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Surah Fatiha is the most important and first chapter of the Quran. When we open the Quran, this is the first surah we recite. Also, Allah made this surah part of our daily fard prayers. We recite this surah 17 times a day. 

Yet as Muslims, we don’t know the greatness of this surah. This article is all about the virtues of Surah Fatiha. In this article, I will tell all of you that this surah carries how many blessings we all must know. 

So, be ready to know the miracles of this surah and seek advantages from it.

Facts About Surah al Fatiha

The surah name Al-Fatiha means “The beginning”. It means that the Quran started from this surah. This is a Makki surah and it contains seven verses. This surah is also called the Mother of the Quran. This surah was revealed before the migration of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) from Makkah to Madina.

The main theme of this surah is to describe the attributes of Allah like Lord, Kind, Merciful, and many more. Also, seek the guidance of Allah to follow the right path. We pray to Allah and Allah gives an answer to us in the form of the Quran.

Surah Name Surah Fatiha ٱلْفَاتِحَة
Makki/Madni Makki
Surah Number 1
No. of Verses 7
No. of Rukus 1

Virtues of Surah al Fatiha (ٱلْفَاتِحَة)

We know every word of the Quran is authentic. No one can change and question the chapters of the Quran. But when we talk about the benefits and virtues of surah Fatiha, they are countless. Here I will tell you the virtues of this surah one by one.

1. Greatest surah of the Quran

This surah is rated as the greatest surah of the Quran. Due to this reason, it is also called the ‘Umm ul Quran’ (Mother of the Quran). So, the greatness of this surah could be visualised from this.

2. An important part of Namaz

This surah is counted as the pillar of our prayer. 

According to Hadith, if you did not recite this surah in your prayer then your prayer will be considered worthless.

3. Protection from the anger of Allah

When Allah is angry with someone, this surah is the best solution to agree with Allah in this situation. So, when you feel that Allah is angry with you then recite this surah frequently.

4. Cure for heart and mind

This chapter will guide you to keep your mind and heart both in the right direction. If you recite this surah, your heart will drive away from all negative intentions. And you will never be misguided if shaytans provoke you.

5. Medication of Physical diseases

According to Hadith, Surah Al Fatiha has proved as a cure for physical diseases and sicknesses. So, this surah also has another name which is Surah Ash Shifa. So, recite this surah if you are ill then blow on yourself.

6. Sent from Heaven

This surah is the god-gifted surah. Allah sent this surah in the form of light from Heaven to us. So, if you read the Hadith about this. It is mentioned that this surah and the last two verses of the surah Bakara are sent from Heaven.

7. Protection from Hidden Accidents

If you recite this surah before going to sleep with the surah ikhlas, Nas and Falak, then you will be safe from every accident except death.

8. Guidance on the right path

This surah shows us the right path to us. It guides the path of the Prophets and dear persons of Allah. So, if you want to follow the right path, recite this surah to make your place in Heaven.

9. Only praise to Allah

This is the greatness of this surah that Allah describes His different names in this surah. And the reciter of this surah is a lucky person who praises Allah. So, if you recite this surah, you will be successful in this life and hereafter.

10. Bring pleasure and reject Warth

In all virtues of surah Fatiha, the major virtue of this surah is that it brings pleasure and throws away any form of warth. When you offer prayers five times a day, this surah is recited in all prayers repeatedly. Then you will feel the benefits in your life.

11. Fulfil heart desires

If you recite this surah with bismillah 100 times, then your valid desires of heart will be fulfilled. So, recite this surah with a pure heart. You will get your desire inshaAllah.

The bottom line

In conclusion, the virtues of surah Fatiha are many more and we should seek to take advantage of its benefits. We should understand the beautiful message which Allah wants to say in this surah. Muslims can seek guidance to follow the right path. 

As Muslims, we should make a habit to recite this surah daily in or out of prayer. 

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