulfilling one of the commands of our Prophet.
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with your parent’s friends and relatives is one method of being nice to them. When they pass away, according to the Prophet (PBUH) you may do so under certain circumstances. 

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Treat your sick ones with sadaqah hadith

Our Creator, Al-Ra’oof, the Most Generous, has blessed us with the capability to perform Sadaqah for an individual. Who is unable to do so. From hadith, scholars have deduced that we are permitted to provide Sadaqah on behalf of the sick.

How to give sadaqah on behalf of someone who is ill?

Giving sadaqah on behalf of someone sick is possible. Based on the aforementioned hadith, many people also make Sadaqah in order to get Allah’s (SWT) Shifaah. You can offer the following kinds of sadaqah on behalf of an individual who is ill:

  • Donate money to help individuals who require access to food, water, medical treatment, and other necessities.
  • A continuing good deed like acquiring acreage
  • Constructing a house or refuge for humans or animals is continuous philanthropy.
  • Raising money for a unique or deserving purpose.

Sadaqah removes difficulties

Sadaqah, when given by a believer, makes life easier for them now and, most importantly, on Judgment Day. Sadaqah has the power to shield you from adversity, suffering, and tribulations. Because of your kindness, Allah may have been able to spare you and your families from a trial.

Final verdict

In summary, it is possible, Giving sadaqah on behalf of someone sick. You can do it with the intention of the cure of a sick person. Sadaqa unquestionably improves a person’s status and genuinely lifts his burdens.  So, give sadaqah to protect yourself and your families from every calamity and get Allah’s pleasure.

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