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The Holy Quran’s shortest Surah is Surah Kausar. There are several advantages of surah Kausar that you guys have to be aware of. So, this article will describe some of Surah Kausar benefits.


The Quran’s 108th and shortest Surah is called Surah Kausar. It has three ayat, each of which has three words, and a total word count of ten. 42 letters make up the whole Surah.

It is Makki surah that was revealed by the Prophet (PBUH) after the deaths of his two baby sons.

Surah al kausar benefits

There are several traditions and benefits associated with reciting Surah Kausar. So, Surah Kausar benefits for reciter are mentioned below;

1. Water from Kausar Canal

According to Prophet (PBUH);

A person who reads Surah Al Kausar would undoubtedly get water from “The River of Kausar” from Allah. On the Day of the Resurrection, my Ummah will gather at this Fountain.

2. To achieve a goal

The most helpful verse to fulfill someone’s demands or hajat is surah kausar if they have any desires. So benefits of reciting surah kausar also include fulfilling your hajats.

3. Surah kausar 21 times benefits

If you want to increase your wealth, then this wazifa is very beneficial for you. The wazifa is as follows;

  • Recite 21 times this surah after offering the prayer of maghrib daily.
  • Recite Darood e Ibrahim at the start and the end of surah kasuar.

4. Surah kausar benefits for husband

If you wish to win your husband’s love, Surah Kausar is a potent dua. You must devote 11 days to reading Surah Kausar. Do not end the wazifa in the middle, even if the outcomes are as expected. The wazifa will be;

  • Initially, take a bath.
  • Then read Darood 11 times.
  • Following that, say Surah Kausar 3 times.
  • Read Durood Sharif eleven times more.

Finally, pray to Allah for your husband’s affection.

5. Surah Kausar benefits for child 

A gift from Allah is having children. You might be blessed by reciting Surah Kausar and making dua to Allah. 

The person whose children die soon after delivery should recite Surah for 41 days after Fajr many times. With the blessing of Allah and this Surah his children live.

6. Surah Kausar benefits for wealth

Surah is recited to bring money and prosperity into their lives, which previously had very few sources of help. Make improvement in daily life by reciting this Surah 33 times.

So, Surah Kausar benefits will help the reciter a lot.

7. Surah Kausar benefits for baby boy

Start by performing five times Namaz and the recitation of surah for the infant boy. The surah kausar for a baby boy is read as follows:

  • On the prayer mat, perform a fresh ablution.
  • Then recite Durood three times.
  • Then, pray to Allah for the blessing of a son by reciting Surah Kausar 15 times.

After becoming pregnant, you can begin this ritual whenever you want and keep doing so until the baby is born.

8. Surah Kausar benefits for job

According to Allah, 7 times a day of recitation of Surah Kausar will increase a person’s income. Also, keep his wealth safe from thievery.

9. To see Prophet (PBUH) in your dreams 

The Last Messenger will come in your dreams if you read this Surah hundred times just after night prayer (tahajjud).

10. Protect from evils

The verses of Surah-Kausar save the reciter from danger. To protect yourself from harmful deeds, recite it a thousand times each day. The benefits of reading surah Kausar will stay away from misdeeds.

11. Surah Kausar benefits for health

A person’s means of survival will rise if they recite this Surah seven times every day.

Surah kausar 313 times

Once Ramazan Mubarak’s moon is visible, one must recite Surah Kausar 313 times. While saying Bismillah and Durood Shareef three times at the beginning and conclusion. You can do this Amal at any hour of the night.  

Thus, everyone in the household is permitted to perform this Amal on the first day of Ramadan. Once in a while, you can keep a bag and blow on it. It enables you to solve issues, increase wealth, and unlock opportunities. 

Surah Kausar 129 times benefits

  • Surah Kausar should be recited 129 times, twice daily. Once in the morning then again in the evening if you wish to be wealthy in life.
  • Nobody ever forgets anything if they recite it 129 times. His memory will become stronger.
  • Benefits of reciting surah Kausar 129 times will guarantee the security of your things. 
  • A destitute person can also become wealthy by reciting Surah Kausar. This is due to the verses’ ability to open up new financial opportunities for you.


In summary, Surah Kausar is very beneficial for the reciter. In this surah, God describes how He gave the Prophet Muhammad a resource of enormous wealth and prosperity. So, recite it to get Surah Kausar benefits.


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