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We must memorize the Surah kahf last 10 verses. It is strengthening our connection with God and the Quran which is crucial. In this article, I will tell you the benefits of these verses. Utilizing our remaining life for Allah’s pleasure is beneficial.

Surah Al Kahf Last 10 Verses Pdf

You can read online or download surah kahf last 10 verses pdf through click on link. 

Surah Kahf First And last 10 Verses

Also, here same whether you want to read online on download it to recite whenever you want. Just click on this link: surah kahf first and last 10 verses.

surah kahf pdf

Are you looking for surah kahf pdf download? You can read click on this link surah kahf full pdf.  

Surah Kahf English Translation

Do you want to read surah al kahf in english? Here we have attached file where you can click and read online or download surah kahf in english.

Surah Al Kahf In Hindi

If you wan to read this surah in in hindi translation. Download surah kahf in hindi.

Surah Kahf Urdu Tarjuma

If you want to read and recite kahf surah you can read online or downlaod Surah Kahf with urdu translation.

Surah Al Kahf Last 10 Verses Explanation

Last ten verses Allah explains that those ears were closed to my reminder and whose eyes were hoodwinked. Do the unbelievers think they may choose my bondmen as their allies for protection in addition to Me? Should we let you know who will suffer the highest losses based on their work?

Those whose efforts fail in the world’s affairs but who nonetheless believe they are doing good. They are the ones who reject their Lord’s revelations and their encounter with Him. Therefore, their efforts were futile, and on the Day of the Resurrection, We gave them no consideration.

Surah Kahf Last 10 Verses Benefits

Dajjal wouldn’t appear with a warning as the end of the world drew closer. And their appearance’s cause would remain a mystery. Because only Allah knows, the Prophet SAW constantly urged us to take protective steps in advance. So, recite to get the benefits of surah kahf last 10 verses.

The Prophet SAW is credited with teaching us to memorize, comprehend, recite, and live by the surah kahf last 10 ayat. It could be a sort of defence against Dajjal.

Last 10 verses of surah kahf on Friday

According to a narrative from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), whoever reads Surah Al-Kahf on Fridays would find that his entire week will be brightened till the following Friday. Also you can get benefit from surah kahf read online pdf


In summary, full surah kahf is very important. You can recite it and take an important lesson from this surah. The last 10 verses of surah kahf also have many benefits like the first verses. So, must recite this surah on Friday, and then you will be protected till next Friday.

surah kahf in which para lies?
surah kahf  is in Juz (para) number 15 and 16. 

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