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If Allah is All-mighty why did Allah create us to worship him? Also, this question was asked by the Angels themselves. The Quran tells us about the question asked by Angles. They asked Allah why would you create a creation that was sinful doing all of this. You (Allah) already know shedding blood when here we are praising you.

Moreover, Allah (S.W.T.A) did not rationalize and did not attempt to explain. Allah said I know what you don’t know. I know what you do not know. However, Angles questioned the wisdom, and even the angels were not capable of understanding Allah’s wisdom. Thus, Allah responded to them by saying you will have to trust me. I know what you do not know. 

Let’s discuss and read more about Our creation in this world. Hopefully, you will learn more at the end of this article.

Why Did Allah Create Us To Worship Him

No doubt this question is always why humans are created? But in the end of the everyday for everyone why there’s, why not, there is because, there’s, what if, there is infinix cycle. At some point we admit that we are created and it’s a done deal. Now we have to deal with the creation. We might not understand the wisdom of Allah.

Furthermore, if we think out for a mint what would you think will you be able to understand Allah’s wisdom. We should think in reality that we are created and we put our trust in Allah is merciful and loving. He is the one who has all powers and is wise that know why Allah created humans?

why did allah create us if he doesn't need us

Describing this Ibn Al-Qayyim said that one of the wisdom of the creation of species like humans is that some of Allah’s names and attributes that would not be manifested on the angels will be manifested in the humans. Let’s confider an example Allah being merciful and forgiving Allah overlooking the sins. Allah covering the sins. These names are manifested in a sinful creation like us we are the ones who commit sins so we have to ask for  forgiveness however, Allah will forgive us. 

Though Angles will not ask for the forgiveness, and there are other wisdom that some people mentioned. 


In conclusion, I would say why did he create us? This is something that I believe no human can ever fully comprehend and would have to leave. We’ll have to leave it up to the mysteries of Allah and we will have to have that trust, and faith. Insha Allah Tala the point being when you do have that faith in Allah the reward will literally be infinite. 

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