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Everyone has the ambition of becoming successful in exams. Hence everyone strives to achieve this. This prompts the query of how to achieve success. So, to achieve success you can recite certain dua before exam.

Different duas before exam

You must keep in mind that duas are not a replacement for serious study. They can be beneficial in certain respects, but they cannot ensure success. So do proper study and recite duas before the exam. Allah will give you success.

Dua before studying for exams

You must ask Allah before you begin studying in order for him to support you while you are doing so.

You can study better if you recite the following dua. Allah will enlarge your mind, make it easier for you to comprehend complex subjects, and make learning everything by heart.

One of the shortest and easy to remember dua before start study is;

“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge. [20:114]”

These are the duas that you can recite before doing study to easily memorize your work.

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Dua before taking exam 

Reciting dua before exam helps you if you want to get success in your exam.

This is probably the chant that every Muslim child chants around test time. It is found in Surah Taha at verse 114. It is really brief and simple to memorize.

رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي وَيَسِّرْ لِي اَمْرِي وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَةً مِنْ لِسَانِي يَفْقَهُوا قَوْلِي
Dua before taking exam Tranlation in english
رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي وَيَسِّرْ لِي اَمْرِي وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَةً مِنْ لِسَانِي يَفْقَهُوا قَوْلِي
O my Lord! Expand for me my breast [with assurance] and ease for me my task and untie the knot from my tongue that they may understand my speech. (Ta-Ha:25-28)

Wazifa before exam

Before an exam, recite

“Rabbi ishrah lee sadree wayassir lee amree”

Say it 99 times to help you get through the test or any other challenging moment in your life. This verse is intended to make your issues easier for you.

Dua before verbal exams   

Not every exam is written. Exams evaluating our language proficiency, for instance, may call on us to vocally show our proficiency. So recite this dua for your verbal exams.

Qala Rabbi ishrah lee sadree wayassir lee amree. Wahalul AAqdatan min lisanee. Yafqahoo qawlee.

Exam anxiety dua

It is typical to experience some degree of anxiety during tests, and some people experience more anxiety. They experience worry, dread, and frustration during tests, which might have a negative impact on their performance. It is advised to recite this dua, which the Prophet (PBUH) used to utter when anything bothered him.

Surah to get success in exams

The finest verses in Surah Fatir are ayats 29 and 30 for doing well in examinations. You can use these ayats to assist you petition Allah for wisdom so that you can achieve the best exam results. This surah must be recited each time you pray if you are a student.

Final verdict

In summary, exams are important for every student to get success in life. So, if you recite dua before exam with your hard work. Then you will surely get success with the help of Allah.

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