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Surah al Isra emphasises the unity of Allah and the majesty of the prophets, much like every other Meccan surah. The Surah’s main focus, however, is daily prayers. Find short explanation of Surah al Isra ayat 2 in this article.

Explanation of Surah al Isra ayat 2

The surah al Isar ayat 2 tells the hadith concerning the Children of Israel. When Allah describes how He led His Prophet Muhammad on the Night Journey. He immediately mentions Musa, another of His servants and Messengers who also interacted with Him.

Allah frequently references the Tawrah and the Qur’an together. As well as Muhammad and Musa, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them both. And revealed this ayah which implies that “you have no defender, supporter, or deity but Me.” Since Allah revealed to every Prophet that he should praise Him alone with no partner or companion.


  • Every day Surah Isra recitation would return to this earth together with the Living Imam.
  • If your kid doesn’t talk like a normal kid, write these quranic verses on a porcelain dish with saffron. Clean it with fresh water, and then give this to the kid to drink. Inshallah, the child will begin speaking.


In conclusion, Surah al Isra ayat 2 guides the history of Islam and also gives the example of Prophet Mosa. So, we should understand the theme of this ayah and get guidance.

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