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Are you experiencing difficulties and seeking the true dua to ease your situation? Don’t worry. I will tell you duaa to make things easy. Allah told us all the solutions to difficulties in the form of duas.

Every human being experiences different problems in his life. But these problems can be solved. Here I will tell you some duas. So, you can recite these duas which can make things easy for you. 

How does Dua make things easier?

Dua may be quite effective when nothing is going as planned. However, for a dua to be effective, you must act appropriately given the circumstances. If you are experiencing personal difficulties, challenging times, terrible financial status, illness, relationship, familial troubles, or work-related difficulties.

You must continue to try to manage the situation and make dua to make things easier.

Easy Methods in Islam to make things easy

There are different techniques you can use when things are challenging to keep your task simpler, such as

  • Be honest
  • Rely just on Allaah
  • Make a lot of praying.
  • Try to be good
  • Be of service to anyone else.
  • And just be appreciative

Dua for Allah to make things easy

In the Qur’an and hadith, significant duas are mentioned about particular issues and challenges. You will learn about four duas from this article, along with a general principle for coping with trying circumstances.

Here I will mention some duas which can help you in your difficult times.

Dua meaning in English: My Lord, expand for me my breast [with assurance] and ease for me my task.

Another lovely dua to use while feeling anxious or to ease your situation is

Transliteration: Allahumma rahmataka arju fala takilni ila nafsi tarfata ‘aynin wa aslih li sha’rni kullahu la ilaha ila ant

Also, several duas could help you in different situations such as,

  1. Dua for the easiness of difficulties

We should thank to Allah aware about dua when looking In the mirror. You can say the following dua to make things less challenging, or easier.

Allahumma la sahla illa ma ja’altahu sahlan, wa anta tajalul husna, illa ma ja’altahu sahlan.

2. Dua for Anxiety and Sorrow

The connection between this dua and the Quranic recital is its most significant feature. So, reciting the Quran is a need if you want this dua to bring you peace. All of your concerns and sorrows will vanish in this manner.

So, recite dua for patience to make things easy, and get away from your difficulties.

3. Dua to deal with disasters

Recite this dua whenever anything goes wrong or doesn’t go as planned. Do this dua from the bottom of your heart even though you lose anything; you could find it soon.

4. Dua to find a way to overcome the difficulty

Almost all Muslims are familiar with this dua. When Nabi Yunus (AS) was trapped inside a shark’s stomach and unable to escape, he recited this dua. When he recited this dua, Allah SWT assisted him. And caused the whale to spit, releasing the Prophet (AS) from its belly.

Translation: There is not deity except you, exalted are you. Indeed, i have been of the wrong doers (Surah Anbiya verse 87)

This is the best dua to make things easy. Also You can recite these duaa to make things easy.

General stipend and dua to make things easy 

You can also consistently say istighfar and durud in addition to the duas described before. Istighfar is a very effective dua that can solve just about any issue or relationship.

According to one narration, if anybody pays durud just once, Allah SWT will bless them ten times over. 

How to perform dua to make things easy?

To make things happen, follow these simple steps for reciting these duas. Before submitting, be sure you properly read and obey all instructions.

  • Take a bath, and thoroughly prepare yourself.
  • Do wuddooh correctly.
  • The place where you will spread your Janemaaz should be cleaned.
  • Your prayer mat should be laid out ahead of you as you sit with your back to the Qiblah.
  • You should recite Durood Sharif only once.
  • Now learn Surah Waqia.
  • Continue reading Durood Sharif now.

Therefore, with all your soul, seek Allah’s guidance and ask for His forgiveness on you. And do duaa to make things easy.

Precautions when performing dua for ease of life

You can make dua either before or after repentance, or you can wait till you are focused and undistracted while praying.

  • Recognize trust, faith, and dignity.
  • Do not simply repeat duas that you do not comprehend.
  • Speak with clarity, directness, and humility.
  • Start each dua with an invocation to Allah.
  • Accept your shortcomings and turn from your sins.
  • Pray for another’s blessings as well.
  • Make no unfavorable expectations of people or yourself.

So, make a dua to make things easy at work. Also, these duas can help you in every different circumstance.

You must take into account that dua works gradually, so results won’t come right away. Regarding world concerns, Allah might approve the dua, postpone its acceptance, or reject it in the world. But you will receive benefits from it in the afterlife.


In a nutshell, every impossible thing can be possible with the blessing of dua. So to solve your problems even smaller problems do duaa to make things easy. Dua is the solution to every problem.

So, as I described some duas above for different situations. So, you can recite these duas and make things easy for you. InsahAllah, Allah will accept your duas and give you ease.

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