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Surah Qadr is named after the precious and beautiful night laylatul Qadr. As this surah is so precious, likewise Surah Qadr benefits are great and valuable. But, how we can take benefits from this surah is important. So, this article will guide you to take many more advantages from Surah.

We all know the importance of shab e qadr. Some of us don’t know the hidden benefits of this surah and why this surah is so special. Here I will tell you all the benefits and virtues of this surah which would help you in your life and Hereafter.

Facts About Surah Qadr

Surah Qadr is the 97th chapter of the Quran. The surah contains a total of 5 verses. This surah was revealed in Mecca approximately in 610-615 AD, so it is a Makki surah. In this surah, 25 unique words are used without any repetition.

Surah Name Al-Qadir (ٱلْقَدْر)
Other Names Fate, The Majesty, Destiny
Makki/Madni Makki
Quran Surah 97
Ayat/Verses 5
Position Juzʼ 30
When Revealed?  610-615 AD

Meaning and Main theme of Surah Qadar

The Word Al-Qadr meaning in this surah is “Fate or Power ”. In this surah, Allah tells the Muslims about the night when the first verse of the Quran revealed. Also, recognize the importance of Laylatul Qadr in which angels and spirits come. And fulfil the orders of Allah till morning.

Furthermore, the main theme of this surah is to disclose the importance of the Qadr night. And also raise the spirits to worship Allah on that night with a true heart. So, the whole theme of this surah revolves around Lailat-ul-Qadr.

What is Lailat-ul-Qadr?

The night of Qadr is one of the most precious nights according to this surah due to several reasons.

  • On this night, Allah revealed His book for the first time.
  • On this night, Allah changes your destinies.
  • Angels and virtuous spirits come that night.
  • Allah sends His special blessings on that night.
  • On this night, Allah also sends a final order to His angels.
  • Prayers are accepted.

The other names of this surah are Night of Fortune, Decree Night, or Night of Authority. One can find this night is on odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Significance of lailat-ul-Qadr

Surah Qadr is the most significant surah in the Quran. It guides us on how to spend this night in worshipping Allah. Its importance can be estimated from this; the Qadr night is better than the thousands of nights. It is better to worship that night.

The benefit of performing the same deed is greater than the reward you would obtain for completing it in a single night. It could be every single night for more than a thousand months, or more than 83 years.

Moreover, This surah comprises special and great benefits. Here I will share some crucial benefits and virtues of this surah.

Laylatul Qadr Virtues

As this night is a very blessed night for Muslims, so, the virtues of this night are also grateful.

  • This is a night of dignity, morality, and praise to Allah.
  • On this night, no evil can interfere in your prayers throughout the day. And this night is very peaceful.
  • The atonement of Hazrat Israel was also accepted on that night.
  • In this night of wonders, the trees in Heaven are also planted.
  •  The worship of this night is equal to the worship of 83 years.
  • On this night, Allah decides the destiny of all human beings.
  •  There is no doubt in the acceptance of any dua on this night.

Surah al Qadr benefits

Some surahs are very special in the Quran, and surah Qadr is one of those surahs. So, the miraculous benefits of surah qadr are mentioned below;

  • To purify heart

If someone wants to purify his heart, then recite this surah frequently in the days of Ramadan. Allah will clean his heart from all evil impurities and fill it with the light of Iman.

  • Get good deeds

Whoever recites this surah in Ramadan, will receive countless good deeds from Allah as compensation.

  • Protection from evil with surah qadr benefits

If you recite this surah 1 time before sleep, you will be safe from any evilness. Also, Allah will protect your house the whole night.

  • Regarded as siddiqeen

If you make a habit to recite this surah before cleansing or ablution, then you will be regarded as siddiqeen.

  • Rewarded as Militants and Martyred

The benefits of surah qadr include;

    • If you recite this surah in a loud voice on this night, then the jaza will be equal to the fighter of Allah. Who participates in the war in support of Allah and His Prophet (S. A.
    •  If you recite this surah, your reward will be equal to that person who sacrifices his blood for Allah.
    •  And you will be entered in Jannah on the day of Judgement.
  • Forgiveness of bad deeds

  • Whoever recites this surah after offering his prayers, Allah will forgive his all preceding sins. And his status will rise in the Akhirat.
  • If you recite this surah 10 times, Allah will forgive your thousand sins.
  • Cure for diseases

In addition, about the best benefits of reciting surah al-qadr is that it cures all diseases and pain. Like;

    • It cures weak eyesight. If you recite this surah on water and then drink this water. Allah will lighten up your eyes.
    • If women recite this surah, it will give ease to women during the birth of a child.
    •  This surah is helpful to remove liver diseases. If you recite this surah on ceramics and wash it with the water of rain. Then drink it after adding some sugar, and your liver disease will be solved.
    •   This surah is helpful to cure facial paralysis.
  • The reward of fasting in Ramadan

If you recite this surah, then its reward will be equal to the fast for the whole of Ramadan. And Allah will forgive your sins.

  • Increase sustenance

If someone recites this surah, then Allah will increase his sustenance. And if he recites this surah on some metal (gold or silver), then Allah will increase his belongings.

  • Surah qadr 21 times benefits

This surah is a source of blessing for Muslims. So, if you recite this surah 21 times after doing a wudu. You will certainly get close to Allah. And you will be the dear ones of Allah.

  • Laylatul qadr surah benefits on Friday

This surah has a special reward on Friday for the reciter. If someone recites this surah 3 times before offering the jummah prayer. Then Allah will reward him also the reward of those who worship Allah on Friday.

  • Protection from evil enemies

If you recite this surah in front of your enemy, then he will not harm you. Also, Allah will protect you from his evil plans. You will be safe under the shelter of Allah.

  • Pay debts

You should recite this surah more frequently if you will pay debts. With the blessing of this surah, Allah will open resources for you to pay the debt.

  • Safety for the whole night

If someone recites this surah 11 times before going to sleep. He will be safe from all the evils and fearful dreams for the whole night.

  • To fulfil wishes

If you want to fulfil your wish, then recite this surah 41 times on the night of Qadr. InshaAllah your wish will be fulfilled and you will be blessed with the best.

  • Achieve success and honour

If you recite this surah daily in the morning and evening, then Allah will give you success and honour.

  • Surah Qadr benefits for the stomach

If you have pain in stomach, then he should recite this surah. Recite 11 times this surah with 3 times Darood before and after the surah. Blow on water then drink it. InshaAllah stomach issues will be cured.

  • For better eyesight

If someone makes a habit after wudu, look at the sky and then recite this surah. His eyesight will never deteriorate InshaAllah.

Benefits of reading Surah Qadr 7 times

If you recite this surah 7 times before going to bed, it will benefit you in different ways. Like;

  • It will increase the wealth of the reciter.
  •  It will keep your eyesight better till death.
  •  Your all diseases will be healed.
  • Allah will forgive you.

Benefits of reciting Surah Qadr in Ramadan

There are some special benefits of reciting this surah in Ramadan. Like;

  •   Allah will increase your status in Jannah if you recite this surah 21 times on the night of 21st Ramadan.
  • If you recite this surah 7 times on the 21st night, Allah will forgive your sins.
  •  Allah will rescue you from your woes, sufferings, and challenges.
  •   Additionally, 70,000 angels will offer prayers for Jannah in his honour.
  •  If someone recites this surah 141 times after the asr prayer in Ramadan.  Allah will clean his soul and forgive him.

Rewards by Surah Al-Qadir

Surah qadr recitation benefits include many great rewards, such as

  •  If you recite this surah 1 time after doing wudu, then you will be recorded as being among the sincere.
  •  However, if you recite it twice or three times, they are included in the gardens of martyrs and will be resurrected with the Prophets respectively.

Virtues of Surah Qadr

Like the surah qadr benefits, virtues are also beneficial for us.

  •  The recitation of this surah 11 times after Isha prayer will keep the reciter safe till the next night.
  •  Someone who recites this surah, he, his friends, and relatives would be dear to Allah on the day of decision.
  • The reward of the reciter will be equal to the fasts of the holy month of Ramadan.
  •  The wealth of the reciter will be increased if he recites this surah 7 times before sleeping.
  • If someone makes a habit of reciting this surah 141 times every Friday. It will be a source of comfort and light in the grave.

Surah Qadr recitation on Lailatul Qadr

It is said that surah Qadr should be recited on this night. The benefits of reciting this surah on this night are countless. You should recite this surah 7 times on this night for the forgiveness of your past sins.

Final verdict

In short, Surah Qadr Benefits on the night of Qadr are unlimited. The importance of this surah is mainly due to the night shab-e-Qadr. This surah guides us to worship and make duas on this night. This night Allah changes the destinies of all.

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