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The holy Quran is the book of guidance by Allah to people. Learning and memorizing the Quran with the correct chain as it is.The person who memorizes the Quran and gets the highest degree referred to as ijazah is the highest goal of every muslims. Ijazah means “permission” in arabic. In Islamic Studies Content it refers to the certificate which is given to the student for the appreciation of the student by his/her teacher for completion of reciting or memorizing the Quran. If anyone wants to get ijazah you need to learn the Quran with tajweed. If someone attends ijazah now he can teach the Quran to others and memorize it to others and grant them ijazah too. 

As the prophet muhammad SAWW: 

“Those people are good who learn the Quran and teach others also.” Online Ijazah courses represent a transformative approach to Islamic education, breaking down geographical barriers and providing seekers of knowledge with a

unique avenue to connect with esteemed scholars. The global accessibility of these courses ensures that individuals from various corners of the world can engage in a deep and authentic exploration of Islamic teachings As this hadith clearly says that those people who learn the Quran and after that they will teach other peoples are the bestest ones. One of the paramount advantages of online Ijazah courses is the democratization of spiritual education. Learners from diverse backgrounds can now connect with qualified scholars, breaking down barriers that once hindered the dissemination of profound Islamic teachings. The flexibility of online platforms accommodates varying schedules, allowing students to pursue their spiritual journey without compromising other responsibilities. 


There are two types of ijazah: 

Quran with tajweed recitation ijazah. 

Memorization the Quran with tajweed ijazah. 


Like many other islamic courses, many islamic platforms provide online ijazah courses also. The online Quran ijazah classes were given to the student through live sessions or by live classes. The benefit of online learning Quran ijazah Online classes is that you can learn with your own comfort. You can attend classes with your busy routine also. One of the bestest things about today’s modern world is that in this era of the online world you don’t need to go to arab countries to learn the Quran. You have the opportunity to learn the ijazah quran online in the online academies no problem where you are sitting across the world. You have to do only registration in the academy of your choice where you want to learn your ijazah online course. 


It can save you time by completing your course 

of quran ijazah online. 

It is free of cost for the people who can’t afford the fees of the physical ijazah online course so they can easily attend this course and get their certificate. It provides you the right to choose the right platform for your ijazah course. It provides you the right to choose your teacher also with your own choice. It makes it easy and helpful for the people to learn with experienced teachers. It also provides you with the online ijazah course with a group community learning skill too.

It does not need travel accommodation expenses. It is a cost free course. The main objective of an Ijazah course is to provide a traditional and comprehensive method for the transmission of Islamic knowledge, particularly in the areas of Quranic recitation, memorization, and other religious sciences. The term “Ijazah” refers to the authorization or permission granted by a qualified teacher to a student, certifying their mastery of specific knowledge. Here are the key objectives of an Ijazah course. 

The first aim of the ijazah course is to preserve and transmit islamic knowledge through oral tradition. 

The ijazah serves a student’s mastery of any subject or text. It is a certificate granted or authorized by a qualified teacher. 

The Ijazah course encourages students to use islamic beliefs and tradition in their practical life as well. 

Ijazah course participants to become a part of a community learning. The basic aim of the ijazah course is to grant certificates to the student for completion and authority to transmit knowledge to others. 

The ijazah course also provides student knowledge about the islamic culture and tradition and the stories of the past of islamic tradition. 

In conclusion, the advantages of online Ijazah courses lie in their ability to bridge the gap between traditional Islamic scholarship and the contemporary world. Through global accessibility, flexible learning, direct mentorship, and the integration of technology, these courses offer a transformative pathway for seekers of spiritual knowledge, preserving the rich heritage of Islamic wisdom for generations to come. 


➢ By reciting the Quran online. 

➢ By learning the Quran Online. 

➢ By memorizing the Quran online. 

➢ By registering yourself in islamic platform for learning the ijazah program. 

Learn the Quran with tajweed online. 

Learn qirat online. 

If you want to get ijazah (certificate) in a 10 Qirat online course you have to learn the Quran recitation with 10 qirat. The word Qirat derived from different techniques of study or reciting the quran. If you want to obtain ijazah in the Quran with tajweed you have to recite and learn the Quran with tajweed and obtain your

higdisseminating Islamic knowledge. The certification obtained through these courses not only signifies scholarly accomplishment but also serves as a beacon, guiding individuals on their spiritual journey. In embracing online Ijazah courses, seekers of knowledge embark on a profound expedition, unlocking the treasures of Islamic wisdom and enriching their lives with the depth of spiritual insight. In summary, an Ijazah course is designed to maintain the authenticity and integrity of Islamic knowledge through a personalized, oral transmission method, fostering a deep connection between teacher and student and ensuring the proper and accurate conveyance of sacred texts and teachings.hest degree of reciting Quran with tajweed.if you want to received your ijazah in memorizing of Quran you have to memorize the Quran. 

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