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How can Muslims avoid listening to music

Music becomes one of the most prevalent issues for young people in this troubled time. When Islam has already become challenging to follow. So, in this article, we will learn how to give up music Islam?

What does Islam say about music?

It has been noted that one of Islam’s most contentious disagreements is about music. Two competing perspectives have caused individuals to disagree on this particular subject. People’s initial impression is that music is categorically forbidden in Islam. The second is that some people believe it is authorized.

These verses claim that all entertainment is pointless and a waste of time, with music being one such unproductive activity. So, here is the Question of how to give up music

Ways to give up music

Here I will tell you different ways to avoid listening to music. So, you can adopt it and apply it to your life.

1. Increase your ibadah time

If you want to get rid of listening to music, then increase more time in ibadah. Because the ibadah of Allah is one way for us to stop doing any immoral thing.

2. Recite the Quran with its translation

How to give up music Islam? The answer to this question is very simple. You can recite the Quran in your leisure time instead of listening to music. In this way, you can find mental and inner peace for the whole day.

3. Choose useful activities

You can spend quality time reading Islamic books and studying the lives of prophets. So, you can get beneficial knowledge in terms of spending your life. And you can spend your life following it.

4. Realize it’s wrong

How to stop listening to music in Islam? First and foremost, you must convince yourself that music is incorrect. There are a lot of individuals who will say things like, it’s acceptable, it’s not that awful, it’s not clearly stated as haram, etc.

5. Change the headphones’ composition

Alternatively, you may turn on the radio to hear about current events, for instance. Leave your earphones at home and spend your mornings remembering Allah if that doesn’t work. Or you can play any naat and surah in earphones.

6. Do zikr of Allah 

You can do any zikr and wazifa instead of listening to music. The zikr and wazifa are not only beneficial for you in this life but also it will get closer to Allah. And you will always remember Allah while doing wasteful things.

7. Join Islamic gatherings

You can join Islamic gatherings and meet Islamic scholars. They will guide you on a straight and right path. In this way, you can avoid music.

8. Quickly delete your music gallery

The worst way to stop listening to music is to do so gradually. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way! Breathe deeply, hold it in, grab your phone, choose all the songs that are destroying your connection to your creator, shout “Allahu- Akbar,” and hit the delete button.

9. Make dua to get rid of it

Even though it will never be simple, you must proceed. Ask Allah for assistance since without it, nothing is possible. Ask Him to ease your burden and show you the straight path. So that, you may make this sacrifice.

Final Verdict 

In a nutshell, Islamic law prohibits music. In our life, music is doing badly. So, above I have discussed many ways that How to give up music Islam? Therefore, be cautious to replace old habits with new ones. That must reflect your desire for a meaningful relationship with Islam.

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