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As we all know, the projector is an optical device, which we are using for the project of an image (or moving images) onto a surface, commonly a projection screen. There are different types of projectors available in the market. We can connect projectors with PCs, VCDs, DVDs, BDs, gaming consoles, DVs, and so on. 


In this modern era,  if we talk about the uses of projectors so we can say this, we can use projectors in our homes, colleges, offices, and other places. Projector contains a light source, a condenser system, and a plane mirror. It will not be wrong to say that the projector is an important device, but everyone hasn’t afforded this.

 Don’t worry if you want to see your favorite movie on the big screen at home. Follow the steps given below and enjoy the immense screen at home without a projector. Yes, now you don’t need to get a projector anymore.

Project the mobile screen on the wall without projector

There are some things that we all want to have, but can’t afford them. With these same needs in mind, things have been invented that we can easily buy and operate. Like a camera, in earlier times Not everyone used to have a camera, but now everyone has a camera in their phone. And whenever someone needs to take their picture, they can take it in just one click.

 People want this type of invention that makes their life easier. everyone like Shortcuts , so here I’m telling you a shortcut that pleases you. If you want to enjoy a bigger screen but don’t want to buy a projector.  So let’s read my article and get information about how to project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector.

Method No. 1: project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector Using the App

We can easily watch our favorite movies, and dramas or we can play games on the big screen using our smartphones.  Yes, you can enjoy watching all your favourite things on the big screen without a projector. here you’ve just gone to the phone’s setting panel and searched Screen Mirroring or AirPlay Mirroring. You can project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector. People loved this feature because this saves time and money.

Method No. 2: project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector Through DIY Projector  

Many people have creative minds and they like exposure to unique things. If you are one of them, you are capable of enjoying a big screen without any projector. Yup here I’m going to tell you about DIY projectors. It’s a little bit tricky as compared to other options but you’ll enjoy the making of this also.  So these are the materials which you need while making this.

  • A box
  • Magnifying glass
  • X-acto lens
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil
  • Box
  • Tape
  • Mirror
  • Black paper
  • Small and big binder clips

Simple Steps To project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector

These are the 6 steps you can use to make the DIY SmartPhone Projector for yourself and enjoy it:-

Step No. 1: Make a circle using a magnifying glass on the shoebox, Cut the marked area with x-acto knife.

Put a magnifying glass into a shoebox and, create a round shape on it. After making the round shape on the shoebox, it’s time to cut that shape. This step is necessary to do. So you can use the X-acto knife for cutting the perfect shape of a circle.

Step No. 2: Cover The Interior Of The Box 

After the first step, now take black paper for the box, which can’t disturb the quality of the image. According to the size and shape, cut it to reduce the disturbing reflection. Now paste the paper around the box with glue. Instead of black paper, you also can use black jeans but it takes time to stick.

Step No. 3: Install the magnifying glass

The next step is to cut the handle of a magnifying glass and then paste it on to circle hole, Here maybe you are thinking that, why we are using this magnifying glass, so here I’m telling you the reason for this is, with the help of this glass we can see a bigger image on a wall.

 This will permit rays of the phone to pass via it. With the glue, tie it to the right place in the box. Finally, Your DIY projector lens is prepared.

Step No. 4: Make A Stand For Mobile Phone 

The fourth step of a DIY projector is to make a stand for your smartphone or iphone. For this, you can use a hard sheet or foam card. The first thing you need to do is measure the box properly.

Cut this hard sheet according to the length, height, and width of the phone. Assure that your smartphone will stand vertically on the board which you’ve made. Install the phone with Double-sided tape. 

Step No. 5: Smartphone Settings

It’s time for some changes in your smartphone. Go to your setting panel and turn off the feature of auto-rotation, and if you want to see a better quality image on this DIY projector, you have to increase the brightness of your smartphone. Your phone has its sound, but you can enjoy it even more if you have a Bluetooth speaker.

Step No. 6: Install The Mirror 

Your projector is just about to be ready.  Just follow a few things more, which you must do. Using the mirror is a very important step because it will give your phone projector a straight image.

You can use a mirror to place it at a 45-degree angle against the edge opposite the lens. If you want to see the best result of this homemade projector, that was the better placement.  Enjoy this homemade smartphone projector because your projector is ready.


Just as many other things are developing and being replaced by other good things, people are now using other things instead of projectors. Because many people can’t afford the projector, they get the benefit of these cool tricks to project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector

This is also the best way to spare your time creatively and find these amazing ideas.

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