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In this article I will discuss the top 5 impacts of Salah in our daily lives. Here I will highlight salat that is of the most blessed and most powerful acts of worship. 

You and I know that Allah Subhanahu wa’ta’ala has prescribed Salah among the 5 pillar of Islam. Salaah is Islamic prayer that consists of five daily prayers. It is the essential practice that muslims should perform regularly. 

Moreover, this act helps us to relax and brings us closer to the creator. So, at the end of this reading you will learn about Salah, types of salah, wudu, impact of salah and more. 

What is the Salah Prayer in Islam?

According to the teachings of Islam. The names for 5 time salah are according to the prayer times such as:

  1. Fajar – Dawn prayer

Fajar prayer is performed before sunrise. 

  1. Dhuhr – Noor prayer

The Dhuhr prayer is performed at the mid day. 

  1. Asr: AfterNoon prayer 

The Asr prayer is performed in the afternoon before sunset.  

  1. Maghrib: Is a pray subset

The Maghrib prayer is performed in the evening before sunset. 

  1. Isha – Isha is the night prayer

The Isha prayer is performed at night. 

Wudu Before Salaah

Wudu is the crucial part of performing Namza. When muslims want to pray they wash before prayer. This spiritual washing is called Wudu. 

Where muslims can perform Salah?

Muslims can perform their namaz anywhere such as: office, university, at home, and on field. Moreover, Masjid is the more preferable place to offer Salah. 

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5 impacts of Salah in our daily lives

  1. Increases your will power

There are three ways you can increase your will power.

  • First you should agree to increase your prayer power
  • If you are agree then prayer will work
  • Agree with yourself and ask from yourself
  1. Calm Soul Through Salah

In our daily life we have thousands of thoughts reminding us of our problems and wishes. In this scenario if we pray five times then we will be engaged and remember Allah SWT all day. 

Moreover, Allah Also says “Remember me I will remember you” (Quran 2:152) Also spiritually we are connected to and our worries vanish away. 

  1. Sympathy for humanity

Islam teaches us modesty treating everyone equally and politely. Similarly, if we pray to Allah SWT we will find lots of positive attributes inside us. Moreover, If we bow down in front of Allah, we will be humbled and humbled. 

  1. Closeness to Allah

Among other joys of Salah It also brings us closer to Allah’s blessings. When we become closer to Allah we always feel He is with us and we can feel His existence.  

  1. Salah helps to protect from sins

If we pray salah 5 times a day in our daily life it will keep us aways from sins and negative actions. 


In conclusion, I would say Salah can not be completed if we do not meet a series of set positions. These includes such as: bowing, standing and sitting. Salat is an important pillar. If we properly follow it we will be protected from all kinds of sins. 

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