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As we know Surah Nas is the last surah in the Quran. This is the 114 chapter of the Quran and it was revealed in Mecca. There are 6 verses in this surah. The word Al-Nas means in this surah is “The Mankind”. This surah is short but more powerful.

So, in this article, I will tell you the miracles and virtues of Surah Nas which will surprise you. This surah is also a part of 4-Qul. Here, I am going to share the Surah Nas benefits and facts in detail with you.

Surah Nas facts

This surah is important because Allah sealed His book with this surah. There are many secrets behind this surah.

  • According to Hadith, the best thing to seek refuge from Allah is reciting this surah.
  • In the starting chapter of the Quran Allah introduces Himself. And at the end, Allah guides us to seek refuge from evil.
  • This surah was revealed because Allah wants to give a hidden message to Muslims. How can you stay away from shaytan? 

In short, this surah is one of the best chapters of the Quran.

Surah Name Al-Nas  ٱلنَّاس      
Other Names The Men, People
Makki/Madni Makki
Quran Surah 114
No. of Verses 6
No. of Words 20
No. of Letters 80
Position Juzʼ 30

Surah Nas Recitation

Surah Nas Benefits

Although every chapter of the Quran is beneficial for us. Also the virtues, to seek more advantages from this surah, I will tell you more benefits of Surah Nas which will be helpful for you.

Surah Nas Benefits

1. Protection from Jinns and evil eyes

If you recite this surah in your house, you and your house will always be safe from the Jinns. And they cannot enter your house.

2. Cure Mentally and Physically

Recitation of surah Nas will not only cure your physical illness but also helps to keep your mind comfortable. Because when you read this surah, then Allah will take your protection responsibility.

3. Cure serious diseases

If someone is in a serious condition, then reciting this surah by the side of the patient will cure the disease. Because according to hadith it is proved that this surah cures the sickness.

4. No evil thoughts and waswasa

The main motive of shaitan is to insert evil suggestions and waswasa into a human’s mind. So, this surah is the blessing for us from Allah to drive away shaitan from our minds. If you recite this surah, you will not commit any evil deed.

5. Acceptance for prayers

If you recite this surah after every fard prayer and then make a dua, your dua will be accepted by Allah instantly.

6. Whole night protection

The benefits of Surah Nass are countless. But the main benefit of this surah is that the reciter will be safe for a whole night from every evil. So, it is said that recites this surah before going to bed. Additionally, it will also protect you from sorrows and problems.

7. Protection against the evil of every creation

In this world not humans or jins are harmful, But dangerous animals and natural disasters are also harmful. So, reciting this surah will protect you from dangerous animals and all Allah’s created things.

8. Safety during travel

If you want to secure yourself while travelling, recite this surah 11 times and blow on yourself.

9. Surah Nass 100 Times Benefits

Here is the most important benefit of surah Nas that I am going to tell you. 

If you recite this surah 100 times in your house. Then your house will be clean from every evil jinn and negative energies for the next 40 days.

Final verdict

To sum up, The Quran is a book of guidance for all Muslims. But some of the chapters of the Quran are important in terms of their virtues and benefits. Surah Nas is one of the important surahs in the Quran. 

And Surah Nas benefits are numerous which can help us to solve different problems in our daily life. So, recite this surah to seek more blessings from Allah.


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