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Are you aware of the wonderful benefits of Surah Mulk? Like other chapters of the Quran, surah Mulk contains many benefits. The major advantage of saying this surah is before going to bed. To learn more about this surah and the ideal time to read it, keep reading this article.

One of Allah’s most significant benefits to humanity is Surah Mulk. The significance of this surah is attested by numerous Hadiths. For us to receive these advantages, we must follow the Prophet’s (PBUH) guidance regarding when to read this surah. 

So, firstly I will tell you the meaning and then move on to the benefits of this surah.

Facts and Meaning of Surah Mulk

It is the 67th Chapter of the Quran, and it has 30 ayahs. This surah was revealed in Mecca approximately in 614 – 617 AD. There are 224 unique words in this surah without any repetition. It was revealed most likely in the early years after Muhammad announced his prophethood.

Al-Mulk can signify either dominion or an empire. In it, God’s majesty and the glorious universe He created are discussed. It exhorts humanity to see that God is the only one in control of all creation. If they take into account the rules of nature and observe the world objectively.


Throughout this surah, it is emphasized that Allah is indeed the ruler of the entire cosmos. And He has authority over everything. This surah signifies that He instituted life and death as a means of putting virtuous conduct under scrutiny. And Allah is Strong and Gracious. Additionally, it was known as Surah Al-Maani’a.

So, the benefits of reading Surah Mulk also show the significance of this surah. Also, you can estimate the importance of this surah from many Hadiths.

Because Allah is the only true Provider for all of humanity, He has given us peace of mind. The Surah helps us understand Allah’s creation, provision, forewarning, and power.

Revelation Reason

This verse was revealed at Makkah during a time when strong opposition to the Prophet (PBUH) had intensified considerably. Additionally, information was disclosed regarding the disbelievers who used to defame the Prophet (PBUH).

Gabriel informed Him about them and the accusations they made against him. In this surah, Allah (SWT) talks about the misdeeds of unbelievers as well as the pardon and recompense. And also for those who turn from their bad deeds and seek shelter in Him.

Now I will tell you the miraculous benefits of Surah Mulk. And also tell you how you can memorize this surah.

Benefits of reciting Surah Mulk

There are more advantages to this surah than you might think. It will safeguard you in both this life and the next as well as in between.

  • Forgiveness of your sins 

A believer who recites this surah Al does so in the hope that it will make an intercessory plea on his behalf. His sins will be pardoned on the Day of Judgment.

  • Shields from the pain of grave

It is Sunnah to recite this surah before going to bed. It shields the reader from the anguish of the grave. The recitation of the surah will enable the reciter to shield himself from the gloom and suffering of the grave.

  •  Guarantee to enter paradise 

The person, who will recite this surah, surely will enter Jannah. And it is also mentioned in Hadith.

  • To get Allah’s Protection

One is kept under Allah’s protection from all harm till daylight after reciting this surah at night. And it is one of the best benefits of reading surah al Mulk.

  • Boost Your Trust in Allah

Due to materialistic luxury, sadness and anxiety are prevalent in modern life. Before retiring to bed, this surah might help us understand the true purpose of life through recitation and reflection. It is a fantastic way to stay connected to Allah and maintain the strength of our Imaan.

  • Helps in requesting Forgiveness from Allah 

It is recommended to recite the surah. Because it is the source of salvation and will vehemently demand (that Allah grants you salvation).

Benefits of reading surah al mulk at night 

If you recite the surah, before sleeping every day, it will help you in different ways;

  • It will protect your whole night.
  • On the day of the Decision, this surah will ask Allah for your forgiveness.
  • This surah will keep you safe from the darkness and pain of the grave.
  • It will make your faith stronger.
  • In trying times, it offers solace.
  • It helps to serve as a reminder of people’s obligations to Allah.
  • You become aware of your God’s Greatness and Grandness as a result.
  • It encourages you to consider the magnificent design of the universe and to respect the might of your God.

So, if you want to get the benefits of Surah Mulk, recite this surah daily. Also, it will be good for you if you memorize this surah. So, you can recite this surah at any time.

How can you remember Surah Mulk?

By the way, memorizing a verse or Surah from the Quran is not difficult. It is simple to memorize any Chapter of the Quran because Allah SWT made it simple to memorize the Quran.

The Surah should be read every day at a set time if you desire to memorize it. You’ll observe that Allah will make it simple for you to memorize surah and allow it to enter your consciousness.

Also, the benefits of listening to surah mulk will help you to memorize this surah. Before performing fajr prayer in the morning, attempt to recite Surah Mulk. It will help to learn the surah sooner.

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, Surah Mulk is one of the important chapters of the Quran. And Allah describes His power and greatness in this surah. So, the benefits of Surah Mulk make this surah more important for us, because it will help us in the grave.

It is recommended to recite this surah before going to sleep. Also, it is a Sunnah. So, recite this surah daily and memorize it. It will help us in this life and the Hereafter.

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