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Are you aware of the benefits and wonders of Surah Maidah? This surah mainly talks about several important topics. It includes keeping one’s word and leading a good life, keeping one’s body and soul clean, and fulfilling commitments. This surah guides us in every matter of life.

So, if you don’t know about the meaning, facts, and history of this surah. Then this article will help you a lot. This article describes all facts of this surah in a very understandable way. So, firstly I will describe the main theme and introduction of this Surah. 

After that, I will tell you the benefits of this surah.

Facts of Surat al Maida

This is the 5th chapter of the Quran. There are a total of 120 verses and 1249 unique words are used without repetition in this surah. This surah was revealed in approximately 628-629 A.D in Madinah. This surah is present in the 6th and 7th parah of the Quran.

There are 16 rukus in this surah. The main topics discussed in this surah are hunting-related laws, Ritual cleansing, legal food, stealing retribution, alcoholism, betting, and many more. 

Surah Maidah Meaning

In this surah, the word Al-Maidah means ‘Spread of Table’. It is a well-known surah of the Quran. Because of Jesus’ supplication which is recounted in this Surah, in which he prayed for the arrival of heavenly food. Originally, an inside-a-tray-of-food tray is referred to as “Maidah” in Arabic. 

When Surah al Maida Revealed? 

Surah al Maidah was disclosed in Madina shortly after the treaty of Hudaibiyah. It is maybe towards the conclusion of the sixth or the start of the seventh century. This surah was revealed when the Prophet and 1400 other Muslims agreed to travel to Mecca in the year 6 A.H.

Reason of Revelation 

The Meccans did not allow them to enter the city. The companions of the Prophet were extremely angry. After the extensive dialogue, they agreed in a treaty that Muslims could visit the Kaaba the following year. This agreement allowed Muslims a chance to spread their message to nearby residents.

The Prophet’s companions initially perceived the treaty as their defeat. But it was a godsend in disguise because it not only provided them with protection from Meccan raids. But it also gave a chance to disseminate the Islamic message outside of Arabia.

Warnings for Christians and Jews

Jews’ influence in North Arabia was largely gone, and Muslims now controlled most of the Jews who still lived there. They received warnings for their improper conduct and were urged to maintain it.

It is fortunate to note that no direct invitation was extended to the disbelievers and Majusis residing in the neighbouring countries. For this reason, it was unnecessary to refer to them separately because the theory was already addressed by the term “mushrik Arabs.”

The main theme of Surah Maidah 

The theme of Sura al Maida includes animals that are prohibited, Jesus and Moses’ missions, and other issues. The surah’s central theme is spiritual guidance. This entire universe is the creation of Allah. This surah describes “Hajj”, and its comprehensive code of ethics. 

To define legal and illegal food substances, a clear set of guidelines was established. There are guidelines for ablution, bathing and cleanliness, and ablution using dirt, among other practices. The penalties of theft, rebellion, and killing the peace of people have been stated in this surah.

Learning from Al Maidah Surah

The following are the main lessons that we may learn from this surah;

  • Any contract must be committed to in all respects.
  • Haram (Makkah) must be treated with utmost respect and regard.
  • When you are in Ihraam or in an area that is considered to be Haram, hunting is not permitted.
  • If someone breaks his vow, it indicates a problem with his Emaan. There is also a resemblance to the characteristics of a hypocrite.
  • We should 
  • We must obey ALLAH’s directives because He created us, so we must do so. 
  • We gained knowledge about keeping our word to everyone, whether they are Muslims or not.
  • We must also uphold our obligations to Allah, who defined what is halal and what is haram.

So, learn the lessons from this surah and apply them practically in your life. And also take advantage of this surah.

Surah maidah ayat 3 makes it plain that the only acceptable way to kill an animal is halal slaughter. And that all other methods are prohibited.

Benefits of Surah Maidah

As we know every chapter of the Quran has its importance and numerous benefits. So, this surah also has many wonderful and miraculous benefits for the reciter. Some of the benefits are as follows;

Seek forgiveness

This surah is very effective to seek forgiveness from Allah. So recite this surah daily to get forgiveness for your sins.

  • Increment in good deeds

If someone recites Surah Almaidah Allah increases his good deeds. His position close to Allah has increased ten times more than what he deserves. When Allah adds ten good works and hides ten wicked deeds.

  • Protection from doing wrong

One would be protected from harm if they recited Surah Maidah every Thursday. And he would not consider Allah to have any partners. 

  • Increase in Sustenance

Recitation of this surah also increases the sustenance of the reciter. And with the blessing of the ayahs of this surah, Allah opens the sources for your income.

  • Recite surah maidah 114 ayahs 11 times daily and every hour.
  • Recite 11 times Darood at the start and the end.
  • Then, while wishing Rizq well, blow into the sky.

You will receive chances of income if you consistently perform this stipend with complete concentration.

  • For the love of family

If someone recites the verse of this surah 54, his family will be filled with a lot of love. And there will no longer be grudges in anyone’s heart.

  • Safety from Poverty

If a person recites this surah 41 times, he will be protected from poverty, as will his family members. And there will always be an abundance of food and wealth.

Create an amulet from this surah and carry it with you at all times. It will make you richer.

  • To solve difficulties

Those who recite this Surah during tough situations, inshaAllah all of their problems will be resolved. And you will also be safe from any incoming difficulties and troubles.

  • Great reward

If someone recites Surah e Maida, he will receive a great reward. As a recompense, it will be equal to ten times the total number of Jews and Christians who are alive today.

  • Become a valuable person

The world will hold the reader of this surah in high regard. He will become an important and dear person to others.

  • Safety of goods

The person who writes Surah Maidah and keeps it on the box and his valuables will be secure. And Allah will protect his important things.

  • Protection from enemy 

Anyone who recites this verse ten times during tahajjud prayer should write it. And keep it with them at all times. Never is he harmed by his opposite.

  • Cure for tongue trembling 

If one stumbles over their tongue, therefore write this surah down and consume it. InshaAllah, His tongue trembling will end.

So, surah maidah benefits make this surah more significant for Muslims for recitation daily.

Virtues of Surah Maidah 

Like the benefits of this surah, virtues are also great and numerous.

  • The reciter of this surah is closer to Allah. And Allah will raise his rank.
  • Allah adds 10 times more good deeds and cuts the wrong deeds.
  • Whoever recites this surah, Allah will give him a reward that is equal to ten times more than present Jews and Christians.
  • The reciter’s wishes will be fulfilled and Allah will increase the ways of income.
  • The reciter will be the dear one among others and also for Allah.
  • Allah will solve the difficulties and hurdles in the work of the reciter.
  • With the blessing of this surah, the love among family members will increase.
  • This surah is very effective for couples who still don’t have any children.

Quran Surah Almaidah ayat 17

If someone has no children then do this stipend;

  • Take a fresh and clean sweet 
  • Perform the necessary purifications
  •  Then sit on a praying carpet. Next, recite Durood Ibrahimi 11 times.
  • Finally, recite 300 times the Ayat 17 of the surah with the addition of the word bismillah each time.
  • Now, the wife should consume half of the sweets, and the husband should eat the remaining half.
  • Do this wazifa continuously for 41 days, stopping only when a woman is having a period, and then continue.
  • With the Blessing of God, Big News will shortly arrive. Have complete faith in Allah.

This stipend should be performed by the husband at any hour of the day. Like other stipends, timing is not defined. If the husband is overly busy and unable to perform the stipend, he may ask another devout person to do it on his behalf. It will also succeed.

Surah Maidah ayat no 114 benefits

As we know the whole surah has so many virtues and benefits for the reciter. But Surah al Maidah ayat 114 has extra benefits for the reciter. Such as;

  • With the recitation of this verse 11 times after every prayer, rizq will be increased.
  • This verse helps the reciter to solve his problems.
  • The blessing of this verse is that if you have any need then recite this verse. Allah will surely fulfill your needs.

So recite Surah Maidah ayat 114 to seek more advantages in the form of your needs.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, Surah Maidah is the most significant chapter of the Quran. This surah shares almost all issues of Muslims. Also, it guides different matters. Such as commitments, respect for Mecca, animal hunting, Halal food, drinking, punishments for different sins, and many more. 

As this surah is named after food so this surah guides the difference between halal and haram. The benefits of this surah are also discussed above. So, recite this surah daily and get its benefits and rewards.

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