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Do you know that the most effective solution to your daily issues is Loh e Qurani? How powerful are these Arabic words? How can these letters change your life and make you a better person? How does it become a source of protection from evils? 

Moreover, Every Muslim must know about it to practice Islam in a better manner. But most of us still could not understand its meaning, importance, and benefits. Don’t worry; I will discuss everything in this article briefly that will prove helpful to increase your knowledge for the betterment of your practical life. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of these words.

What is Loh e Qurani?

As you know, there are twenty-nine Arabic alphabetic letters and 14 words in the Loh e Qurani. 29 of the 114 chapters in the Quran are introduced by these letters.

In Arabic (لوح قرآنی), it is also referred to as huroof e muqatta’ah means separated words. In the Holy Quran, these letters are found at the beginning of every surah from surah Baqarah to surah Nuh.

Surah Name Loh e Qurani (لوح قرآنی)
Surah Number 114
No. Of words 14
No.of letters 29

Lohe Qurani Meaning

Everything is included in God’s knowledge, which is not limited by time or place. These words are also called code words because only Allah and His Prophets know about their meaning and we believe their meanings whatever they may be.

Lohe Qurani Dp

If you want to keep Loh e Qurani with you? There are a few attractive designs for you that you can keep in your phone, or PC.

loh e qurani dp
loh e qurani dp1

Hidden Secrets Inside Loh e Qurani

However, you may learn a lot of interpretations and explanations from Islamic scholars and the history of Islam. 

  • Numerous academics also claim that these letters represent the abbreviations of certain words like “nun” or “alif laam” Meem, which stands for Ana Allahu a’Laam, but the true interpretation and significance of these letters are still disputed.
  •  Then it was realized that these are Allah’s names and symbols, not just simple abbreviations used to refer to Him.
  • Perhaps these letters and acronyms were employed to draw the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) and the believers’ attention.
  •  As Muslims, we believe that there is expediency in every secret of Allah and we should give importance and respect to these secret words. These words are the source of blessings for us.

Lohe Qurani Benefits

There are many benefits associated with reciting Loh e Qurani. It can help one feel more connected to Allah and also improves their relationship with him. It can also help one feel more connected to Muhammad by reading about his life through these verses.

It is a very powerful tool for self-development and spiritual growth.It is beneficial in the following ways:

lohe qurani benefits

1. Easy to read

It has the original Arabic text, so it can be read from left to right as well as from right to left. It has an audio version of Loh e Qurani which makes it an amazing tool for those who have difficulties reading or listening to text.

2. Protect us in our daily life problems

Muslims hold the opinion that reading these Holy words should be done first thing in the morning. Without a problem, all of the day’s scheduled duties will be finished.

3. Abundance in Rizq

It’s continual recitation in the morning also increases a believer’s rizq’s wealth. As also surah yasin helps for increasing rizq if we recite early morning and pray Allah.

4. Helps in difficult situations

Recitation of the loh e qurani is regarded to prevent serious diseases. This is the best resource for assistance in challenging stages and difficult situations.

5. Get closer to Allah

You can draw closer to Allah the Almighty by just repeating the Qur’an regularly. Therefore, repeat the Holy letters if you want to go that close to Allah.

6. Fulfil Valid desires

Only by looking towards the painting or image of these words, you will get your desire if your desire will be better for you.

7. Key of success

The person who will make a pattern to recite these words will be more successful both now and in the afterlife as a result.

8. Protection from evils

Many Muslims wear a necklace containing a verse from the Quran to fend off adversaries and evil spirits while strengthening their devotion to Allah (SWT).

9. Black magic

Black magic is the worst reality in the world. Daily recitation of Loh e Qurani would protect you from black magic. For this reason, some Muslims recite these words during important events like weddings or when they are beginning a new business.

Also surah falak and nas protects us from black magic.

10. Spiritually beneficial

Meditation, pleasure, and a deep feeling are some of the spiritual advantages connected to reciting these words.

11. For Long term relationships

Everybody has to cope with a variety of problems daily. There may be issues with money, relationships, and society. These Holy words can be read or recited to resolve these problems.

Significance of Loh e Qurani

Every single letter or word of the Quran has its importance because the Quran is the word of ALLAH. Similarly, these hidden words are also very important although we do not know their meanings. Through the decades, these most beautiful and Holy words have been preserved.

This prayer is equally essential to all Muslims. However, the majority of people are unaware of the term’s true meaning. That’s okay; it makes no difference to them as they value this prayer equally regardless of whether they comprehend its meaning or not.

Furthermore, these words have their importance because;

  •  It is a source of blessing and protects us from different sins, enemies, and evil eyes. So, these words are significant in each person’s life.
  • Muslims hang Loh e Qurani images or paintings on their entrance doors, cars, and walls for protection and to bring blessings.
  • Muslims all around the world see these words to be the wellspring of blessings and believe that reciting them can protect them from sin and other problems of this life.
  • Many non-believers questioned the sacredness of the Quran at the time of its revelation. They were to be informed by these hidden words that the Quran is composed entirely of their own language. 
  • However, Allah has also made a challenge to the Arabs in the Quran to create a Surah that is artistically similar to the Surahs of the Quran if they think too highly of themselves. The poetry and writing of the Arabs were well-known. That is why Allah gave them access to the Quran’s components so they could rise to His challenge.

Best timing to recite Loh e Qurani

As we know there is no specific time for the recitation of the Quran. But there are some moments in which Allah is more close to a person and when he recites, he accepts his recitation and dua on the spot. So we should try to recite these words in the morning specifically. Because the rizq is distributed in the morning and when we start the day with the Holy words of Allah, our day will be passed out without any problem or difficulty.

And the second option is only to see these words in the morning and you will get your heart’s desire.

Uses of Loh e Qurani

As we all know that the Holy Quran is the last revelation from Allah to mankind. It is a miracle of the Arabic language. The Holy Quran is the most widely read book worldwide. Over 150 languages have been translated into it. It is full of wisdom, guidance, and healing for the soul.

These letters are associated with a variety of spiritual advantages. Here I will tell you the most important uses of these Holy words;

  •  As these words are a source of blessings, they are constantly recited and widely utilized for hanging on walls.
  •  These letters are also employed in Islamic calligraphy and art.
  •  These words are painted by certain skilled calligraphers and painters, who then sell them.
  •  Simply hang these artworks in your home. You’ll watch and repeat it more often if you hang them.
  •  Simply said, doing this will increase your devotion to Allah, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the religion as a whole.

List of surah’s prefixed with Loh e Qurani

These words are used at the beginning of surah’s and also in the middle of some surah’s but at the starting of Ayah.

  •  The Surah’s listed below have “Ha’Meem” prefixed to them.

Surah Al Ahqaf, Surah Al Dukhan, Surah Al-Shura, Surah Al Zukhruf, Surah Al Jathiyah, Surah Ghafir, Surah Fussilat

  • The pre-fixed Surahs with “Alif Laam Meem” are listed below.

Surah Al Sajdah, Surah Luqman, Surah Al Rum, Surah Al Baqarah, Surah Al Imran, Surah Al Ankabut

  •  Pre-fixed Surahs with “Alif Laam Ra”;

Surah Ibrahim, Surah Al Hijr, Surah Al Rad, Surah Yusuf, Surah Yunus, Surah Hud

  • The pre-fixed Surahs with “Ta Seen Meem”;

Surah Al Qasas, Surah Al-Shura

  •  The following are the Surahs that have a prefix of two letters;

Surah Ya’seen; Ya-seen, Surah Ta’Ha’ Ta’Ha, Surah Al Naml; Ta’Seen

  • Four letters are used in combination in the following Surahs:

Surah Anfal; Alif Laam Meem Ra, Surah Aaraf; Alif Laam Meem Sad

Lohe Qurani Calligraphy

The most valued and important aspect of Islamic art is calligraphy. In Pakistan, India as well as in Europe and the United States, Loh e Qurani calligraphy is highly known and considered the most beautiful style of calligraphy in Arabic. This style is not easy to write because it needs practice for years. If you are interested in learning how to write in this style, then different books and online resources are available to guide you.

There are many online stores that sell these calligraphic paintings and Muslims hang these paintings in their houses, offices and shops.

loh e qurani calligraphy 11
Loh e Qurani Calligraphy3
Loh e Qurani Calligraphy2
Loh e Qurani Calligraphy

Virtues of Loh e Qurani

The Quran is the book of Allah which is full of blessings and guidance to live a better life. And reciting the Quran daily brings a lot of blessings because the virtues of the Quran are countless. Here I will discuss the virtues and rewards of reciting these Holy hidden words of Allah.

  1.  Reciting these words daily will protect you from different problems of daily life.
  2.  If you take these words always with yourself these words will safeguard you from serious accidents.
  3.   If you hang these words on your doors and shops, there will be abundance in rizq.
  4.  As the meanings of these words are hidden, so the reward of reciting these words is also given by Allah.
  5. The additional benefit of recounting these words is that it makes life more comfortable for the individual.
  6. Read these words with sincerity first thing in the morning if you want your day to be great.
  7. You will be included in those people, who are very dear to Allah and His Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
  8. Allah will always help you in every small matter of your life.

Lohe Qurani wallpaper

Do you know how you always take Loh e Qurani with you? I have a solution for you. You can set these words as your phone wallpaper or you can make your Loh e Qurani dp of any social media app. When you switch on your phone you can see these words easily and recite them especially when you wake up in the morning.

loh e qurani wallpapers

Impact of Loh e Qurani on our daily life

As I mentioned above, the benefits and importance of these words for Muslims, affects our daily life surely.

  •   After reciting these words we feel relaxed because we know that these words protect us from any evil problems in daily life.
  •   When we make a habit of reciting these words in the morning, we don’t feel stressed all day.
  •  These words get us close to Allah and our prayers are accepted quickly.
  •  We are protected from any negative energy which comes toward us and feels safeguarded.

The Bottom Line

Loh e Qurani has its importance in Islam because these are the words of Allah having secret meanings. So, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to know about what it means and its importance, benefits, Uses, virtues and, Impacts on their lives to practice Islam more effectively. You now have all the knowledge necessary to understand these words properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Loh e Qurani meaning? 
In Arabic (لوح قرآنی), referred to as huroof e muqatta’ah means separated words.


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